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  1. The Shield Ronda & Bellas Cena & Lashley Asuka & Naomi Undertaker wins (But I think it'll be a no contest (setup for Crown Jewel, otherwise will be a cheap ending) Daniel bryan New Day Buddy Murphy Becky Lynch AJ Styles (but I want Joe to win)
  2. Except that isn't good for the cartridge. Always seemed to work, though. Just recently got the news that my back is looking to be in much better shape, after only 3 months of yoga. So I'm really stoked about that.
  3. Much respect for Cody. I definitely think he'll have heat in the WWE now, so it takes balls to do what he did. I think he could go somewhere like NJPW, be himself, and get over that way. I never liked the Stardust gimmick.
  4. Celebrity Wife Swap, the one with Mick Foley on it.
  5. I watched ROH for the first time this week and I'm impressed by the whole feel of the show, it's more old-school feeling but with a positive focus on young talent, all it needs is that balance between storylines and matches.
  6. He won't be in it. I don't think anyone will be in the game as legends, I don't play as them and seeing as though theres a WWE game based on legends if anything he'll be a legend in Legends of wrestling, but that'll never happen.
  7. He does look like a dog there I think he should have kept the afro.
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