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  1. A bulk of them are done, I just have to get off my lazy ass and upload them.
  2. One of my new girls Kari Freeman one on one against Brittany.
  3. My bad guys. I'll be uploading the last 4 later today. Been busy the last couple weeks and I completely forgot...lol.
  4. That's the general idea. There aren't many re-works I've got planned, but those that will be I'm prioritizing at the present moment. The "Nitro" gimmick I felt ran it's course. There's nothing new or innovative I could have done with it. But as Brittany Monroe, I can essentially make her a more gritty character, though still with all of the bravado she's known for, just with a longer mean streak.
  5. Quick little update. Brittany Nitro has been one of my most popular female characters and the top heel female of CAW for a few years now. She's gone through several iterations since I first created her in 2014. As with all of my characters, they evolve over the years, and I felt it was time to do so with her. So much so...that Brittany Nitro as a gimmick...is now dead and gone. She's now Brittany Monroe. Same charcter, just ditching the "80s" gimmick and going back to the original idea I have for her in 2014...just with substantially better execution. I decided on the name change based on the two women who she's heavily based on, Marilyn Monroe (Face texture) and fitness model Nahla Monroe (Body type & tattoos/no relation). Since she's packed on a bit more muscle, I've also changed up a few moves to give her arsenal a bit more physicality. Same moves, just more impactful looking versions of them. She's available for download right now. Tags are of course CAW19 and OZCAW.
  6. Thanks guys. My faves out of the bunch are Rokuro, Ryunosuke and one of remaining for to be posted Shingo Uchiyama. Rokuro because of the character's evolution. He's sort of a hybrid of KENTA and Katsuyori Shibata in terms of look and fighting style. I'd always struggled with finding a definitive identity for him, but I think I nailed it this time. As far as Ryunosuke goes, the preview pic doesn't do him justice. You have to download and use him to get the gravatas of what kind of character he is. Then there's Shingo, who started out being a "joke" character like Danshuko Dino...but I decided "what if I make him look like a fool, but he's actually a stone cold bad ass?" You'll see what I mean when he's posted.
  7. As promised, here's the 2nd N1 update. The "Flying Warrior". The "Flyboy Ace". No matter what the moniker, what can't be denied is the impact Ichiro Tennouji has made in N1. Grandson of the legendary Masato Tennouji, Ichiro has cut a path all his one in time in pro wrestling. Regarded one of the most complete talents in the industry, wherever the match goes, Ichiro is more then capable of pulling off the win. "The Prodigy" has fast become one of N1's top draws. Brash, confident and cocky...but with a work ethic beyond reproach, Kyo took the business like a duck to water. Only 4 years into his career, he's demonstrated skill that far surpasses his experience. Since aligning himself with Ichiro to form "Prodigal Ace", his stock has only continued to climb. The reigning, defending N1 World Champion...Rokuro Inoue has undergone a dramatic change in attitude since the year's begun. A more aggressive, calculating competitor, this change has seen a fundamental shift in how he's perceived among fans. Some love the change, while others long for him to return to his more noble ways. Now calling himself "The Conqueror" in defiance to "Samurai" Sanada and "Shogun" Honma...Rokuro has no intent on relenting. One name says it all...RYUNOSUKE. The most flamboyant, arrogant, self-serving man in N1...and maybe the entire industry, since bursting on the scene 2 years ago, one thing is certain: He's looking out for himself and ONLY himself. With model like looks and an imposing 6'6" frame, he matches his ego with unparalleled physical skill coupled with a nasty mean streak. He's not above breaking rules or hearts to get what he wants. The legendary "Shogun", and eldest member of the active N1 roster...Shingen Honma has seen and done it all. Regarded one of the most influential men in Japanese wrestling, he's held titles in multiple promotions and in recent years, formed his own academy as well as his own stable "The Shogunate", which comprises of members such as Sean Trueth, Tarou Hayashi and Shohei Tenrai to name a few. All of the above are available right now. Tags: OZDBX and N1.
  8. The 2nd update will be live tomorrow.
  9. Anslem, Jarret, Liedhamer, Pavlos and Simon are all up. And speaking of Jarret, here's a match with him versus a character a few old school e-fed folk might remember...
  10. Indeed there is. The new laptop is up and running, downloaded all of the programs I use (Photoshop, Power Director, etc) and I'm ready to rock and roll. Decided to give her a test run as far as video capture and editing...and here's the results.
  11. Oz70NYC

    KS Showcase 2019

    The logo work on these last four ladies are second to none. Great stuff, my friend.
  12. Small update: 3 days ago I just bought me a new, high end laptop. This thing is a beast. But with having new hardware, I've gotta transfer all of my files from the old one to this one...which is a long, drawn out process. But the good news? This badboy is gonna enable me to start pumping out more content. Maybe even get back into posting CAW shows even. so yea, big things are about to start happening in this thread. As for the requests, they'll be fulfilled as soon as I square away my file transfer stuff.
  13. At long last, after months of slacking off and a catastrophic HDD failure, I'm proud to present to everyone the "2K19" edition of Nihon-1 Wrestling. A bit of backstory, Nihon-1 (N1) has existed for 30 years. Created to rival View Japan Pro Wrestling (my brother Thr33x's Japanese based promotion), N1 was founded by combat sport and wrestling legend Makoto Tennouji following parting ways with VJPW. He envisioned a promotion where the individual talent and personality of the wrestlers could shine every bit as their combat prowess. In recent years, N1 has seen a massive growth in popularity with a mix of seasoned vets and young talent all vying for the top spot. Not beholden to just Japanese talent, wrestlers from all corners of the world compete in the N1 ring. From Europe, to Mexico, to the US and all points abroad...to call yourself the best in the world, means you have to prove yourself in Nihon-1 Wrestling. And now, the wrestlers: Known as "The Serpent", Gorou Maeda is one of the most infamous figures in N1. A no-nonsense shoot style wrestler, he prefers grinding his opponents into with strikes, holds and slams to set up his "Serpent's Grasp". A treacherous man who only looks out for self, Maeda's presence always brings with it unease. The legendary "Samurai Sanada" is one of the greatest wrestlers Japan has ever produced. With a career spanning 25 years, Sanada has seen success in every aspect of the business. A multi-time champion in VJPW early in his career as well as in N1 since he joined the organization in 2008, Sanada is the definition of a "professional" wrestler. Rightly so, as he is the descendant of the famous Edo period Daimyo Yukimura Sanada, he carries his name and family heritage with pride and reverence. Though he's the later years of his career, he's till among the best technical wrestlers on the planet. One of N1's newest wrestlers, Okabe is the disciple of retired legend Tetsuo "Tetsujin" Ishii. In the 2 years since going pro, Okabe has fast made a name for himself as one of N1's most fierce strikers. Known as the "Steel Soldier", his nickname is an homage to his mentor, as well as a nod to his time serving as a Japanese Naval officer before deciding to pursue a career in pro-wrestling. His "Steel Cutter" finisher hits as sudden and hard as an artillery strike. The youngest wrestler on the N1 roster, Kazuya has been wrestling since he was 14. Now 21, he's already a veteran of the industry even despite the age difference he has with the rest of the field. Deceptively strong, it's his "Hyperflyte" style he's known for. A mix of techniques from Lucha Libre, Kick Boxing and Parkour he's molded into a unique wrestling style that's as entertaining to watch as it is effective in the ring. If ever there were a man in N1 who embodied pure murderous intent, It's Kenzo Hasashi. The man once known as The Rising Sun, Niro Oni and Izanagi as various points of his career has shed the masks, face paint and mystery to make his mission very clear...he aims to hurt people. A world class martial artist, with black belts in Shotokan Karate, Jujitsu and Judo, delivering pain is a specialty of his. While he may not be as mysterious as he was in past aliases, make no mistake...Hasashi is every bit, if not more dangerous as ever. All 5 are on CC right now. Tags are OZDBX and N1. As this an alternate account I've made them on, I only have 5 upload slots to use. So the rest of the roster will be released over time. Also, the N1 Arena and Show are also uploaded with the same tags.
  14. At the present moment, I have nothing uploaded on CC. Just recently took a bulk of my content down to make room for new uploads. If there's any character you'd like specifically, post the name here on via PM and I'll upload them. And speaking of uploads...I have good news...NIHON-1 WRESTLING IS DONE!!! Well, almost. I have 3 more characters that need move-sets, but for the most part everyone is finished. I originally started with 10 characters (the 10 I lost when my old HDD crapped out on me), but then realized the there were more heels then faces. To even things out, I decided to add 4 more characters to the roster, 3 faces and one last heel to balance things out to 7 babyfaces and 7 heels...14 total characters. As they've been made on my alternate OZDBX account, I only have 5 CC slots to upload with, so I'll have to stagger the release of the characters into 3 "packs" (5/5/4). But I'll be finishing off the remaining move-sets, getting previews done, and posting the 1st pack TODAY. It's going into it's own thread so not to clutter this one, so keep and eye out for when the post goes up. After that, all that remains is the rest of CAW.
  15. Ooooh...you definitely will not be disappointed.
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