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  1. @darkwarrior3007 Thanks. She's got an interesting backstory. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2004, when my brother and I ran XWA as an E-Fed, one of our members, close friend and long since retired creator Matsuyoshi312 clued me in to a text based E-Fed he had been part of for years called Virtual Championship Wrestling. It was run by him and a couple of his friends, and he wanted to bring them into XWA as their VCW characters. So I went and scouted the place as Jayson Jones to see what kind of writers they were, and I was more then impressed. Mat had got to work converting the particular characters we wanted to bring in to CAW form; The Troys (Pollux, Castor and Helena) as well as his own VCW character Johnny Aces and last but not least...Tanden Fearse. Her writer didn't stick around long though. I forget why she stepped away, but during the time Tanden was part of XWA she made huge strides...including becoming XWA Diamond champion, and one of the few female characters to beat my brother's character Jaime Fury clean in the process. Tanden defended the title once against against a character named Michelle Marx (who Hungrywolf80 has taken ownership of) before losing it to Michelle's running mate Bianca Dianaco. Not long after that, she was gone. I just decided since I've taken the reigns of the VCW characters, it made sense to bring her back after all this time. She's one of Helena's oldest rivals, and Helena's now a mainstay on my roster...sooooooo, yea.
  2. @Kontra16 Beards always make one look more badass.
  3. Next up would be finishing up the remaining male wrestlers of the CAW roster. From there...who knows.
  4. Ok...I've procrastinated enough. At long last, the final 4 members of the N1 roster Don't let his jovial nature and funky looking ring gear fool you, Shingo is in actually not only the best pure striker in N1, but one of the top ranked Shorin-Ryu Karate-ka practitioners on the planet. Son of the famed Grand Master Hitsugaya Uchiyama, Shingo was raised to follow his footsteps...and does eventually plan to take his father's place as Sensei of their dojo. But before that day comes, he's dived into his 2nd love, Pro wrestling. Happy-go-lucky and always with a smile on his face, Shingo is naturally one of the most popular wrestlers in the company, despite having fell short of winning gold a few times. "The Rabid Wolf" Shohei Tenrai is a man of few words, but bold...and often violent action. With a singular focus on proving he is the most dominant force in N1, Shohei holds no allegiances. The true embodiment of the "Ronin", he walks a solo path paved with the bodies of broken foes, his prize being defeating Rokuro for the World Title.. Kenpo Karate expert, MMA fighter and long standing rival of Shingo, Tarou in recent times has found himself under the wing or Honma, serving as one of his right hand men. A loyal and fierce competitor, his striking is only surpassed by the likes of Shingo and Rokuro...but make no mistakes, he's more then capable of besting anyone with his arsenal of punches, kicks, knees, elbows and submission holds. What he lacks in flash he more then makes up for in brutal efficiency. The Japanese "God Of War" and easily the most imposing figure in N1 wrestling. Gohda began his career training to become a Sumo wrestler, but became bored with it...despite having the talent and skill to move up the ranks quickly. He would depart the sport of Sumo in his by 27, and decided to make the jump into pro wrestling. Since then, he's firmly established his place among the most dominant super heavyweights in the business. Tags are OZDBX and N1.
  5. Thanks. Seeing as I've been doing this 21 years now, I've had a lot of practice. (Yes...21 years. dating back to WWE War Zone, which released in 1999...lol)
  6. That's a loaded question. Almost ALL of my characters draw influence from real life wrestlers or characters from other media. Jayson Jones draws from Booker T, Shelton Benjamin and Jay Lethal. Dru Mercer draws from Brock Lesnar and Michael Elgin. Evan Slade draws from Jeff Hardy and a piece of digital media that was shared with me ages ago. I can go on. Over the years many have taken on unique looks and evolved to the point where you'd either have to have seen the earliest versions of the character or reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally be paying attention to tell.
  7. Things have been rough for me the last month or so. Financial issues. But I'll be back at things soon.
  8. A bulk of them are done, I just have to get off my lazy ass and upload them.
  9. One of my new girls Kari Freeman one on one against Brittany.
  10. My bad guys. I'll be uploading the last 4 later today. Been busy the last couple weeks and I completely forgot...lol.
  11. That's the general idea. There aren't many re-works I've got planned, but those that will be I'm prioritizing at the present moment. The "Nitro" gimmick I felt ran it's course. There's nothing new or innovative I could have done with it. But as Brittany Monroe, I can essentially make her a more gritty character, though still with all of the bravado she's known for, just with a longer mean streak.
  12. Quick little update. Brittany Nitro has been one of my most popular female characters and the top heel female of CAW for a few years now. She's gone through several iterations since I first created her in 2014. As with all of my characters, they evolve over the years, and I felt it was time to do so with her. So much so...that Brittany Nitro as a gimmick...is now dead and gone. She's now Brittany Monroe. Same charcter, just ditching the "80s" gimmick and going back to the original idea I have for her in 2014...just with substantially better execution. I decided on the name change based on the two women who she's heavily based on, Marilyn Monroe (Face texture) and fitness model Nahla Monroe (Body type & tattoos/no relation). Since she's packed on a bit more muscle, I've also changed up a few moves to give her arsenal a bit more physicality. Same moves, just more impactful looking versions of them. She's available for download right now. Tags are of course CAW19 and OZCAW.
  13. Thanks guys. My faves out of the bunch are Rokuro, Ryunosuke and one of remaining for to be posted Shingo Uchiyama. Rokuro because of the character's evolution. He's sort of a hybrid of KENTA and Katsuyori Shibata in terms of look and fighting style. I'd always struggled with finding a definitive identity for him, but I think I nailed it this time. As far as Ryunosuke goes, the preview pic doesn't do him justice. You have to download and use him to get the gravatas of what kind of character he is. Then there's Shingo, who started out being a "joke" character like Danshuko Dino...but I decided "what if I make him look like a fool, but he's actually a stone cold bad ass?" You'll see what I mean when he's posted.
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