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  1. Until the next batch of characters are ready to be posted, which isn't gonna be for a while. I've been working on new art assets for a lot of them, which takes time. Since I'm now here confirming I'll be returning for 2K23, I'm using 2K22 as prep for a lot of new concepts. Rest assured, I'm in the lab cooking up some good stuff.
  2. Keen eye. Yes, they do have new face textures. And yes indeed there will be a fresh crop of new talent introduced as I slowly phase out the old guard. In fact, among the next batch of characters I release will be the new "Main characters" of my wrestling universe. I was actually planning to start my "Storymode" project in 2K22...but I'm holding off on it until the next game. (Hoping create and entrance will be back in order then.) But their backstories are already fleshed out. One is actually fully completed, the other I need to work on art assets for. He'll likely be the most advanced creation I've made since Evan Slade as far as looks and style...so a LOT of assets are needed.
  3. Better late than never, eh? As is usually the case...life and a bunch of other games pulled me away from 2K22 for a few weeks, but as promised...here's the next update. The youngest and least experienced member of B.E.C.H, but no less ruthless as her counterparts. Since making her debut 3 years ago, Callista has made a name for herself as one of the most over the top, unfiltered talents in the women's division. She's not above breaking a few rules and doing "questionably appropriate" things to succeed, in AND out of the ring. In 2022, Callista has set her focus on gaining gold in the newly minted CAW Women's Continental title, failing to advance in the inaugural tournament semi finals in against the eventual winner Tanden Fearse. Undeterred, her eyes are still fixated on securing the title for herself. The fastest rising female talent in CAW the last few years, Celeste has firmly cemented herself as a world title threat over the course of 2022. Many believe it's not a matter of if, but when she rises to the top of the mountain. The South African born stunt woman and martial artist is the total package of speed, athleticism, technique and underestimated power. Decisive wins over former champions Crystal Bayless, Dominique Lashay and Brittany Monroe has rocketted her up the rankings, and a showdown against reigning champion Olympia Marstorius seems inevitable, if not for the fact it seems the champ has been ducking her the last 2 months. The return of Chloe Lockhart came as a surprise to the entire wrestling world in 2021, especially to her one time best friend Ashley Diamond. Even more shocking was the fact that she'd attack Ashley, costing her the Women's world title versus Olympia in said return. 12 years ago, Both Ashley and Chloe were rising stars and pillars of the young XWA Diamond Division. Towards the tale end of the Gallas/Blackheart era of XWA, Chloe suffered what was presumed a career ending injury in a match versus Michelle Marx. She pretty much disappeared from the industry soon after, or so we'd thought. 3 surgeries later to her nearly destroyed left ankle, Chloe set out on a mission to return to the ring. Travelling the world and honing her newfound power gains on the indy circuit, she became fixated and bitter of the monumental success of her former friend's career over the years, despite Ashley making numerous attempts to reach out to her. The night after her return, she'd draw the line in the sand to Ashley...claiming that success she gained should have been hers, and she'd stop at nothing to prove to the world that the legendary Ashley Diamond was always just 2nd best to her. Since that night, they've clashed on several occasions, but the rivalry seems far from done. In the 3 years since her debut in wrestling, Cleo Jones has earned her place as one of the toughest chicks in the business. Being the niece of Jayson Jones and bannerwoman for her uncle's school "The Foundation", Cleo is the never-back-down, no nonsense type of woman CAW hasn't seen since the days of old. Her mix of catch wrestling, kickboxing and lucha libre makes her a fan favorite, but her grit and determination makes her a formidable threat against any challenger. The 4th runner up in the women's continental title tournament...she's ready to show the world she may have fallen short in the semi finals, but her name will be etched on the list of champions in the women's division sooner rather than later. Pound for pound one of the best athletes in CAW, if not wrestling as a whole...Dylan Brody has come into his own and into his prime. One of the original "hybrid" wrestlers to combine supreme athleticism, power and agility...there aren't many men in the industry that can do the things Dylan can do. In one instance he can military press a man, hit the ropes, frontflip over the prone foe, then score a standing moonsault...without breaking stride. With all of the talent in the world, a world title reign still escapes him. A 3 time continental champion, the path to the world title is blocked by 2 men he knows well. Men who were at one point like brothers to him, Ryan Fierhart and the reigning champion Timoa Mamula. Seeking out the decisive win needed to catapult him into a 1 on 1 shot, Dylan has set his sights on beating the current continental champion Terry Rogers to not only become 4x champ, but leverage the belt for a title vs. title showdown against Timoa...winner takes all. At 6'2" and nearly 200lbs, Eve is easily one of the most imposing women in CAW. The right hand woman of Brittany Monroe, Eve has silently racked up an impressive record in her 5 years in the industry. Having won Starlight Tag Team titles with Brittany 2 years ago, holding them for 7 months...she's had a taste of title gold. She almost had a full course meal of it, but fell to "Shorty Rock" Tanden Fearse in the finals for the women's continental championship in early 2022. Knowing she's in line for an eventual rematch, Eve has bided her time staking her claim. Instead, she and Brittany have opted to paint a target on Tanden and her newfound BFF, Dominique. What followed was a series of matches that took the wrestling world by storm, and prompted CAW execs to pull the trigger on minting another new title...the CAW Women's Tag Team championships...of which the 4 will compete for at CAW Resolution 85 in October. 2022 marks 20 years that Heather Fierhart has gone strong in pro wrestling. From her beginnings as the valet for her now husband Dru Mercer, to championship reigns in VCW, WCCWF, WWA and other organizations...Heather has evolved as the industry has. From eye candy to one of the most technically sound female wrestlers in the world, there's LITERALLY nothing Heather hasn't done. So many in the business ask "what's left for The Fierbird?" Her answer? "Plenty." The 41 y/o mother of 2 hasn't lost a step, and aims to keep showing the younger generation what it takes to stay at the top of one's game into your golden years. In recent years, she's taken on a mentoring role for a few young talents the likes of Rosie Harrex, Ana Munoz and Kendra Fox. She's also taken on the role of female lead coach at Dru's wrestling school "The Monster's Den". Rest assured, while her career is coming to it's climax, Heather's still got plenty of lessons to teach...in and out of the ring. The self professed "Most violent woman in wrestling"...you'd be hard pressed to find a counter to that statement. "The Anti Diva" has been against the establishment since her debut in 2008, which makes her decision to join forces with Brittany Monroe, Eve Williams and Callista Jay to form B.E.C.H 2 years ago that much weirder. Holly has dedicated her life to smashing (literally) the candy coated "Diva" personas of the wrestling word. Coming into the industry when it was rithe with model-esque talents wearing scantily clad gear, Holly was a skinny, tatted up punk chick with a chip on her shoulder and a penchant to use closed fists. What's changed over the years? She's not as skinny anymore. Even her own allies can't figure out why she joined them, but they're not complaining either...as she's one of the most brutal, sadistic competitors in ANY women's division...rivaled only by Helena Troy in the level of violence she can bring. Loud, vulgar, brash and anti-social, Holly definitely is the girl your folks warned you about... A grizzled veteran of 15 years, Nicki Roland's career speaks for itself. Multiple championships across PWN, Excite Pro, Nihon-1 and CAW, and storied rivalries against Heather Fierhart, Crystal Bayless and Lakoda Rose to name a few. "Big Sista Gorgeous 1" has a been a notorious and treacherous fixture in CAW since the moment she arrive, going the bulk of her career as a lone wolf. But in recent times, namely since the start of 2021, she's seen the landscape of the women's division change...and strength in numbers is the way of the land. Unfortunately for her...her nefarious reputation proceeds her...as no woman on roster trusts her enough to watch her back. This lead her to having to "outsource" talent in the form of fellow Chicago born talents Kharyzma Stewart and Estelle Torres to form "Made In Chicago" (M.I.C). With a pair of young lionesses at her side and her eyes focus on the prize of being champion once again, Nicki Roland is on the hunt. One of the perennial fan favorites of CAW, Ryan Fierhart is no stranger you success...or the spotlight. When you're the younger brother of "The Destroyer", there's quite the shadow cast over you...but in the last 7 years Ryan has not only step out from that shadow, but shined bright every bit as his older brother has. 3 reigns as World champion, including the 2nd longest reign in the company's history behind the current champ Mamula's, Ryan has established his presence as the preeminent challenger for the world title. In recent months, he's had clashes with Dylan Brody, Blake Evans and the newest among the ranks of world title contenders...the once undefeated Sean Trueth. Of the warriors poised to topple the "War Chief" of The Warborn...Ryan is probably the best equipped to do so, though he hasn't faced Timoa 1 on 1 in nearly 3 years. Will the former "brothers" meet in the ring for CAW's ultimate prize? Only time will tell. Among the legends of the industry, none evoke the sense of awe and dread the likes of Simon Fierhart. Active since before most were even born, Simon made his debut in wrestling in 1992. But he lead a life parallel to being a wrestler as a street fighter and enforcer for the Tennouji Zaibatsu. It's is penchant for absolute victory that earned his his vaunted nickname..."The Destroyer". A pios, but fearless man, Simon is the product of 2 familial lineages of warriors. The Fierhart family has been synonymous with pro wrestling and it's precursors for the better part of 200 years, and he is a master of the Tennouji family fighting art "Hakai-Ken" (Fist of Destruction)...taught to him by Matoko Tennouji, father of current zaibatsu head Masato. For 30 years, the man once known as "Kayos" has travelled the world, testing his skill against the best it has to offer...in and out of the ring. But all things must come to an end, and as Simon now inches close to his 70s, and having passed his knowledge onto the next generation of fighters through his family school "The Fierhouse"...as well as his own personal dojo where only select, elite talent are invited...the time has come for his last ride. 2022 begins the farewell tour for Simon, where he sets out to face old foes and face new dream matches before calling it a career. And what a career it's been. All characters are available for download RIGHT NOW. Tags are as always OZCAW, CAW2K22 and Oz70NYC. Note: A number of characters use DLC and VC purchasable content. Non-DLC/VC versions will NOT be uploaded, so don't ask. These uploads are one and done...so when I pull them off CC to make space for new uploads the only way to get them again will be by request.
  4. One is flamboyant and cocky, the other is cunning and ruthless. I like it.
  5. If time permits, I plan on making all of my characters...or at the very least the most popular ones. Aside from what I post on my youtube channel, that's it. On that note...BIG content drop incoming. The following characters will be released this weekend: Callista Jay Celeste Englebrecht Chloe Lockhart Cleo Jones Heather Fierhart Dylan Brody Ryan Fierhart Simon Fierhart
  6. Maybe someone can help me, cuz I've hit a wall today. It seems I've encountered a pretty much game breaking bug in CAS mode. Trying to edit the face of a CAW, upon completing the edit the game just infinitely loads. The circle at the bottom right of the screen just keeps going and the game just stays in that state. Needless to say if I can't find a fix...I can't make anymore CAWS...which pretty much ends things for me. If ANYONE has info or links to info on fixing this, please share...otherwise 2K22 is a wrap for me.
  7. Thanks for the kind words, fellas. It's always appreciated. As far as "moving on", the thought crossed my mind. Not just moving to a new game, but retiring completely. It's safe to say the last 3 years haven't been kind to me health-wise. I've had more than ample reason to quit gaming completely...but I haven't because I can't. This is my sanctuary. Creating is how I keep my mind at ease. So long as there's an avenue for me to go down to get that fix, I'll go down it. On the topic of the new games releasing, simply put...I need to see how their creation suites look before I commit to anything. As far as 2K23 I at the very least know what to expect. Regarding AEW: FF and TWC, there's been no news or footage of what the creation tools and modes will look like yet. Until there are, I won't confirm me moving on to those games. Not in any major capacity at least.
  8. Trying to add more nuance to the older characters. Breathe some new life into them and shift the balance of power a bit. Potential heel turns for the likes of Ashley and Crystal, a DEFINITE face turn for Dominique, raising Rosie up the ranks as a title contender...and plenty of other stuff to come. Needed to shake things up in the women's division.
  9. And here it is!!! My 2nd update of the year...9 characters total, 6 female and 3 male. Let's get it. The 1st lady. Her list of accolades spanning the last 15 years reads like a highlight reel. Widely regarded as the best female wrestler on the planet...the indomitable, icomparable Ashley Diamond has been a fixture in the industry of excellence since the moment she stepped into the ring. From her humble beginnings in the indies of the northeast US to her meteoric rise to dominance, Ashley has conquered every challenge set it front of her. At this stage of her career, with nothing left to chase in terms of greatness, she's turned her attention to passing her knowledge onto the younger generation of talent. In recent months, the re-emergence of her once best friend and allie Chloe Lockhart as an enemy has taken her to the brink, but the latest development of this rivalry has most baffled...the fact that her estranged half sister Helena Troy has taken an interest in helping her fight off Chloe as well as the B.Y.C.H. faction. Even more telling, is she's become significantly more aggressive during this period. Almost as if the nature of her sister is beginning to rub off on her... The "B" of B.Y.C.H has set her sights on being the woman to end the legacy of Ashley Diamond, and as such her crew has followed her to battle. While this has also put her at odds against Chloe Lockhart...who seeks the same goal, it's given Brittany new focus and momentum. It's her belief that a decisive win against the legend would be enough to skyrocket her over the rest of the field for contention of Olympia's championship, and having the feather in one's cap of being the woman to best "The 1st Lady" is a title in and of itself. Since dropping the "Nitro" name and using her own...Brittany's undergone a literal metamorphosis, cutting her hair short, donning extensive tattoos over 2021 and packing on 25lbs of muscle. One of the most dangerous and fearsome competitors in the division already, Brittany Monroe takes what Brittany Nitro was and amps it up to 11. Since losing the CAW Women's World title to Olympia Marstorius, Crystal has struggled to get back to her winning form, dropping several matches to the likes of Callista Jae, Dominique Lashay, Heather Fierhart, Cleo Jones and fellow Winsor Academy alumni Rosie Harrex respectfully. The string of losses has taken a notable effect on Crystal's demeanor, but she remains steadfast on the fact that she'll climb back up the ranks and get a shot at the title she carried for over a year. In recent months, she's rekindled a long dormant romance with Ainsley Winsor, and begun accompanying him and Nigel Sledge...aka the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to ring for matches. But make no mistakes, her sights are firmly planted on climbing the mountain of the CAW women's division once again. The force of nature that is Dominique Lashay has remained one of the most intimidating and dominant women in wrestling. But in recent months, the amazon's mood has softened since starting to team with the "Shorty-Rock" Tanden Fearse. Some would say Dom is actually starting to come out of the perpetually angry shell she's operated under since her debut. The former Women's World champ has added a few tools to her trade since teaming with Tanden, doing things uncharacteristic to her such as moonsaults and springboard splashes...which no one knew she was even capable of doing since she'd relied solely on her incredible power all her career. As this evolution continues, so to does a rise is Dom's popularity among fans...as she's cheered more often than not these days. Has "The Dominator" turned over a new leaf? Over the last few months, Helena has drifted apart from her Covenant. While they haven't outright disbanded...it's clear that her, Perxephone and Lola Valentine have diverged towards different paths. While The Covenant hasn't been broken, it's obviously headed different directions. For Helena, that direction seems to be towards her hald sister Ashley Diamond. With the arrival of Chloe Lockhart to CAW, Helena began taking a vested interest in Ashley's circumstances from afar, as it seemed she was targeted from 2 sides, one by Chloe and the other by Brittany Monroe. This made the night she came to Ashley's aid while being assaulted by BYCH following a win over Yve Williams that much bizarre. Make no mistakes, the "Wicked Witch of The North" is still every bit as diabolical, sadistic and violent as ever. The focus of that fury seems to be the protection of her younger sister now. What's been even more telling is that the violent nature of Helena has been displayed by Ashley in recent times. Something is in the mist...and chances are it's not something good. Since making her debut in 2019, Rosie has had rough go of things. It took a complete change in outlook, strategy and look for her to put everything together...which included a brief hiatus from action as she returned back to the Winsor Academy to re-work her toolbox. Since re-emerging on the scene in late 2021, she's seen a drastic change in fortune gaining key wins over the likes of Nicole Roland, Holly Woodz, Tamra Kalo and even a win over former champion Crystal Bayless. When the CAW Women's Tag Team Titles were announced, she was even recruited by the legendary Heather Fierhart to form the team "Blond Ambition", winning her 1st championship gold alongside the veteran. Still climbing the ranks, she's not getting the attention of the upper rung of the women's division as a credible threat for title contention. If things continue as they have, that contention will come sooner rather than later. "The Chief Don't Yield" is the battle cry of Jayson Jones in 2022. Since founding his school "The Foundation" in 2020, Jay-J has rekindled a long lost hunger for competition. Seeing the progression of his top 2 students John Conovar and Isias Obelor as they close reach readiness to make their debuts in the industry, on top of the success of his niece and nephew Cleo and Prentice since making their debuts in 2019, Jayson aims to lead by example in becoming a champion once again. Those aspirations have been met with 2 obstacles though...old rivals "The Rajput" Rivah Singh and "The Prize Fighter" Curtis Drayton respectfully. Never one to step away from a challenge, Jones has returned to full time competition with many new tricks up his sleeve, even going as far as retiring his famous "Brook-nam Bomb" for a Fireman's Carry Sideslam he calls "The Founder's Legacy" as well as the "Ring Of Fire" Rolling Cutter in tribute to his 2 "brothers" Jon Payne and John "Johnny Pyro" Preston. The old and new collide in the renewed vigor of Jayson Jones, and "The Chief" aims to sit on a throne of his own making. King Liedhamer as he's better known these days. The undisputed "King Of Giants" has taken the moniker to his viking roots, donning the garb of a viking king to the ring. Still the most massive and intimidating force in CAW...if not wrestling as a whole, Liedhamer commands respect both in and out of the ring. Since throwing his name into the pool for the CAW Intercontinental championship, he's come against many foes new and old...but it's the challenge of "The Massacre" Cannon Webb and the ever cunning Seth Adams that's seen most of his attention in 2022. Since his return to wrestling in 2019, Rivaj Singh has not shied away from controversy. "The Rajput" has never been one to mince words, and his radical views and rhetoric over American treatment over people of middle eastern descent or birth hasn't gained him and popularity points. The New York born Singh makes it a point to remind everyone he's just as "American" as them...but respects his heritage and customs unlike the masses. In early 2022, he made waves when he joined "The Warborn" stable of "The Viking" Buliwyf, "The Mongol" Jungso Baavgai and the reigning CAW World Heavyweight champion "The Samoan Warlord" Timoa Mamula. Some believe it's merely a move to get him closer to the title, but his recently rekindled rivalry with Jayson Jones says he may have other intentions. Whatever the case is, Singh is never a man to take lightly. And there you have it. All 9 characters are available for download RIGHT NOW. Tags are OZCAW, OZ70NYC and CAW2K22. Coming up next...THE FIERHARTS.
  10. Just a quick update. If you follow me on social media, you know I had a major health crisis within the last month. So that's why there's been an extreme lull in my activity. But I'm happy to say I'm on the mend and back in form, so expect content from me soon. So for anyone that still cares, stay tuned...good stuff is on the way.
  11. Leftover bugs from the old code that no one on their team was savvy enough to catch. It's an issue to those who download a *censored*ton of CAWS for sure.
  12. Only a couple new ones. I've gotta account for slot space. Also, I need a favor from everyone. If you've downloaded any of the above CAWs and the logos disappeared off of them, please let me know in this thread, via PM or over PSN if you're on a Sony console.
  13. Yea, he's pretty much let everyone know that he's waiting to see what AEW: Fight Forever and The Wrestling Code have to offer before deciding which direction to take his wrestling content. I doubt we'll see him back on a WWE game unless 2K23 blows the doors off. As far as what's next for me? Females. I've got 4 complete, and I'm working on another 4 this weekend. Still trying to figure out an efficient way to make move-sets. As far as the creation process...CAM is unnecessarily convoluted, and I'm not a fan of the combo system. I prefered when we could make our own.
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