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  1. been a minute good stuff as usual
  2. the 1000 pgs threads w/ rdvd, north and them
  3. ehh, i don't think best player of "all time is the right choice of words." i think the likes of MJ and even Kobe, for that matter, win out as the most skilled basketball players...you can even put names like duncan in there in terms of basketball skill. Lebron is just a freak of nature, athletically, which happens to sensationalize his actual skill relative to the rest of the today's and perhaps more importantly in this context, the past's basketball world. MJ's game seems to have been more about his basketball facility which was complemented by his own athleticism whereas Lebron's game is stationed around his (ridiculous) athleticism which itself, rather than his skill, becomes the source of his dominance over the league. I can't really provide proof, but take for example, footwork--Lebron's is absolute ass, but he gets away with it because he can do things the rest of the world are physically, simply unable to do. tldr; Lebron is Lebron, Michael is Michael
  4. not start over, do weights that you can do correctly. if it means taking off 5-10 lbs so be it.
  5. dont recommend the creatine because once you stop it, you'll decline noticeably. it's likely a nutritional thing, but could also be something with poor form and habits such as using more back than biceps, or more shoulder/triceps than chest that's limiting growth and if so you may want to lift less to achieve proper form for maximum efficiency.
  6. sherman *censored*ed up his arm or something
  7. they have timed gear for getting certain medals
  8. for anyone who cares, MLG Columbus finals last game http://tv.majorleaguegaming.com/
  9. y2jfanlol

    CAWs By Kung Fu

    holy shit its kung fu
  10. one time i tune in and i see a bunny molesting some dude roflcopter
  11. people are still delusional i see besides the animation data and obvious audio stuff next gen isnt simply a port, it's a new game, that still under a sub 1 year time constraint same thing happened with nba when it came to next gen--lost a bunch of features. with wwe having such a larger array of features it was inevitable that it lost some to go into gameplay and graphics and/or improvement of a core feauture--the same thing that happened w/ nba 2k. sure, a aprt of it probably has to do with some marketing bs for the next few years, im sure a lot of it has to do with a lack of resource (time, in this case)
  12. by laser i mean it pretty much has no recoil lol basically, you can use it in pretty much any situation
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