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  1. https://411mania.com/wrestling/details-injury-kept-jay-lethal-off-war-worlds-show/
  2. https://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.php?id=117432
  3. https://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/52254/ROH-World-Champion-Dalton-Castle-Unable-to-Perform-at/
  4. Im happy with 2nd. Very happy. Looking to keep this goin for MITB and TakeOver.
  5. WWE Championship - No Disqualification Match AJ Styles © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Tough one to call but if they don't get the title on Nakamura quick I'm afraid they'll miss the boat because he's just so hot now as a heel. A No DQ match plays right into his hands and now is the perfect time for him to finally be champion. This is going to be a huge storyline to watch develop over the coming months as we head towards SummerSlam. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe This is a big match because both of these guys need a win here. Reigns after losing to Lesnar in Saudi Arabia and Joe because he's going to be a major player on the SmackDown brand. It's kind of a moment of truth for Reigns because if he doesn't win, then Raw needs to find a new contender for Lesnar. Intercontinental Championship Seth Rollins © vs. The Miz This could be match of the night right here. Love the chemistry between these two but hope I'm not looking too far ahead when I say that I look forward to seeing what other challengers they have for Seth. SmackDown Women's Championship Carmella © vs. Charlotte Flair The way I would book this is for Rose and Deville to interfere and help Carmella retain. Though it would shock the wrestling world if Carmella pulled something off on her own. Either way, I think she deserves a healthy reign so I look for her to find a way to win. Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass I feel like Cass could go over, but I think that he'll have his big moment another time down the road. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley The Braun Strowman train keeps on rolling. Even with Bobby Lashley and his tattooed eyebrows. Raw Women's Championship Nia Jax © vs. Alexa Bliss Alexa's promo work has been terrific as usual. Her "Moment of Bliss" segments are incredibly cheeky and I've been really enjoying them. However, I love what Nia stands for, she is the perfect champion to have right now. The storyline here has been great to see unfold as I would think that this is the last title shot for Bliss for a while. United States Championship Jeff Hardy © vs. Randy Orton Really don't see the point in giving Orton the title back. The fans are really behind Hardy at the moment as he's getting big reactions as champion. It was a smart decision to keep him away from Matt and I love the way they brought him to SmackDown. Kickoff Match Bayley vs. Ruby Riott My girl desperately needs a victory to stay afloat while she's in this story with Sasha Banks. Hopefully it will involve the MITB match. That would be quite a long story for something that doesn't involve the title but if any two women can pull it off then that's Bay and Sasha. Their chemistry together is pretty well unmatched. Meanwhile I still have high hopes for Ruby who after Bliss is probably the top heel in the Raw women's division. This kickoff match should be solid if it gets a good amount of time.
  6. https://wrestlingrumors.net/cheeseburger-reveals-relationship-jericho/ Full interview: http://wrestlingepicenter.com/IWR/interviews/Cheeseburger42018.html
  7. Updated yet again. http://caws.ws/forum/topic/475846-wwe-prediction-game/?p=11023272
  8. Updated pics. http://caws.ws/forum/topic/475846-wwe-prediction-game/?p=11023272
  9. 50-Man Greatest Royal Rumble Match Braun Strowman Universal Championship - Steel Cage Match Brock Lesnar © vs. Roman Reigns Intercontinental Championship - Ladder Match Seth Rollins © vs. Finn Bálor vs. The Miz vs. Samoa Joe Casket Match The Undertaker vs. Rusev John Cena vs. Triple H WWE Championship AJ Styles © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura United States Championship Jeff Hardy © vs. Jinder Mahal Raw Tag Team Championships The Bar vs. The Deleters of Worlds SmackDown Tag Team Championships The Bludgeon Brothers © vs. The Usos Cruiserweight Championship Cedric Alexander © vs. Kalisto
  10. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2018/0419/639116/update-on-locker-room-fight-before-roh-steel-city-excellence/
  11. WWE Championship AJ Styles © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura The build for this match has been pretty great. Loved seeing the mind games being played by champion and most of all, the challenger. Going to buckle my seatbelt and just enjoy the heck outta this match! Universal Championship Brock Lesnar © vs. Roman Reigns How Braun Strowman is not a part of this match after the year he's had is a crime. The title should've been taken from Brock a long time ago, but this is the moment WWE higher ups have been working toward since last year. Roman should end this misery of Brock as Universal Champion and being anew. Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. Stephanie McMahon & Triple H I have no doubt that Rousey will find success in WWE. Regardless of any drama from the end of her UFC career, she is a terrific athlete and it will be interesting to see where this new career takes her in the coming "season" until Mania 35. Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn What a story this has been and what a journey to clearance it has been for Daniel. Regardless of what happens in this match I'm sure I share the sentiments of others when I say that I'll just be happy to see him back wrestling again. It'll be interesting to see how often we get Daniel Bryan matches and what will become of his General Manager position. SmackDown Women's Championship Charlotte Flair © vs. Asuka You wanna talk about dream matches? This is a match I have been wanting since Asuka officially signed to NXT. I said in another topic that this match could be main event the show. This is also a match that could go either way as I can definitely see Charlotte ending Asuka's undefeated streak. But I think it's time that Asuka get some gold around her waist again and kick off a riveting rivalry between these two. Intercontinental Championship The Miz © vs. Finn Bálor vs. Seth Rollins Great build for this match with amazing potential to excite and amaze. The Miz still doesn't get enough credit for the work he does and has really been the catalyst in this story. I'm going to pick Finn, but really i'll be happy with any outcome. Can't wait for this one. SmackDown Tag Team Championships The Usos © vs. The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothers Finally The Usos will be on the main card of WrestleMania! Their journey to get to where they are in their careers today has been long and arduous but I am so proud that they have proven their worth to everyone. They always bring their A-game and have one of the best -- if not the best -- match on the card and for WrestleMania I think we will see something very special out of the twins. United States Championship Randy Orton © vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Rusev This is the match I see opening the main card and the pop if Rusev wins would be incredible. He has the most momentum heading into this match as well as the support of the vast majority of the crowd. Raw Tag Team Championships The Bar © vs. Braun Strowman & Big Cass If you believe the rumours, then Cass is healthy and ready to go again. Teaming with Strowman could be the rejuvenation he needs after his story with Enzo ended abruptly. Cass needs a restart for sure because I'm not sure who was actually buying into him as a heel. Raw Women's Championship Alexa Bliss © vs. Nia Jax This has been a very good build as the storytelling by Bliss in particular has been excellent. I can totally see the champ weaselling her way to retaining her title, but in the end Nia deserves a title run and it should fall in line with the way the story has been told thus far. WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali I have been pining for Cedric as CW champ since the days when Neville ruled over the division. He is the perfect man to usher in this new era of 205 Live which has been on fire since its regime change. This match is going to be pretty spectacular and I look forward to seeing all of the tricks these guys have. WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal Becky Lynch First Eliminated: Dana Brooke Final Four: Becky Lynch, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Naomi Most Eliminations: Sasha Banks Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Bray Wyatt First Eliminated: Primo Colon Final Four: Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin, Matt Hardy, Tye Dillinger Most Eliminations: Baron Corbin
  12. Unsanctioned Match Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano This is the match we've all been waiting for since Chicago last year. The wait and anticipation for this has really helped the story too. Plus, I see the outcome going either way and making complete sense. But the biggest payoff would be to see Johnny's status as an NXT Superstar restored. NXT Championship Andrade "Cien" Almas © vs. Aleister Black I have been wanting Ally in a championship match for a very long time and he finally has his chance. It's a crazy turn of events since last year's WrestleMania weekend. It was Black's debut against Almas which was really the root of where Almas' downfall began and where Zelina Vega needed to step in and make Andrade what he is now. However, I'm not so sure one year and a championship reign -- as impressive as it may be -- is enough to slow down the immense momentum Ally has gained over the same time period. He is like a train that is off the tracks and he is going to crash right though Almas, straight to the NXT title. NXT Women's Championship Ember Moon © vs. Shayna Baezler This feud could have had a little more screen time for me, but I get in a one-hour show you can't invest time into everything. However, I'm still pretty hyped for this match because I'm a fan of both these ladies. Shayna's character development has been elevated even further since Brooklyn, but the resilience of the champion should shine through as it did before. Looking forward to seeing how these two further their story with their in-ring storytelling. NXT Tag Team Championships Undisputed ERA © vs. Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne vs. Authors of Pain ERA still need make their presence known with Fish out for an undisclosed time. Hoping that they feud 2-on-2 with Strong and Dunne. This is a big spot for Roddy as he has shown what he is truly capable of in the ring through the Cruiserweight Championship tournament, and now by teaming with Dunne. If they continue to stay as a team, take the titles and make a heel turn at some point, the potential is endless for what they can achieve. Ladder Match - NXT North American Championship Adam Cole vs. Lars Sullivan vs. Killian Dain vs. The Velveteen Dream vs. EC3 vs. Ricochet This match has the potential to steal the weekend for sure if you look at the names alone and I really hope it starts the show. It also sees Adam Cole (potentially) pulling double duty which is obviously going to put him at a disadvantage for whichever match is second. Even if he doesn't win any of the matches he's in, I think that he is going to be one of the biggest winners when it comes to a shot at Black or Almas. Dream is a character that has come along and shot straight to success. There is no one more on fire than him and I think his star shines the brightest by the end of this match.
  13. http://www.diva-dirt.com/144978/tenille-dashwood-explains-why-she-chose-to-join-roh-after-her-wwe-run/
  14. https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/cody-rhodes-says-i-should-have-never-joined-bullet-club-releases-apology-young-bucks
  15. Gotta get back in the top 10. WrestleMania should get me there.
  16. WWE Championship AJ Styles © vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena Styles and Nakamura is without a doubt in my mind the main event for WrestleMania. AJ for the win by hook or by crook. Looking forward to what develops in the Owens-Zayn relationship provided what happened on SD this week. Even Cena's story has been somewhat interesting because we haven't seen him this desperate and without some sort of direction for a very long time, if ever. SmackDown Women's Championship Charlotte Flair © vs. Ruby Riott Looking for Ruby to look relatively strong here. Hopefully she will put up a fight to the champ to remain lurking around in the title picture. Hopefully Asuka will make an appearance after the match is over to declare that she will fight Charlotte at Mania for the SD women's title. SmackDown Tag Team Championships The Usos © vs. The New Day Hard to argue against seeing The Usos remaining tag champs heading into WrestleMania with the run that they've had. Hate to look too far ahead but it would be a crime if they were anywhere but on the main card for the show of shows. United States Championship Bobby Roode © vs. Randy Orton This match could possibly steal the show -- even with The Usos on the card -- as long as it remains a one-on-one contest without any outside interference (Jinder Mahal). Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev Pretty straight forward here. Shin needs to keep momentum heading into his title shot at Mania. That being said, it's a big spot for Rusev, hopefully he can elevate himself into a position where he himself finds a way onto the card for Mania. Becky Lynch & Naomi vs. Natalya & Carmella Becky would be a great opponent for Charlotte if the Asuka scenario doesn't play out that way that I'd like it to. I think those two could put on just as good a match as Asuka vs. Charlotte.
  17. Universal Title #1 Contendership - Elimination Chamber Match The Miz vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman vs. Elias That's right. I am picking two people. Before you disqualify me from my prediction hear me out. Not everyone is going to out right cheer for Roman or Brock in a one-on-one championship match at WrestleMania. The match is going to be pretty dead, thus you need a babyface involved. And who is hotter than Braun Strowman right now? So how do we get there? Well obviously Roman and Braun will be the final two, but the show ends with a Spear through one of the Chamber walls. The finish then compels Kurt Angle on Monday night to award both of them with a "championship opportunity" against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Raw Women's Championship - Elimination Chamber Match Alexa Bliss © vs. Sonya Deville vs. Mandy Rose vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Mickie James Something tells me Alexa will weasel her way out of the Chamber with her championship in tact. My hope is that some major tension develops between Bayley and Sasha during the match which leads to a falling out. Mandy Rose also has a huge chance to really prove herself here and impress. Asuka vs. Nia Jax It is still unclear which championship Asuka will challenge for at Mania, but I sincerely hope that it's Charlotte. That would then free up a spot on the Raw roster which could allow Carmella to cash in on whoever is the Raw women's champion the night after Mania since it is also ambiguous which champion she can use her MITB briefcase stipulation against. Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt Honestly I'm not thrilled with the way they've been portraying "Woken" Matt thus far. I said before that I think he and Bray should be cutting promos separately and not interweaving the two. If I had never seen Matt's work on Impact with this character, I would be horribly confused by it. Which isn't always a bad thing, because it leads to a lot of story-based questions. Maybe we'll get more answers after Sunday. Raw Tag Team Championships The Bar © vs. Titus Worldwide Titus and Apollo have the chance to legitimize themselves in a way in the tag team division by putting on a good showing in this match. Sheamus and Cesaro are professional enough to see this opportunity to have Titus Worldwide shine whilst still retaining their titles. Kickoff Match Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. The Miztourage I am hoping a win here propels Gallows and Anderson to a title match at Mania against The Bar in the culmination of what could be a very interesting and heated rivalry between the two teams.
  18. https://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.php?id=115671
  19. http://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/925697-deonna-purrazzo-on-womens-wrestling-fulfilling-goals-ronda-rousey-being-a-catalyst-developing-women-of-honor
  20. ROH Announces World Championship Match For 16th Anniversary PPV
  21. https://411mania.com/wrestling/card-tonights-roh-honor-reigns-supreme-event-join-411-live-coverage/
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