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    Blink 182, Pantera, Lamb of God, Mudvayne, KoRn, Five Finger Death Punch, Angels and Airwaves, Boxcar Racer and moar
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  1. sherman *censored*ed up his arm or something
  2. ...I love American girls. and if by american, you mean sardinian, then i duly agree
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyyY95faP7g
  4. Being in the 'Pines for almost 3 weeks now, seeing that i have a (literally) beautiful family...walking around a small area and seeing the cutest ladies, I am convinced that filipina ladies are the best. maybe im biased but w/e While the following are celebs of sorts, theyre just examples
  5. oh well...thinking about it again now, im having a hard time thinking of what ND could think up off anyway for a sequel. amazing story still. the characters complimented each other really well, which really drove the whole plot.
  6. anywho, a sequel is a must imo
  7. the character progression between Joel and Ellie is awesome..story's being told really well.
  8. gonna watch a playthrough....and all i gotta say is that Naughty Dog really knows how to use PS3 to its full potential..graphics look nuts.
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