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  1. 2 WOH CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT MATCHES WILL TAKE PLACE IN JAPAN: http://rohwrestling.com/news/2-woh-championship-tournament-matches-will-take-place-japan?utm_content=buffer7dcf7&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  2. ROH 5 Count: Greatest Tag Teams http://www.rohwrestling.com/news/roh-5-count-greatest-tag-teams
  3. https://wrestlingrumors.net/bcimplosion-cody-omega-supercard/ Interesting that this was set up by NJPW but the payoff match is promoted by ROH.
  4. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2018/0201/636574/updated-roh-women-of-honor-tournament-entrants/
  5. Men's Royal Rumble Match Shinsuke Nakamura It has been so hard for me to pick a winner this year but I have finally settled on Shin. I was going back and forth between him and Finn who both could use a Rumble victory to thrust them back into the main event picture. Between the two I felt like Shin made the most sense as it seems like there may be other plans for the Universal title at Mania. Women's Royal Rumble Match Nia Jax I see the potential for Nia and Alexa to work a good story for WrestleMania. Even if it's not Alexa as the champion, Nia vs. Asuka seems like a match that is worthy for the Show of Shows. (Plus Nia and Asuka never finished the match they had on Raw if memory serves.) Universal Championship Brock Lesnar © vs. Braun Stowman vs. Kane Seriously. If Braun doesn't win here then what the heck was all of 2017 supposed to be? Let alone the build up to this match. Braun has dominated leading up to this point and it would be a crime if he didn't walk out with the title. The fact that Kane is in this match makes me nervous that it won't happen but I am remaining optimistic. 2-on-1 Handicap Match - WWE Championship AJ Styles © vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn The story between these three guys, Shane and Daniel has been great to watch. I'm expecting false finishes left and right and for the controversy to continue in this story, but one way or the other AJ will remain champion. This will be fun. Raw Tag Team Championships Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan © vs. The Bar Obviously JJ and Seth will lose the titles at some point in the lead up to WrestleMania, but I don't think it'll be just yet. The story is just getting good between them two and I don't think the belts are going to get dropped to The Bar again. It makes more sense for story if the titles stay so that the tension can continue to grow amongst the champions. 2-out-of-3 Falls Match - SmackDown Tag Team Championships The Usos © vs. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin The swerve when Gable & Benjamin thought they won the titles was a perfect setup for this match. Something tells me that the challengers will get it done for real this time. United States Open Challenge Bobby Roode © vs. Mike Kanellis Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. The Revival Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik vs. TJP, Gentleman Jack Gallagher & Drew Gulak More predictions:
  6. NXT Championship Andrade "Cien" Almas © vs. Johnny Gargano This is a tough one to call. The way I would book it is to have Tomasso absolutely destroy Gargano. I'm talking crimson mask and all. But of course it's dependant on if he is cleared which is still up in the air. I'm not for one-and-done title reigns so I'm really hoping Cien escapes with his title one way or another. NXT Women's Championship Ember Moon © vs. Shayna Baezler This could be the start of something big which may lead to a Triple Threat with these two ladies along with Kairi Sane in The Big Easy. Can't wait to see this match, but also excited to see how this story shakes out even after Philly. Extreme Rules Match Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black The winner of this will no doubt put themselves next in line for a title shot at the next TakeOver in New Orleans. Ally has been the #1 contender for a very long time in my eyes so I hope he finally gets what he deserves. I would love to see this rivalry pick up again with the NXT title on the line. NXT Tag Team Championships The Undisputed Era © vs. The Authors of Pain My feeling is that this is the last NXT match for AOP and they will be moved to the main roster. Fish and O'Reilly -- along with The Usos -- are the best tag team in the business. May their reign be long and produce amazing matches, starting with this one. Kassius Ohno vs. The Velveteen Dream Both of these guys need wins here to get themselves out of their losing ways. It'll be interesting to see who goes over but I think Kassius needs a W more because Dream is way more over at this point with the fans.
  7. http://squaredcirclesirens.com/ring-of-honor-signs-deonna-purrazzo/ Deonna is one of my favourites! The women's division in ROH is really gonna get me to watch on a weekly basis again. Congrats to Deonna on her extension, I really hope she wins the WOH tournament!!
  8. Exclusive: How ROH Womens Championship Tournament Was Created http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2018/01/04/ring-of-honor-womens-championship-tournament/
  9. http://squaredcirclesirens.com/stardom-talent-announced-for-woh-title-tournament/
  10. https://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/49888/ROHs-Silas-Young-on-Overcoming-Heroin-Addiction-Winning-ROH/ Full interview: https://www.si.com/wrestling/2017/12/27/wwe-news-kenny-omega-chris-jericho
  11. https://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/49803/Update-on-ROHs-Efforts-to-Help-9-Year-Old-Girl-Battling/ More: http://rohwrestling.com/news/honor-nation-comes-through-sammystrong-fundraiser
  12. WWE Championship AJ Styles © vs. Jinder Mahal I wouldn't put it past Jinder to get a desperation win here to continue this feud, but it's very unlikely. AJ should remain champion heading into 2018 and the Royal Rumble. Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan Special Guest Referees Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura Wouldn't surprise me if this match closed the show as one of the two authority figures (most likely Shane) will have a major heel turn and start a story with one another all the while allowing Owens & Zayn to escape with a victory. SmackDown Women's Championship - Lumberjack Match Charlotte Flair © vs. Natalya As always, the Lumberjacks will play a heavy role in this matchup, especially the Riott Squad. I look for a feud to begin between Charlotte and Ruby. SmackDown Tag Team Championships The Usos © vs. Rusev & Aiden English vs. Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable vs. The New Day This match may very well steal the show as this has been a very fun story to watch unfold which usually translates into an equally fun payoff, especially with all these characters and wrestling styles all bundled into one match. United States Championship Baron Corbin © vs. Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler Looking forward to the Roode/Corbin feud to continue in a one-on-one scenario. How to do that? Have Ziggler get pinned and have a rematch between the champ and the challenger who didn't get pinned. Breezango vs. The Bludgeon Brothers Looking for new tag team contenders to emerge out of this match and for Breezango to deploy some unorthodox tactics to try to get the upset victory. Zack Ryder vs. Mojo Rawley This is a titanic opportunity for Mojo to make it out on his own in this "show me what you got" stage in his career.
  13. Just sayin having more womens matches will probably get me to watch ROH on the regular again. I like following some of the chicks theyve got on their roster and theres always the potential of adding to it.
  14. WOH Star Sumie Sakai Forms Friendship With Young Girl Battling Cancer: http://rohwrestling.com/news/woh-star-sumie-sakai-forms-friendship-young-girl-battling-cancer
  15. On my way to my friends house to watch the show so please add these to my original picks. Elias KO & Zayn
  16. Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles My theory here is that Jinder Mahal may be involved in this match in some way. Seeing as he was originally booked to face The Beast until Styles beat him, he has a valid reason for wanting to interrupt this gigantic matchup. It would definitely be a sad end, but it would get so much heat on Mahal which could lead him to getting the title back. Now don't get me wrong -- my preference is to see a clean match with AJ coming out on top, but I just don't see Mahal leaving well enough alone. Shane McMahon, Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode & John Cena vs. Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Finn Bálor, Samoa Joe & Triple H These teams are so stacked which is going to lead to chaos when the bell finally rings. Can't wait! Hopefully Owens and Zayn make an appearance at some point as well. Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Asuka, Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Becky Lynch, Naomi, Carmella, Tamina & Natalya Team Raw has Asuka, and if there's one thing that Asuka doesn't know how to do is lose a wrestling match.They also look like the much better side on paper. The Shield vs. The New Day Once again, the Raw team just looks like the better side, both individually and as a unit The Shield are more dominant than New Day. I still see this being highly competitive with some big spots throughout. Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte Flair Charlotte has not only regained her title, but also regained the top spot in women's wrestling. Her momentum continues tonight. Don't count out Bliss though, she's very crafty and always seems to get what she wants one way or another. Always the potential for a Carmella cash-in, but I think it will be just a tease. Baron Corbin vs. The Miz These guys have been going at each other with in and out of the ring promos. My guy Baron Corbin badly needs this win though to save face on what has so far been a hot and cold main roster run. The Usos vs. Sheamus & Cesaro In what could very well be the match of the night, The Usos are just on fire and I don't see them slowing down any time soon. Kickoff Match - Cruiserweight Championship Enzo Amore © vs. Kalisto Time for a new challenger in the CW division. I have been lobbying for Cedric Alexander since before Enzo moved into the division so we'll see if that finally happens for him.
  17. https://411mania.com/wrestling/updated-cards-weekends-roh-survival-fittest-shows/
  18. WarGames SAnitY vs. Undisputed ERA vs. The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong Cannot wait to see the return of WarGames. Don't even care who wins, just to have it back is exciting enough. But because I have to pick, I'll go with the new guys on the block. This match should put all three members of Undisputed in a position to challenge for titles by continuing their feud with SAnitY while also acting as AOP's swan song before (hopefully) going to SmackDown. NXT Championship Drew McIntyre © vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas I want Andrade to win so bad, but we cannot ignore all the signs pointing to Adam Cole vs. Drew McIntyre as a lengthy rivalry for the brand. The way I would book this is to have Andrade connive his way into winning the belt, beat Drew again in a rematch, then move on to Aleister Black and build to Cole's title shot later on. NXT Womens Championship Kairi Sane vs. Peyton Royce vs. Ember Moon vs. Nikki Cross This could go any of these four ways. My girl Ember has had her fair share of chances but has come up short every single time. Will this finally be the time for her championship moment? That will be a huge story to look out for. Crowd favourite and inaugural MYC winner Kairi Sane could be the obvious choice to win, but I feel like giving her the title would seem far too easy. I can also see either Peyton or Nikki stealing a victory at the end. The latter of which has had plenty of screen time for at least the last two batches of TV tapings. A title run could be just what she needs to cap off an incredible 2017. Aleister Black vs. Velveteen Dream Loving the way that this feud has been received and the way it's played out on screen. When Dream popped out of the smoke of Aleister's entrance it freaked me out! That took his character to a new level and at least psychologically this match is going to be terrific. Aleister is blazing a trail to a shot at the championship one Black Mass at a time and Velveteen shouldn't slow him down. Kassius Ohno vs. Lars Sullivan Lars has so much to gain out of his TakeOver debut that he cannot afford to lose. He will have the task of maintaining Ohno's credibility by selling all the correct moves, but this is clearly a platform for a potential star to be created here a la Braun Strowman.
  19. Joey Ryan back in ROH: https://twitter.com/ringofhonor/status/930835520338497541
  20. Ibushi will presumably get the winnee of the match. Im sure they can make adjustments if necessary. ROMERO TO JOIN ROH WRESTLING ANNOUNCE TEAM TO RAISE MONEY FOR PUERTO RICO RELIEF AT FLORIDA EVENTS https://www.contralona.com/single-post/2017/11/11/ROH-Rocky-Romero-se-unir%C3%A1-a-Colt-Cabana-y-a-Ian-Riccaboni-en-recaudaci%C3%B3n-de-fondos-para-Puerto-Rico
  21. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2017/1110/634000/former-wwe-star-to-debut-in-roh/
  22. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2017/1109/633933/former-impact-knockout-champ-to-have-roh-match/
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