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  1. One day we'll get a new simulation NJPW game. In the meantime, I just bought Wrestle Kingdom and All-Star Pro Wrestling II on PS2.
  2. Hey y'all, the Wrestle Kingdom card announcement is just less than 4 hours away. Here's what we know so far (Spoilers, duh)
  3. All I want for Christmas is an Ishii singles match at Wrestle Kingdom. I would love for him to go up against Suzuki.
  4. Not to say whether it is or isn't but... *SPOILERS* https://streamable.com/oijxe
  5. Kenny Omega's Wrestle Kingdom 12 opponent confirmed (spoilers, obviously)
  6. 1) How much were the WK tickets? I was hoping to go to the G1 next summer.2) *Censored* you. 1. I had the choice of Arena B (back rows on the floor) 1F (first elevated section) or 2F (nosebleeds). I chose 1F, and they cost me just over ¥10,000 a pop. 2. Only the missus gets to do that.
  7. Anyone else manage to take advantage of the Stone Cold replica vest pricing error the other week? It was 87% off for about an hour. Just received mine the other day.
  8. Have fun! I saw him with Grinderman about 6 years ago. He's awesome live.
  9. Just booked my second trip to Japan. Managed to get Wrestle Kingdom tickets as well.
  10. SHIBATA RETURNED!!! I mean, it was a few words, but he's okay As for tenso, I use it from time to time. What did you wanna know?
  11. Naito is amazing. I took my girlfriend to an NJPW taping at Korakuen Hall earlier this year, and LIJ were the most over thing there. I was waiting out front with my Suzuki-gun t-shirt, and I saw another gaijin in a Bullet Club t-shirt, but about 95% of the audience was wearing Los Ingobernables merch. The entire stable is a must-see. I think Hiromu is incredible, and SANADA has ridiculous potential (and hair). Evil and BUSHI are cool as well, but there are definitely clear standouts, with Naito standing atop the mountain. Im not one to go looking to get pictures with wrestlers when i go to shows but *Censored* I want a pic with Naito so badly. I want to be accepted the way he accepts LINJ kid. I'm saving money so I can get back over to Japan in time for Wrestle Kingdom. Meeting any wrestler on that roster would be amazing. btw, I've made a discussion thread for G1 Climax discussion, that way it's a little more lineal. It's full of pictures and match cards that I'm constantly updating. http://caws.ws/forum/topic/477866-official-njpw-g1-climax-27-discussion/
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