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  1. I plan on making all these guys so you will see them! I just wanted to get feelers out there to see where the interest was! Thanks for giving me your thoughts!
  2. Hey I appreciate the List! I haven't made cross or Sullivan in many years and I've had so many great ideas for them. Thanks for the reply! Gonna give it a few days and see what others have to say before I commit!
  3. Hello Everyone! This update is to let you know all my creations are now uploaded! Cristopher Wallace tags are Soultaker2008 Caws.ws Christopherwallace Clark Edwards Tags are Soultaker2008 Caws.ws Clarkedwards I hope you enjoy them in all their glory! Now i have a bunch of guys I haven't made yet so I thought it would be fun to get some recommendations from you guys! I will list guys here and If they sound interesting to you please let me know! "The Bulldozer" Butch Taylor "The Gladiator" Robbie Maximus "The X Factor" Nick Cross "Puerto Rican Pride" Carlos Cruz "Slicing" Darrel Sullivan "High Flying independent Darling" Sheldon King So if anyone strikes some interest to you then please let me know! Thanks for all and any support I have gotten over the years! I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them!
  4. You are really killing these designs man. Already got Alyx Avery and Caleb Riveria, probably gonna get blade soon!
  5. Hello everyone!! I am finally ready to unveil my TWO newest additions to my roster! Starting with.. The Artist, "Superstar" Christopher Wallace! Attire 1: Singles Attire 2: The Union Tag Attire Gracing our presence all the way from Hollywood, California we have A Superstar like no other. A former mega star that did it all, now looking to make his name in Profesional Wrestling. "Superstar isn't a Moniker is a lifestyle. And he has also coined himself "The Artist of the ring". He is not bashful nor is he humble, he will beat you with words and flair as well as put you down on the mat. Signatures: Inverted Crush - "Blank Canvas" Finishers: Ripcord Russian Legsweep - "Fallen Stardom" Carribean Kick - "Hollywood Wheelhouse" Creators note: Christopher Wallace has come a long way from his "Flair Days" where he was simply an offshoot of Ric Flair. He is now looking to make a name for himself and had made good friends and a new tag team with this next Wrestler... Introducing... "Royal" Clark Edwards!! Attire 1: Singles Attire 2: The Union Tag Attire Hailing from Blackpool England, we introduce "Royal" Clark Edwards! The once prettyboy showboat is no one to mess with. He has evolved his game so much further than ever before. Wrestling and Bare Knuckle Brawling in London as the Blackpool Brawler, Clark has an aggressive side to him. But he has retained all his technical and semi-high flying ability through all his tough fights. But don't get it twisted, he still believes he is "Royal". The only difference, is now he will not only be Royal and above all the peasants, but the executioner as well. Signatures: Figure 4 Sharpshooter - "Royal Declaration" Gory Special Flatliner - "Blackpool Blowout" Finishers: Rolling Elbow - "Royal Bullhammer" Creators Note: Clark edwards and Cristopher Wallace have struck a friendship together and created a Tag Team known as the Union. This tag team has been dominant in its short time capturing tag team gold within a few weeks, and never losing them. They will look to further their team success as well as their own, with a little help from each other. Creators Note 2: Decided to add a little backstory into Clark Edwards as I didn't really touch on it. Royal Clark was brought up a snobby kid from Blackpool England. As his family was basically filthy rich he didn't fight for much throughout his life. He declared himself as Blackpool royalty. When he got a bit older and discovered wrestling he fell in love with the pageantry and athleticism. However it didn't bode well for the Royal one as a rookie. He didn't do very well, and hardly had any title opportunities. This put a hampering on his life as he now had to fight for something. He began training under Wade Barrett and the Bare Knuckle Brawling Federation in London. He learned a lot and toughened up and returned to the WWE a new man but still a cocky Royal pain in the ass. He captured his first single title shortly after and had a decent run. But he never did reach his potential. So again he had to fight, this time for himself. He rebuilt his physique and began faster, while keeping his strength. Agile, strong, Technical, he has it all now. But can he put his ego behind him to succeed. Wallace and Him hit it off and are using each other to push to the top one way or another. So for now that's it for the update. I will be working on their moves, entrance, victory and tag team setups soon. I will post all info on their Tag Team Entrance, Victory, and Finisher when they are complete! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! Edit: Here is The Tag Team Info just got moves to finish.
  6. Hello everyone! I just wanted to give a small update! I am in the works on two high class heels but a long way from finishing them! Im very excited to see how they turn out in the end. Also I am not 100% sure about this, but if you have downloaded Tino Santarelli and his Entrance is very basic or not finished, it should be finished but I discovered today that it was reset for some reason. So if you are interested in changing it here is all the info you need for his Entrance and victory! Motion: Like a Diamond Title: Bron Breakker Theme: Beats 3 I believe (it's not in front of me atm will update if wrong) Legato Del fantasma for everything but titantron I used street profits for titantron
  7. Really digging chase cash! If he is available I'll look into downloading him!
  8. Never fail to dissapoint OZ! Love all your designs and characters!
  9. Haha yeah...I just recently started watching WWE again full time and I plan on watching NXT stand and deliver this weekend as a starting point
  10. I dont know much about Tony D'Angelo. Is he from new york? Or jersey or something? What about the Tri-State Mafia? Maybe if there was a third member.
  11. Hey this is awesome. Csnt wait to see how it turns out!
  12. What a content drop! Love all your designs and logos. Are they on CC?
  13. Hey awesome! Have any idea what the name could be for their tag team?
  14. Thank you so much! What was your old username? More so curious than anything haha. You have been putting out really good work too I have downloaded some of yours. And yeah I believe it was 2k17 was the last real time I posted. Seems like a lifetime ago. I plan on recreating all my former guys.
  15. 1.....2.....Kickout! Two Count Tino does it again! "Two Count" Tino Santarelli is here! Attire 1: Classic Attire 2: Updated Hello everyone! I have been hard at work on another returning superstar, a 2 year pro now he has refined his skills and his in ring shape. Previously he had been too small, then he was too bulky. He is in the best shape of his life and is looking to make that final push for a world title. For anyone who didn't know, he got his name for his absolute absurd amount of two Count kickouts in what seems like every match. The Italian blooded New Yorker has so much pride and some might say ego, he wont give up even when his body says no. Him and Colt Everette had a 45 minute Legendary match where Tino Kicked out of countless Finishers and signatures. Colt and Him are always butting heads and are natural Rivals. He isn't fully done, still doing moves and such, but will be up on CC soon with tags Cawsws TinoSantarelli Soultaker2008 Signatures: Springboard Shooting Star Dragon Sleeper 6 "Law of Nature" Finishers: Argentine Backbreaker 1 "All-or-None" Fireman's Carry Side Slam "Santarelli Swing" or "Trip to Manhattan" EDIT: HE IS NOW UPLOADED!
  16. Time for a new contender! "Outlaw" Colt Everette! Attire 1: Updated Outlaw Colt Attire 2: Cowboy Colt The Outlaw is back. The Cowboy is here. Colt has always been a brawling bruiser who doesn't fancy himself technical in any way shape or form. He is here to get the job done and ride off into the sunset. He is a natural heel and had no problem breaking the rules or his opponents to win. After a few singles runs in the past with both the IC and the US title. Colt looks to wrangle himself a World title and finally get the recognition he deserves. Signatures: Discus Big Boot Spinebuster Finisher: Kudo Driver - "Colt Driver" Clothesline from hell Creators Note: His first attire is a more updated version of his old look. His second Attire is a brand new update to the character where he leans into his Country Boy Brawler character. I decided to change his hair and beard a bit to give him a more refined look, but I would happily make a second version of him with the shaved head and beard if anyone is interested. Im working on his Entrance, Moves, and Victory today and whenever I finish him he will be uploaded on CC with tags Update: He is now uploaded! Colteverette Soultaker2008 Cawsws Hope you enjoy!
  17. Definitely gonna download Riveria and Alyx! Digging your logos and overall designs!
  18. Hello again everyone! I am hard at work at all my characters and I have officially finished my next characters look. Gonna spend tomorrow night getting the moves, entrance, and victory finished. But thought I'd add to my growing list! Max "the scorpion" Morgan! Max is my longest running CAW by a Long shot. And he has seen it all. He's held multiple championships. He's competed against some of the best. But he's still alive. Over the years his mind has slipped into a psychotic obsession with success. Destiny. Legacy. It's all intertwined and he is here to cement his. Using his technical prowess and recently introduced severe aggression, most of the time over the line. Max Morgan Lives, and his Legacy, is your destiny. Creates notes: Max was originally created as a CM Punk Follower and as such has developed a lot of his moves. Still rocking his straight edge bandages. But over time has kinda became a Punk/Rollins Hybrid with Aleister Black's Former Moniker/Mindset. I hope you all enjoy him as much as I enjoyed making him! Signatures: Anaconda Vise - "Scorpion Vise" Blackout 2 - "Max Massacre" Finishers: Mass Destruction - 'No Destiny" Gourdbuster GTS: "No Legacy" He Is Uploaded! MaxMorgan Cawsws Soultaker2008
  19. These are all quality caws! Excellent work!
  20. I can see a lot of work went into him! Two thumbs up from me!!
  21. Hello everyone! Its been a while. A Long long while. I haven't purchased a WWE game in many years after I lost some of the passion I had. That along with life getting in the way I stopped making my characters. But alas, I am back. I have recently gotten my passion back for wrestling and I have already begun making my old roster. I wanted to begin today with my most popular and probably my favorite character I make. So without further ado here he is! "The Reaper of Justice" RYKER JUSTICE! Ryker Justice has always been pure wrestling ability. Pure aggression. Purely one of the best. But something has awoken in him. Something dark. When pushed to his limits, he becomes the Reaper of Justice. And unstoppable war machine hell bent on creating chaos in his wake. He's the same locker room leader and prideful wrestler he always was, but now there's a limit to his patience. I hope you all enjoy my update to Ryker Justice. His "Reaper of Justice" persona is very Finn Balor Demon Inspired but use him as you will! Signatures Canadian backbreaker 2 "Scales of Justice" Forearm Smash to Bulldog "Go with Liberty..." Finishers Military Drop Uppercut "Hammer of Justice" Falling Powerbomb "...and Justice for all" Look forward to more recreations and if any of you remember me from so many years ago, feel free to recommend any guys you'd like to see! EDIT: HE IS UPLOADED Tags are Cawsws Rykerjustice original
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