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  1. Incase anyone is interested, here is my latest roster video... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kH5NJfun9rc&t=7s
  2. Hey bro, any chance you'd be willing to make a Brick Savage Caw?
  3. Hey, I updated Cielo Caminante. He now goes by Monarca Jr. He has an updated attire etc.. if interested tags are Marvelous77
  4. Hey, yea Banning is NOT up atm. I did find you and add you to favorites but he wasn't there
  5. Please tell me banning is still up? And what are the tags?
  6. Big Rob is making a statement in bPw. I'm loving it. You're right the Bison could've finished with the elbow the headbutt was just to put an exclamation mark at the end of the statement
  7. Hey bro, do you have any videos online and if so where can I find them?
  8. maybe you will be interested in some of these?
  9. Hey, bro. Can you switch Reks entrance to Brauns entrance. I didn't realize I hadn't yet. And did you want to download Saint, or is the roster full already?
  10. Lol just realized I wrote BCW. my bad bro lol
  11. Search Marvelous77 my good man
  12. Or perhaps BCW could use alittle Sugar N Spice and everything nice
  13. Good show bro... you're right, Laurant is no Saint... but this man however is. Maybe he can Save BCW
  14. Great first show . And you're right Reks Bowser is a heel so I don't know why he was set to face when you downloaded him
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