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    Looking for tough Smash 3DS Opponents
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  1. This post should be taken down. This is like telling a classroom of kids that Santa isn't real. You can't just go and do that to us all. Its still real to us dammit!
  2. As far as I know, the voice actors from Kai are doing Super so I guess it depends on whether you enjoy Kais dub or not. ... Its just a dream, but how awesome would it be if Toei contracted TFS to do the dub for Super. Well Bamco got takahata101(Nappa/Cell) to do VO for DBXnenoverse so anything's possible.....although I got a feeling that Chris Sabat may have pulled some strings to get him in cuz Sabat/scrubgeta is actually a Dragon Ball Z Abridged fan. All the VO's from TFS are very talented, so I hope they do get hired to do some roles for Super's eng dub, I don't even care if they're minor ones. God....dammit.....Nappa.. Please this. Oh PLEASE this.
  3. I know right? Smash 3DS/U is the most addicting game I've played in ages. Competitive enough for experienced players, and accessible enough for noobs.
  4. Been playing Smash 3DS and YGOPro recently.
  5. I want a descendant of Rain. Name him Drizzle. Instant buy.
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