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  1. One day we'll get a new simulation NJPW game. In the meantime, I just bought Wrestle Kingdom and All-Star Pro Wrestling II on PS2.
  2. Hey y'all, the Wrestle Kingdom card announcement is just less than 4 hours away. Here's what we know so far (Spoilers, duh)
  3. Hadn't heard of Peep til he died. Gave him a listen out of curiosity and I feel like I missed out on so much. Dude was talented. Damn shame he had to become another cautionary tale.
  4. All I want for Christmas is an Ishii singles match at Wrestle Kingdom. I would love for him to go up against Suzuki.
  5. Not to say whether it is or isn't but... *SPOILERS* https://streamable.com/oijxe
  6. Kenny Omega's Wrestle Kingdom 12 opponent confirmed (spoilers, obviously)
  7. 1) How much were the WK tickets? I was hoping to go to the G1 next summer.2) *Censored* you. 1. I had the choice of Arena B (back rows on the floor) 1F (first elevated section) or 2F (nosebleeds). I chose 1F, and they cost me just over ¥10,000 a pop. 2. Only the missus gets to do that.
  8. Anyone else manage to take advantage of the Stone Cold replica vest pricing error the other week? It was 87% off for about an hour. Just received mine the other day.
  9. Have fun! I saw him with Grinderman about 6 years ago. He's awesome live.
  10. Just booked my second trip to Japan. Managed to get Wrestle Kingdom tickets as well.
  11. SHIBATA RETURNED!!! I mean, it was a few words, but he's okay As for tenso, I use it from time to time. What did you wanna know?
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