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  1. That is just tremendous. EC3 should be the megastar of that brand.
  2. Honestly i have thought about ordering those a few times.
  3. To be totally fair its more on the holder then anything, not only did his not turn the ball laces out but the ball was held on a angle aswell.
  4. Alot of people should be fired for that meltdown. What on earth would make you hit Brown like that when you had zero reason to. How was that Bryant catch a actual catch? Dude didn't have control going out of bounds. The NFL doesn't know what its own rules for a catch actually are.
  5. JJ Watt just lined up at QB with Vince Wilfork lined up as a FB. Never wanted to see a touchdown more in my entire life. That was a touchdown catch by Bryant? Never had control fully..
  6. Its crazy how they still have a ton of fans at every game. Its crazy how they still have a ton of fans at every game.
  7. Tried to watch it but Kevin Kelly and Strikers commentary is pretty dreadful. Gonna go in fresh tomorrow on mute i think.
  8. For me the game only covers half of my screen. So the left side of my monitor is black the rest is the left half of the game.
  9. Oh so its not just my computer that wouldn't run it.
  10. Notre Dame could easily have been in the playoffs if not for all the injuries. What happened to Jaylon Smith was also unfortunate, though it may benefit Irish fans if he comes back for his senior season. I think Josh McDaniels could work. He actually would pretty well. Hes still with the Patriots though?
  11. Christ did Striker and Kelly really ask Yoshi why the Styles Clash is a dangerous move?
  12. Barnett might not be able to do the announcing gig because he has a fight at the end of the month. Going to japan a month out from a fight and *censored*ing up your sleep schedule might not be the best thing for someone to do.
  13. Coughlin might resign Monday. Rumors are John Gruden might be back to take that job which makes me so *censored*ing excited for next season if thats the truth. Whoever gets the job needs to rely on the pass. All of the money on offense is on Eli, Cruz, and Beckham make them the stars.
  14. Up 28-0 in the second and going for it on 4th and 1. Ruthless.
  15. Stanford is killing Iowa. Really happy with Notre Dame's season considering how many starters they lose throughout the season this year.
  16. There is always wind in East Rutherford. Always.
  17. Can wait to hear all about coin flip gate all week. But in reality it seems like he was more pissed about which side they wanted to defend and not the fact that they chose to kick.
  18. Everyones talking about the Patriots and the Panthers but man the Cardinals are REALLY good.
  19. So much wrong with that Giants/Panthers game. The referees totally lost control. He set the standard by not giving any sorta warning to Norman when he bearhugged and threw Beckham down. Also they should have thrown someone out. Something.
  20. Cam and Fitzpatrick are competing for my favorite QB this year. Christ Cam Newton was just rocked by the Giants.
  21. Saw Taking Back Sunday again last night, debuted a new song played a total of a hour and a half. Seriously my favorite band ever.
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