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  1. Leftover bugs from the old code that no one on their team was savvy enough to catch. It's an issue to those who download a *censored*ton of CAWS for sure.
  2. Only a couple new ones. I've gotta account for slot space. Also, I need a favor from everyone. If you've downloaded any of the above CAWs and the logos disappeared off of them, please let me know in this thread, via PM or over PSN if you're on a Sony console.
  3. Yea, he's pretty much let everyone know that he's waiting to see what AEW: Fight Forever and The Wrestling Code have to offer before deciding which direction to take his wrestling content. I doubt we'll see him back on a WWE game unless 2K23 blows the doors off. As far as what's next for me? Females. I've got 4 complete, and I'm working on another 4 this weekend. Still trying to figure out an efficient way to make move-sets. As far as the creation process...CAM is unnecessarily convoluted, and I'm not a fan of the combo system. I prefered when we could make our own.
  4. Alright boys, here comes the 1st content release for 2K22: My flagship heel character and for some reason that I still don't get...one of my most downloaded characters. Over the last 5 years I've set Blake down a path of madness and destruction which has within the last 2 years...specifically after a crushing loss to Sebastien Nova of all people...seen him go completely off the rails. He's less of a man and more of a rabid, violent, mouth frothing beast. Think Dexter Lumis combined with peak Viper Randy Orton (the version that liked kicking people in the head.) Blake Evans has "Chosen Violence, because violence solves everything". So what made me decide to shave his head? I dunno. I guess I just wanted to differentiate him a bit more from his twin brother. Also decided to give him a long tights alternate attire as opposed to a red color swap of the trunks. Outside of that he's the same hyper violent psychopath he's always been. Some folk might remember late in 2K19 I had made Blake look like Farcry 5's Joseph Seed. I decided to take that concept and turn it into an entirely new character...which will be showcased here in due time. The less unhinged twin brother of Blake. Many years ago they broke into the business together as the tag team "The Evans Brothers" and then "The Natural Born Thrillerz". After suffering a believed to be career ending MCL injury, Brett was forced to leave the sport, and Blake set out on a singles career that would eventually see him a world champion. But Brett refused to give up, so he left the US and ventured to Japan...where he received a revolutionary stem cell procedure that would see his MCL heeled to 85% functionality. For the rest of his recovery he would train vigorously at the vaunted Togo Dojo, and resume his career as a singles wrestler in Japan. Much like his twin, he was destined for greatness...as he earned the status of one of the greatest Gaijin wrestlers in all of Japan, seeing him earn a reign as the VJPW World Champion, as well as the longest reigning non-Japanese N-1 World Champion and the 1st American born wrestler to win the Grappler's World Grand Prix tournament in over 25 years. (The last one to do so being Simon Fierhartin 1997.) In 2020, Brett decided it was time to "come home" and remind the west there's more than one Evans who can get it done in the ring. In recent months, he's found himself trying to snap his brother from the seeming darkness he's fallen into, but the emergence of a mysterious "Seer" named Sam Hein and his group "Salvation In Nihilism" continues to draw Blake into becoming more and more violent and cruel. Brett's overall design hasn't changed. I always try to go for the clean, futuristic Puro look for him. This year is no different. There's a reason why Dru Mercer is known as "The Archetype". Since his return from an injury in 2002 which saw the then known as "Dru Romeo" pack on almost 100lbs of muscle and transform from a high flyer to a bruising powerhouse, he solidified himself as the best pound for pound superheavyweight in the industry...a fact that still remains true 20 years later. In fact, the only "Big Man" in wrestling who has lasted as long as him "The Last Giant" Liedhamer. In 2019, Dru made it clear he wanted 1 final run as CAW World Champ before hanging up his boots, but he was soundly beaten in the attempt granted to him at the hands of the reigning and unbeaten current champion "The Samoan Warlord" Timoa Mamula. This crushing loss lit a fire under Dru's ass and let him know he wasn't ready to call it a career just yet. Not until he avenges the loss to Mamula. He's been on the hunt for a rematch ever since, taking on all challengers. However, he finds himself now facing another challenge in the form of his former student and protege Sean Trueth, who since becoming a member of former rival and friend Masato Tennouji's zaibatsu, has gone undefeated himself...and aims to cut down his former teacher with the "Sword Of Trueth". My 2nd longest tenured character. Been making him since 1999. Most know his character history, so I'll skip the major stuff. Aside from trimming his hair (which may change, still on the fence) and giving his gray some Just For Men, there's no change in his look save for the kneepads...cuz I was to lazy to find his own ones. As far as his build, as he's aged I've gone more for the bear/powerlifter physique for him. Though the body types are preset...this is generally what I'll be shooting for as far as his build going forward. Evan Slade is not the same. Something has come alive with him which as seen him become far more dangerous. Some would say even the 2nd coming of his legendary father, Vincent Fate...better known to the world as RIOT. A series of decisive loses to Mamula, Primo and Alban Nazo forced Evan to take a step back and realize why how in his storied career he's been chasing champions, but never a champion himself. This has given birth to a far more aggressive, cunning and calculated Evan Slade. One who takes far less risks in the ring, but makes up for it in impact. HIGH impact. The changes have seen immediate winfalls for him in the past few months, beating Nazo in a best of 7 series, than following up with a non-title win against current CAW Continental champion Dylan Brody. A sleeping dragon has been awoken within him, and the fangs are out. Saw an opportunity to change things up with Evan's character, so I did. Some might see similarities to the more darker look of Evan and his dear old dad. That's intentional for reasons that will come to light when the time comes to tell that story. For now, he's just 100% pure bad-ass. His 2nd attire is more of a "rocker boy" look akin to Cyberpunk 2077's Johnny Silverhand. Wanted to keep some Heavy Metal influence to one of his looks, whereas his 1st attire is 100% Dark Trap/Witch House. If ever there were a man capable of unseating Mamula from his throne, it's "The Roman". Since the dissolution the "International Incident" stable by way of losing to long time rivals Ryan Fierhart, Jayson Jones and his nephew Prentice, Primo departed from CAW for several months, whereas Alban Nazo set out for solo glory, and Mamula formed "The Warborn" alongside Jungsung Baavgai and Buliwyf. In late 2021, he'd return to CAW draped in several championships...having returned to Europe and conquered numerous promotions. He'd also return sporting the black & gold motif he'd worn early in his career, as well as not alone. He'd be flanked by one of his closest allies, who hadn't been seen in CAW for over 10 years, Franco Bruno and well as his younger brother Arturo Valiante, and they'd announce themselves as the "Sons Of Mars". It would seem that Primo had returned back to his goal of restoring the art of professional wrestling to it's traditional glory, but in order to see that goal met, he'd need to beat his former ally and become CAW World champion. There'd be plenty of men ready to stand in the way of that task, from Mercer, to Trueth, to Slade, Jones and numerous others. To insure his advantage however, he inserted a clause into his contract that no one saw until it was too late. All 1 on 1 matches versus he, his brother or Bruno would be fought under the rules he introduced to the west and made his name upon, The King's Road match, where there is no rope breaks and matches are won via pinfall, submission or 10 count KO. Good ol' Primo. One of only 3 characters of mine I kept from the days of LXW (the other 2 being Lakoda Rose and Aimee LeBlanc). Decided to make a few changes to him this year to fit his new (or moreso "old" character direction). For a while I'd relegated Primo to being a support character to several others, including Scott O'Dell in the "Upper Echelon" faction in XWA and PWN. This year I decided to restore him back to elite status, with his own stable made up of characters from his past. Franco made once back in the PS2 days, and Arturo has only been made in FirePro, so I'm gonna have fun giving them modern day updates. As fro Primo, I went with a hybrid of his modern look and his original look, which saw him with long blond hair. So, I gave him long dark hair, and the black & gold color scheme his original look had when he debut as "Prime" back in the early 2000s. I also opted to change his nickname from "The Roman Crippler" to simply "The Roman" cuz it just sounds so bad-ass. I was going to go with a more regal look...but then that'd just make him look like a brunette version of my brother's character...Maximus. The Samoan Warlord. The World Breaker. By any other name, Timoa Mamula is the most devastating force in CAW, and perhaps in all of wrestling. 350lbs of raw power, agility, speed and skill, the things he's capable in the ring defy logic and bring about shock and awe. One of the 2 1st students of Simon Fierhart alongside Gabriel Niyol, Timoa's origins are humble...a kid from Samoa who traveled to Los Angeles looking to make a name for himself in wrestling. His 15 year journey has seen him go from a fun loving, colorful fan favorite, into the menacing heir to the namesake of "Destroyer". Since winning the CAW World title in late 2018, he's held it with an iron fist, crushing all challengers set in front of him. From up and comers the likes of Jarret Caesar and Isiah Ocean, to grizzled veterans like Dru Mercer and Evan Slade...even besting his one time friend Gabriel in a brutal Thunderdome match. Within the last 4 months, he's openly set his sights on the Destroyer himself...his former mentor Simon Fierhart. Openly mocking and challenging him for the namesake of Destroyer claiming that "No one fears you anymore, old man. They fear me." In fact, he's become incensed with luring Simon into the ring with him so much that he and the Warborn have set out on a crusade to crush Simon's family, singling out Gabriel Niyol, brother Ryan Fierhart and son Abel Fierhart in numerous attacks. All the while still awaiting the challenge for his champion. Some would say Mamula has bitten off more than he can chew. But he's big enough to chew his fill. The change in Timoa is more in character tone rather than look. His Meng/Samoa Joe looks are perfect for him, so there's no need to change those. It's his obsession in wanting to fight Simon that's what drives him currently. The plan is to actually play that out in a project I'm calling "Story Mode". I've got 2 I want to work on. One is the story of Simon's final run before hanging up his boots, the other is the rise of my new "main character" Isias Obelor, aka I.O./I©ONYC. The tags to find them all: OZCAWS, CAW2K22, Oz70NYC Note: Dru and Timoa use content from the Banzai pack. I WILL NOT BE UPLOADING VERSIONS THAT DON'T...so don't ask.
  5. Absolutely phenomenal work your characters, logos and arenas.
  6. Well shit, here's a face I never thought I'd see again. All he's missing is some jailhouse flash.
  7. You need to post more, my guy. Your skill has come way to far just to keep your work among the circle. O'Dell looks great, and I'm definitely loving the new ink. DohnnieDon's tutorial is clearly helping out lot of folk discover the wonderful world of tattoos.
  8. From what we've seen, the only thing that will NOT keep us from jumping onboard Fight Forever is if the creation suite isn't up to par. If it's even equally as deep as 2K's, we're definitely..."All In". (See what I did there? LOL)
  9. So, the game's been out for just over 2 months now, and we've seen our 1st DLC pack for it released as well. After spending all this time painstakingly picking apart all aspects of not just the creation suite, but the in ring combat, I've figured out all I needed to know. In the interim of that, I've created a handful of my characters that are just about ready to be unleashed upon your rosters. The 1st series of uploads will be done this weekend, but in the meantime here's a match to showcase 2 of them...the new look Primo Valiante and Dru Mercer, as well as the 2K22 version of the CAW Conflict arena. Upload Release #1
  10. Looking good, sir. Not for nothing, but all of the folk who have been adamant about how CAS mode is "trash" because a few features are missing are being over dramatic. There were games where the mode was LEAPS AND BOUNDS WORSE then 2K22's and people still dove into it. Real ones make quality characters in spite of mode limitations.
  11. They normally don't set up the forum sections until the ACTUAL release date, which this time would be the 11th. 3 more days and everything should be in place.
  12. I kinda anticipated this. 2K have never gotten this "early access" shit right since they started doing in in 2019. I recall logos uploaded to the server before the public release ended up corrupted and didn't appear for anyone who downloaded that content. A lot of people ended up having to completely redo all of the content they made those 3 days (myself included). The site's loading up for me, but the PSN login API freezes when I try to choose my platform. Again, I think everyone's best move is just to wait until after 9-10am in your respective timezone and see if things sort itself out then.
  13. I'm on the east coast and it's not even loading. All I get is a 504 Gateway timeout. I guess I'll be waiting until this afternoon.
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