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  1. still Corey, Cole, and *censored*ing Byron as far as we knowOh well. As long as they already fixed the broken and repeatetive dialogues.
  2. Why would Kendrick even be out this year? His last year's model looked pretty neat.
  3. Seems so. They don't bother to remove the wrinkles. They just edit the texture partially and voila! Just remembered Angle with hair last year.
  4. Did they already confirmed the commentary team in the game? I really want Mauro in it.
  5. I wonder if my boi Mauro made it this time.
  6. Zombie HHH is more intimidating than zombie Santino.
  7. What? You can't even see the ventral part of his neck in the vid. I can't judge that much about his face just yet but I believe that this is a new model. The color of his attire needs a little bit of a tweak though
  8. Like I said, It looks like it was a fan made like Elementgames videos in youtube.
  9. Booker caught my attention on that trailer. His likenesses is now better. That house of horror looks like edited by Elementgames. LOL
  10. ShinGojira89, I think you're talking about the wheelkick reversal.
  11. Some are still whining that Ciampa and others are not in the game but man! My boi Shelton made it in! So that means the Dragon whip also made it. It's all about the Benjamins 2K.
  12. Please lets judge her job as a commentary and not her outer beauty. She's so horrible as of now. She reminds me of the commentary team of WWE HCTP cause she barely speak. Needs to hone her skills on NXT first. I'd rather wish Percy Watson replaces Coachman.
  13. Not bad but the oilish skin kinda reminds me of hctp. Can't they just put sweat instead?
  14. I doubt it. Winning against Braun for the MiTB briefcase is a good oppurtunity but they screwed him instead. Squashed him like a local competitor.
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