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  1. This post should be taken down. This is like telling a classroom of kids that Santa isn't real. You can't just go and do that to us all. Its still real to us dammit!
  2. Thats how I learned. Only issue I have now is that I am very picky about getting my practice in at locals instead of online because of how different they are. This is a problem because I can only really go to 1 local a month, being as I don't live nearby any locals & work keeps me from going to many of them either.
  3. Just going out there and saying that Corrin is completely and utterly broken.
  4. So true. Its nice to see someone bring a character considered lower on the tier list to the top 8 of a major tourney. Ranai is truly skilled. Honestly, I wish the GF could have been Ranai vs ZeRo instead of Dabuz vs ZeRo.
  5. I was stunned when that trailer appeared on my YouTube page. I saw that, I was like 'wait, WHAT?' So, who else were in those ballots? They didn't give any specific names. They just said that Bayonetta was the favorite in Europe & the overall favorite among the ballot. We can only assume that a lot of the costumes that we received during the duration of the ballot (K. Rool, Geno, Knuckles, Chrom, ect.) were popular choices. In other news, I am quite a fan of Cloud right now. It could just be because he is new, but he seems to be pretty solid. His approach game is okay, his defensive play is good, and while his recovery is bad, limit break fixes it and makes him faster while he has it charged on top of putting on lots of shield pressure.
  6. So I did a Smash for Wii-U stream last night and ended it by fighting and beating two of my crew members in a 2v1 Set. Gotta be ready for those 2v1 situations in Doubles.
  7. I agree. Heck, I go by Gokuguy elsewhere, and even I know Goku has no shot.
  8. I'm pretty sure that if there were any reason that I'd commit suicide, it would be because of the way this game sometimes gives you input lag to compensate for someone else's bad lag problem instead of slowing the game down like every other game in existence.
  9. Yeah, at this point I'm just trying to get a bit more tech practice in, while keeping a lookout for a Smash 4 tourney near my area. As soon as another one comes up, I'll be writing in for a day off at work.
  10. Anyone else here seriously thinking about, or already, go to locals?
  11. I'm happy for Nairo, but I'm not a fan of ZSS. I was, however, hyped about his Dr. Mario when he faced off against ESAM.
  12. Yep. Many fans will cry with tears of joy, while competitive players will just cry. We do, however, see slopes placed in this stage. Could that mean hope for slopes to be added to SMM perhaps?
  13. To FLOW and Rated R: IMDAHBES You know what I'm talking about, lol. Nice FG 2v2s.
  14. Pretty sure this is Sakurai's way of saying "These characters are not in my vision. Please stop voting for them, as there is no chance they're getting in." So sad... I was ready to make Yoshi my 2nd to main K. Rool. Ain't no way I'm maining K. Rool's Mii Fighter.
  15. Lol, if Lesnar ended up losing, he would F5 the fatty. I'd approve.
  16. For real. ZeRo is seriously a cut above everyone else right now. The dude also spends almost every moment on that game though, so... In all honesty, I believe that I could work my way up to being in the top 8 of the game if I had the time to work for it. Unfortunately though, Smash isn't my life.
  17. As far as I know, the voice actors from Kai are doing Super so I guess it depends on whether you enjoy Kais dub or not. ... Its just a dream, but how awesome would it be if Toei contracted TFS to do the dub for Super. Well Bamco got takahata101(Nappa/Cell) to do VO for DBXnenoverse so anything's possible.....although I got a feeling that Chris Sabat may have pulled some strings to get him in cuz Sabat/scrubgeta is actually a Dragon Ball Z Abridged fan. All the VO's from TFS are very talented, so I hope they do get hired to do some roles for Super's eng dub, I don't even care if they're minor ones. God....dammit.....Nappa.. Please this. Oh PLEASE this.
  18. I could see Roy being announced at the Smash Direct. You do have a good point with Ryu though. That would be really cool on their part.
  19. If Nintendo and the guys over Smash Bros merchandise really wanted to capitalize, they'd start making alternate costume Amiibos after every character has one. For example, Mario in his Fire outfit, Yoshi with the Light Blue look, or ZSS with her sports-wear. They could all have a different pose than the originals as well, such as Mario firing with FLUDD, Yoshi prepared to launch an Egg, or ZSS charging a shot. Easy money for them, if only they'd go for it.
  20. I just can't get used to Link. I watch other good players use Link, yet the concepts I see just aren't clicking when I play with him. I know I have to be doing something wrong, but I don't know what. When I play him, he just seems so slow and I can't find any good approach tools. His Nair is okay, but following up is a problem due to Link's slow ground attacks and the knockback from his Nair. On a side note, I just found something... If you Up-B just before you fall off a ledge while running with Link, he'll do a really fast Up-B.
  21. I main Yoshi. I second Jiggs & G&W currently. I can play a bit with Falcon, Pikachu, & Marth, but they're really my "For Fun" characters. I'm really wanting to learn to play Link, but so far, its not going well. I refuse to play like the standard FG player does, which is probably why it isn't going well. I refuse to play a character just to stand there and shoot projectiles all day in a game of keep-away. That isn't fun.
  22. That "Zero Heel Turn" was just what the Smash 4 competitive scene needed to keep going. BTW, picked up G&W recently. Probably gonna be my 2nd for when Yoshi can't handle a match (defensive Rosaluma & Marth are a handful with Yoshi). I agree with most of this. Kinda iffy on Link being as high as he is, but I don't know what his customs are, so he could be better. Also iffy on the placement of G&W & Luigi, as I would place them higher personally, but overall, I agree with most of this.
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