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  1. Another Challenger enters the arena! Hey guys! I am so excited to bring in a fairly new character, I made him circa 2015-2016 and for some reason he never made it back into the rotation. But after much time thinking about his design and what I wanted to accomplish, I am happy to finally bring back... "Slicing" Darrell Sullivan! Attire 1: Classic Revised Attire 2: La Carnicero Sullivan (The Butcher) Mexico Wrestling Allegiance Attire Darrell Sullivan returns after a long hiatus from WWE! After a failed WWE run in 2016, with no title runs, a horrendous losing streak, and constant beratement from his collogues, Darrell left for The Mexico Wrestling Allegiance (MWA). When he arrived, no one could understand his "Slicing" Persona, so to cull the confusion, he became La Carnicero, or the Butcher Sullivan. While his outfit didn't fit the name, his wrestling style, and his signature Sullivan Slicer, was more than enough to quell the critics. He was incredibly successful in his Mexico Run, and won the MWA World Title and had a successful 2 Year run as champion. He trained hard at his Luchador wrestling skills, and become incredibly adept to the Luchador Style. He returns to WWE 7 Years later, a new man, and ready to take WWE by storm, or in this case by the Slice. Editors Note: I am so excited to finally bring Darrell Back and finally bring my vision for him to life. I hope you enjoy him like I am! Signatures: Butterfly Lift Twisting Cutter - "Show off" 450 Elbow Drop Diced Bread - "Sullivan Diced" Poison 'Rana - "Poison Cut" Avalanche Poison 'Rana - "Avalanche Poison Cut" Finishers Gun Stun - Sullivan Slicer UFO Cutter - Variant Handspring Cutter - Variant Dragon Slayer - "The Final Slice" (Translated) "La última rebanada" Tags are soultaker2008 cawsws darrellsullivan
  2. Man, Aleksander Anderson is so incredibly well done! I gave him an instant download to add to my NXT and hopefully main roster soon!
  3. Hello Everyone! I am back with the the promised Tag Team! The Union is back in action! First From Hollywood, California "The Artist", "Superstar" Christopher Wallace! Attire 1: Singles Attire 2: The Union Tag Team Attire Signature: Inverted Crush - "Blank Canvas" Sit Out Full-Nelson Facebuster - "Box Office Flop" Finishers Ripcord Russian Legsweep - "Fallen Stardom" Caribbean Kick - "Hollywood Wheelhouse" Running Super Kick - Variant Snapmare and Corkscrew Roundhouse - Variant Diving Heel Kick - Super Variant "Superstar" Christopher Wallace returns to action, a full fledged veteran in the ring at this point. He and His Tag Partner Clark Edwards were extremely successful last year. Winning the Tag Titles and Holding them for the entire year, only to lose them at Wrestlemania. They look to improve themselves even further than ever before and possibly move on to bigger and better things as a Tag Team. They both are looking to grab World Title Gold, and be the first Tag Team to hold Both the world titles and the tag Titles. The pompous Hollywood star turned WWE Wrestler has really honed his Craft, and is so improved over his beginning days. The self-accclaimed "Artist of the Ring" has no shortage of Ego however. Still believing that he is the end all, be all when it comes to wrestling. Him and Clark Edwards have had a few Spats and Matches, but they continue strong as they both decided they were better off with each other, than against. Speaking of Clark Edwards, Here he is now! Attire 1: Singles Attire 2: The Union Tag Team Attire The "Blackpool Brawler" has returned with a slightly different outlook on Wrestling. He may still be "Royal" Clark Edwards, but he acts like he is actually the king of wrestling. In so, he butted heads with Christopher Wallace for a short time, before they eventually called a truce. He has become incredibly Disciplined, while keeping his brawling aggression in his repertoire. All his Training and Bare Knuckle Boxing experience has translated into a Well Rounded veteran in the ring. Looking to capture his first World Title opposite of Christopher Wallace, he look to cement his "Royal" Legacy! Signatures: Gory Special Flatliner - "Blackpool Blowout" Figure 4 Sharpshooter - "A Royal Declaration" Royal Butterfly - "Royal Plex" Slingshot Lariat 2 Finishers Rolling Elbow and all Variants - "Royal Bullhammer" Forearm Smash - Variant Bull Hammer - Variant Rolling Elbow 4 - Variant Diving Forearm Smash - "Super Royal Bullhamer" Both of these guys will be uploaded with these tags soultaker2008 Cawsws theunion Thank you for all your support, and now I begin work on a few guys whom haven't been seen in a few years! I'm very Excited to bring new and returning members of my roster to you guys and Ill see you guys soon!
  4. Im sorry that you guys can't pick him up. I'm not entirely sure what could be causing such an error with the download. I will reupload him again on the next patch. I have something like 60+ downloads on him currently so I'm not sure what's causing you guys specifically to not be able to download him. Hopefully they will patch it soon
  5. Hopefully everything is working now. I'm going to upload a fresh version of the CAW with the new patch. Yeah, the hardest part for me is finding the ones I want to use. Thankfully someone puts a lot of the ones I use on CC every year so I just look for them and add them as needed. Just a small update, I have one more guy done now, but I am working on his tag partner. (HINT HINT) they should be uploaded this week!
  6. I appreciate the kind words! I spend the most amount of time getting the ink right how I want it.
  7. Im sorry man, I really don't know why it won't let you download him. I'll look through his stuff and see if there is something corrupted.
  8. @Monarch98and @XWF1000he is reuploaded a second time under the same tags. Hopefully it let's you DL him!
  9. I will get him reuploaded tonight when I get home from work.
  10. If it doesn't work, let me know ill reupload him.
  11. That's very strange. He does have a few items that are locked behind unlockable characters. If your missing an item it won't download. He might also have a move from DLC that can cause it. Check those things and let me know if you have any issues and I can look into it.
  12. Thanks man! I am still here making my guys! You are putting out great work yourself right now! I hope to get all of my current roster made, and maybe have some new talent enter the fray!
  13. Yeah I was inspired by your comment last year about D'Angelo and as soon as he came out I put him with him. He fits perfectly in the family and I appreciate the inspiration!
  14. Love your logos! Stephen Allen is getting a download from me 100%!
  15. Hello again everyone! I have two returning stars, and two absolutely absurdly Rivals at this point in their careers. First up is... "Cowboy" Colt Everette! Attire 1: Classic Attire 2: Cowboy Colt Brawler (ALT Hair) Cowboy Colt returns after a rough 2k23. He had many rivalries and, also many losses, getting beat on 4 separate occasions by his Rival Two Count Tino. He looks to come back strong introducing a new move, and an even more aggressive attitude. Signatures: Discus Big Boot Butterfly Lift Twisting Cutter : "Colt Cutter" Finishers: Kudo Driver: "Colt Driver" Clothesline from Hell Editors Note: He is Uploaded, and there is also an updated move set for him uploaded with his new signature and a few slight changes. Editors Note 2: I ended up reuploading him cause for some reason his Entrance bugged and reset. So no need to update the movesset! Speaking of Rivals, you know whom is next. 1....2.....he does it again! "Two Count" Tino Santarelli! Attire 1: Classic Attire 2: 2K23 Revised Two Count tino is back after a stellar 2k23. He held the tag titles with Tony D'Angelo for close to 4 months, then won the IC title from Max Morgan and fueded with his primary Rival, Colt Everette. He beat him 4 straight matches and still had the title when the season ended. A full Fledged member of The Family doing his own thing while also helping his teammates, he looks to capture world title gold as soon as possible. Don't ever count out, "Two Count" Tino! Signatures: Springboard Shooting Star Dragon Sleeper 6 "Law of Nature" Finishers: Argentine Backbreaker 1 "All-or-None" Fireman's Carry Side Slam "Santarelli Swing" or "Trip to Manhattan" That's all for today, I'm so excited to bring more to you guys! All of my creations that are posted are complete and uploaded under tags Soultaker2008 Cawsws And their name (Tinosantarelli) for example See you soon guys!
  16. Excellent work as always Keyu! Glad to see Caleb back, he was awesome in my universe last year!
  17. These are absurdly great! I will definitely be giving a download to a few of these once I get my universe going.
  18. I haven't ever dipped into making titles, but man that's a great looking title. Really like that it looks like a real title, all I can do is a sticker ok a leather belt that sorta resembles metal haha
  19. And lastly for today, we have someone whom I know isn't a fan favorite, but I really, really wanted to give him a fair shake and he really up his design to my standard. I think I have finally found his style, and own gimmick, other than just being someone's fictional son. "The Baron of Hell" Gabriel Calloway! Attire 1: Classic Revised Attire 2: "The Baron of Hell" Gabriel Calloway, the fictional son of the Undertaker is here to become his own person. No longer living in the shadow of his father, he looks to finally make his mark on the WWE. Becoming the Baron of Hell, he looks to take the Wrestling World by storm, and create his own Legendary Career. Signatures: Sit Out Tombstone Phantom Driver - "Helldriver" Finishers: Chokeslam Backbreaker - "Infinte Inferno" Sit out Last Ride Powerbomb - "Gabriel's Mercy" All of my CAWs will have the tags Cawsws soultaker2008 and the name of the Wrestler. Thank you guys for years of support!
  20. Next up, a Man that hasnt been seen since 2k16. He returns to the WWE completely changed. A new man, and looking to cement his legacy in the arena knows as the Squared Circle. Robbie "The Gladiator" Maximus Attire 1: Updated Standard Attire Attire 2: The Gladiator WM Return The Gladiator has entered the Colosseum! Robbie, has been gone for a long 8 years, honing is craft across the globe, and creating a new Moniker for himself to show his complete overhaul of his wrestling ability. A very techincal wrestler, who is able to hit you with kicks, punches, slams, diving, and submissions. He is well versed in all ways of combat. He comes back finally with 1 Mission. Claim the one title he never held, the World Title. This may be the best he has ever looked, and if someone stands in his way, they will have to meet the Gladiator. Signatures: Air Crash Neckbreaker - "Maximus Exectution" DDT 4 - "G.D." (Gladiator Driver) Finishers: Cliffhanger DDT - "Maximus Velocity" Elevated Flatliner - "Maximus Overdrive"
  21. Hello Everyone! I am back this year and hard at work at all of my CAWs. I have so many ideas, and revisions for all my characters and I am so excited to show them to you as I get them done. I know last year I had mentioned I was working on some of the guys I haven't made in a while, and while I did work on some guys, life got in the way of finishing them to my liking. Just a little side story, I got married! My wife and I had been working on her immigration for 5+ years, and this last November we finally made our dreams come true. But alas, I am back and my creative flow has never been better! So caws.ws... ARRRE YOOOOU REAAADYYYY?!! I SAID...ARE. YOU. READYYY?! Then without further ado, Lets go! Yeaaah! We are gonna start as we usually do, With the Reaper of Justice himself, Ryker Justice! Attire 1: Classic Attire 2: The Reaper of Justice (Updated) Ryker has returned, and he is better than ever. Coming off his best year yet, winning the title and not letting it go for 8 months, he was completely dominant and nearly undefeated (Minus a triple threat, not title where he wasn't pinned) The reaper of justice claimed many souls last year, how many more can he claim? Signatures: Clothesline to Bulldog - "Go with Liberty" Candian Backbreaker - "Scales of Justice" Finishers Military Drop Uppercut - "Hammer of Justice" Falling Powerbomb - "...and Justice for all" Next up, is my oldest CAW I have, Max "The Scorpion" Morgan! Attire 1: Classic Heel Revised Attire 2: Face Turn? Max Morgan had a hell of year, for the first time in a long time. He was IC, US, and World Champ last year, and maybe regained a little bit of his sanity. However, losing the World Title, seemed to have broke him even worse than before, the tiny bit of light was completely snuffed out, and he has become so incredibly unhinged because of it, he will stop at NOTHING to get his title back. Editors Note: His second attire was a Face Attire for him as I actually turned him face for a short time, until he lost the title and became unhinged. No rules here, use each attire to your hearts content in whatever role you want! Signatures: Anaconda Vise - Scorpion Vise Black out Meteora - "Max Massacre" Finishers: Gourdbuster GTS - "No Legacy" Mass Destruction - "No Destiny"
  22. You are really killing these designs man. Already got Alyx Avery and Caleb Riveria, probably gonna get blade soon!
  23. Really digging chase cash! If he is available I'll look into downloading him!
  24. Never fail to dissapoint OZ! Love all your designs and characters!
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