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  1. http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/898681-stephen-amell-invading-ring-of-honor-survival-of-the-fittest-roh-announces-new-tv-taping-date-in-nashville
  2. Just finished watching the show. Cant believe I actually went 100%.
  3. TLC 5-on-3 Handicap Match: Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz, Sheamus & Cesaro, Kane & Braun Strowman The Kurt Angle announcement was unexpected to say the least. My feeling is that if they announced it before the show (as opposed to during it) it's likely that they needed to sell tickets to the show and subscriptions to the Network. Roman or no Roman, the babyfaces should get the win here, but it's a shame for WWE to have put everything into a Shield reunion only get two thirds of the group. Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt AJ Styles Very disappointed that Bray isn't able to compete in this match. This would've been a big moment for him and a turning point to what seemed like a long, drawn out feud until Bray transformed into Sister Abigail. Don't get me wrong, this is a dream match, but I wish it had time to build and not be impromptu. That said, it could lead to some interesting possibilities for Survivor Series which may include Gallows & Anderson. Women's Championship: Alexa Bliss © vs. Mickie James These two have been having such a great feud. The premise of the feud itself is quite basic, but Alexa has been immaculate in her wickedness and Mickie has been giving it right back to her, showing that she's still got the mic skills and the quick wit. Asuka vs. Emma Really hoping this isn't a squash match as Emma has more wrestling ability that most give her credit for. Excited to finally see Asuka wrestle again and for her to continue her reign of dominance on the main roster. Cruiserweight Championship Kalisto © vs. Enzo Amore There is no doubt that the CW division got a lot more interesting with Enzo as champion. I found myself getting upset with his promos, exuding all the correct emotions the story was supposed to give off. The No Touching policy is where WWE "wrote themselves into a corner" according to the dirt sheets which is why Kalisto won the title from Zo who will likely win it back. Crossing my fingers for an improbable Neville return where he just stands there on the ramp watching on with his famous scowl on his face. Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher That's not one but two CW matches on the main card of a PPV? That's big news for the division. I feel that if Enzo is winning his title and Neville isn't coming back, then Cedric must is the next challenger. This match should position him for exactly that. Kickoff Match: Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox
  4. Bully Ray may have broken his last table at ROH Global Wars Chicago **spoilers**
  5. http://rohworld.com/roh-streaming-service-coming/
  6. Hell in a Cell Falls Count Anywhere Match Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens Part of me wants Shane to win this for his family but in truth there isn't much to work with story-wise. Owens with a win could almost surely become the #1 contender to the WWE Championship and the winner of the next match... WWE Championship Jinder Mahal © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura When these two locked up in Brooklyn I thought Shinsuke would surely win but it was not to be. Now in this rematch it's time to stop playing around and let Shin take the reigns as champion and set up a big time rivalry against Kevin Owens. Jinder can still have some good, high profile matchups against the likes of AJ Styles and Bobby Roode. SmackDown Tag Team Championships - Hell in a Cell Match The New Day © vs. The Usos I love The Usos likening the HIAC match to The Usos Penitentiary. This is a great way to end this rivalry and introduce a new tag team to challenge for the titles. Both of these teams are bound to put on a fantastic match here and I can't wait to see what kinds of spots they come up with. SmackDown Women's Championship Natalya © vs. Charlotte Flair Going with what seems like an upset here, but with Nattie finally winning the Women's title, I'd like for her to have a long, substantial run with it before having it taken away. These two ladies have put on classic matches before and I expect the same to continue here. United States Championship AJ Styles © vs. Baron Corbin While I would love for Corbin to pull off what would be a monumental victory here, I understand that that is extremely unlikely against probably the best wrestler in the world. I thought that Tye Dillinger would be added to this match for sure and I still would like to have a backstage segment which will make this already juicy matchup a Triple Threat. Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler This is a match that could actually go either way. Ziggler has a massive point to prove here and would be making a crucial statement should he win. However Bobby Roode is undoubtably a major player in the SD division and has been absent from TV lately. Dolph needs a victory, but Bobby may need more a lot more to cement him as such. Wouldn't mind if this was the first out of a couple PPV matches between these two. Randy Orton (via DQ) vs. Rusev The mid card on SD is quite crowded so I see this feud going on for a bit longer sad to say because I'd like Rusev to move on to something else. However I can easily see Aiden English (whose pairing with Rusev I actually like) getting involved and causing a distraction which will either help or more likely cost Rusev. Kickoff Match The Hype Bros vs. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin Pretty straightforward here. Hype Bros will break up.
  7. https://411mania.com/wrestling/updated-list-matches-streaming-info-announced-rohnjpw-global-wars-tour/
  8. 5-3. Solid. That CW match physically pained me at the end.
  9. Braun Strowman Roman Reigns Nia Jax Rollins & Ambrose Finn Bálor Neville The Miz Elias
  10. http://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/cody-rhodes-domestically-exclusive-roh/
  11. https://411mania.com/wrestling/roh-tournament-happening-chris-jerichos-cruise/
  12. https://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/48201/Will-Osperay-Set-To-Return-To-ROH-In-October/
  13. http://squaredcirclesirens.com/holidead-to-make-women-of-honor-debut/
  14. https://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.php?id=112144
  15. http://www.nme.com/news/film/new-joker-and-harley-quinn-movie-announced-2128080?utm_content=manual&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_term=nme
  16. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2017/0823/630503/cody-rhodes-thinks-he-can-get-last-name-back-from-wwe-if-he-asked/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  17. More on that: http://www.f4wonline.com/ring-honor/minoru-suzuki-headed-roh-next-month-first-us-match-25-years-241456?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  18. Can we do MYC predictions here? I mean we as in everyone but me.
  19. 7 wins out of 13 matches. Let's see if I can crack top 10 next month.
  20. Fixed it. Thanks. 2/5 isn't great by any means but I'll take my 6 points.
  21. Surely I didn't do so poorly in my picks last night to not be in the top 20. Unless of course I lost more points than I thought for picking incorrectly.
  22. Universal Championship Brock Lesnar © vs. Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman vs. Samoa Joe This match is going to be huge! And in more ways than one. It's now been more than four months since Brock won the title and he has only defended it once. This was bound to happen as he's someone who work limited dates, but it feels like SummerSlam is the right time for another big change to the Universal title picture. Strowman may be someone of an upset pick here but I feel like the guy deserves it for becoming a major force within WWE. As an unlikely alternative, it would be interesting to see if Undertaker is healthy enough for a title feud against Roman Reigns as a measure of revenge for WrestleMania. WWE Championship Jinder Mahal © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura As much as I love Jinder right now, there's no way that he can out wrestle the charismatic Nakamura. But, with some cunning, he could hold onto his title that much longer. It's unlikely because I think there's too much momentum on Shin's side to lose. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time that Jinder surprised everyone. John Cena vs. Baron Corbin After the failed cash-in on SmackDown this week I think that Baron is owed a win here. He looked like such a punk after being rolled up after about ten seconds. I wish the cash-in would've happened differently, but if Corbin beats Cena on Sunday it will keep him in the main event picture as it seems that Cena will be going to Raw after SummerSlam. United States Championship - Shane McMahon as special guest referee AJ Styles © vs. Kevin Owens This has been a very good feud (or dare I say rivalry) so far even with an atrocious ending to a highly anticipated match at Battleground. It's safe to say we'll see an upgrade here with Shane having a beef with both of the competitors. How will his involvement affect this match is what will be the x-factor in how -- or if -- a winner is determined. Raw Tag Team Championships Cesaro & Sheamus © vs. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins I said it after watching Raw that the reaction for Ambrose & Rollins was tremendous even though I am completely against a Shield reunion. For that reason alone I want Cesaro & Sheamus to retain. The absence of The Revival is no doubt playing a role as to why Dean and Seth are teaming up here, and their story is so hot right now. Since this is a predictions thread and not a who I want to win thread, I'll go with the challengers here. SmackDown Women's Championship Naomi © vs. Natalya I am so glad Nattie is getting a title shot. It's been forever since she's not only she's had a title shot, but been in a position to actually win the title. Her moment to become champion again will be on Sunday which could set up a sensational feud between her and Charlotte. Raw Women's Championship Alexa Bliss © vs. Sasha Banks Before Bayley's injury I was pretty convinced that putting the title back on her would be the direction they would go in, and not just because she's my favourite wrestler. But due to the tragic timing of her injury, I feel like Alexa will retain because she is getting phenomenal crowd reactions. Her merch sales have also been terrific as I see her gear a lot in crowds. This a testament to her strong work ethic to improve as greatly as she has, her strength and presence as champion, and her effectiveness to reach a wide range of fans. Her reign will last a long time... until Bayley is fully healed. Randy Orton vs. Rusev Do we really need this match? It feels like it was just slapped together and I would honestly see an Elias match in this spot. Or why not have the Cruisers on the main card for once? Nevertheless, I would be more than thrilled if Rusev were to win here, but realistically I cannot see him going over Randy. Sadly for him. Big Show vs. Big Cass Yawn. Next match... Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt It's been one year since Finn has donned the paint as demonic alter ego. One year since his devastating injury. And while it would be sweet retribution to have him win the Universal title on Sunday, he is instead facing Bray Wyatt who has more ups and downs than a roller coaster during an earthquake. Being that this is one year since being declared the first ever Universal champion, it would make sense that a win here catapults Finn to a shot at the title he never lost. Kickoff Match - Cruiserweight Championship Akira Tozawa © vs. Neville I was pleasantly shocked that Tozawa won the title on Monday as I thought that they would hold off until the PPV. I love the way Neville looked on 205 this week. So dishevelled looking like he went mad after losing his title, it was a brilliant story telling element. Like I said Monday I am glad that Tozawa is finally champion and I hope he has a very long reign. Kickoff Match - SmackDown Tag Team Championships The New Day © vs. The Usos I loved the attack by The Usos during New Day's entrance a few weeks ago and I'm still a little pissed that they come into this match as the challengers. The probability that they regain the titles isn't high, but they've been money for so much of 2017 I think they should be back on the pedestal as the leaders of SD's tag team division. Kickoff Match Jason Jordan & The Hardy Boyz vs. The Miz & The Miztourage All things point towards a Jordan and Miz showdown with the IC title on the line. It's possible that The Miz gets the win here (and I hope he does), but with the amount of time that's been put into the Jordan/Angle story (as cringey as it has been at times) and the way that "The Miztourage" (I hate that name so much) has been booked, it makes a ton of sense to go with the babyfaces here.
  23. NXT Championship Bobby Roode © vs. Drew McIntyre This one will be pretty tough to call and I expect a super physical match. Their feud has been booked pretty good and I dig the storyline between them. I see Bobby hanging onto the title for a little while longer. I have a strange feeling that we're going to see Aleister get the next crack at him. NXT Women's Championship Asuka © vs. Ember Moon Ember has been somewhat of a polarizing character. As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of hers and I really don't see why she can't be the one to end Asuka's 500-plus day title reign. The way she's been booked has been fantastic which gives me hope that the powers that be see the same promise that I do in her. Seeing Ember hit Asuka with the Eclipse has been something I've been waiting for since March or February and I went ballistic when she finally did it on NXT. Will she hit it when it counts though? That is still to be seen. I love Ember's confidence heading into this match as showcased this week's go-home episode. It's her time. Ember is ready for Asuka, NXT Tag Team Championships Authors of Pain © vs. SAnitY I have been waiting for this match for a very long time. Other than the women's title match, this is the match I'm looking forward to the most on this show. Four behemoths battling it out in what should be an earth shaking confrontation. SAnitY have been my pick to end AOP's streak and what better time to put an end to one, not two, but three streaks (Asuka's included) than Saturday night? Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas Another match that could go both ways. Almas has proven himself to be extremely consistent and thus is why he has been given big match after big match. However, he's done a lot of putting others over so at what point does he pick up a big victory on a Takeover? Surely Gargano has too much momentum and crowd support on his side to lose, right? This could go either way in a match that may even steal the show. Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami Love the change in mentality from Hideo. it's what he's needed after getting injured time and time again. After going through that so often coupled with a loss to Bobby Roode, frustration was bound to set in. Ally Black on the other hand looks to be well on his way to facing the NXT champ, but first he's gotta go through Itami who is on a roll of his own after obliterating Kassius Ohno. This is no doubt going to be hard hitting. Can't wait to watch and listen to this match.
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