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  1. Jim Cornette: https://twitter.com/TheJimCornette/status/728673972259328001 https://twitter.com/TheJimCornette/status/728676391294783490
  2. http://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/hornswoggle-booked-already-wrestlepro-release/?platform=hootsuite Don't waste no time!
  3. I'm gonna miss Wade. Hopefully he lands a gig with NJPW.
  4. Cool vintage photo of Martin Scorcese, Harvey Keitel and Robert DeNiro on set of Taxi Driver.
  5. Just watched The Witch with a few of my friends earlier. Man it was tense and really creepy.
  6. Orphan Black. That show is massive!!
  7. Proud supporter of women's wrestling.

  8. I like women's wrestling.

  9. Boyhood. Freaking fabulous. Very unique and authentic way to tell that story. Relatable as well. Linklater kills it once again.
  10. Bayley's gonna hug you!

  11. Who is that in your Profile Pic?

  12. I agree. You should upload it to PSN because that attire is really great!! Nice work on it BTW and thanks for the form, I just prefer to download CAWs off the PSN.
  13. Wow, I kinda like it. Hope we get to see him on TV wit it tho.
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