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  1. They need to hurry up and let Wardlow wrestle. He's legit. And he actually looks the part unlike many in the company
  2. So I do have GOOD Bones manager Kenny Dynamite, which I'll upload tonight (tags are marvelous77) Just an idea. Since you're still looking to fill out your ROSTER.. well now that Briggs has this newly formed alliance with rusev how about kenny d turns on him and brings in a new client... WARBANE!!! (Also available online)
  3. So the beards changing colors on bald caws ingame is still a thing. Uploading images to the game is still broken. Create an CHAMPIONSHIP froze when trying to goto relief.
  4. They need to seriously address the created arena glitch which doesn't allow you to view the second entrance. Also they need to address the star glitch where as soon as you win the match the star systems pops up and has 0 stars. It runs those who make videos and dont want it during victory scenes. They need to address the beard glitch on bald caws where it turns white during the ingame. They need to address the glitch where uploaded images doesn't actually upload your image. They need to address the glitch where images lose their opacity. They need to address the glitch where designs go back to default white when changing the colour. That's just a few I can think of off the top of my head. Honestly if these issues mentioned where fixed, I'd have 0 issues with the game.
  5. How did u fix that glitch?
  6. They NEED to fix the textures on CAWS aswell. When you select a logo and try and change the texture to say vinyl, it doesn't change instead it makes a box around the logof with that texture. Alot of my caws are suffering because of this.
  7. Oh kenny dynamite is also up on cc. Search marvelous77 if you want the manager of managers back in bpw
  8. Is anyone else having a beard glitch with caws? I put a long ciampa like beard on a few caws and when I play the match the beard is like a grayish reddish colour. Anyone have a solution or at least experienced this before?
  9. Bad bones Briggs is online. #marvelous77
  10. A little compilation of my guys https://m.youtube.co...h?v=eK_M9rfu-gU
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