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    Looking for tough Smash 3DS Opponents
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    HBK, Daniel Bryan, Bo Dallas
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  1. This post should be taken down. This is like telling a classroom of kids that Santa isn't real. You can't just go and do that to us all. Its still real to us dammit!
  2. Nice job. Once you go custom you never go back.
  3. It kind of bothers me that Styles is looking more and more like Jim Duggan.
  4. Smash for Wii-U. I play competitively. Its just about the only game I play anymore.
  5. Where? Food Lion grocery store. Job Title? Full-Time Dairy/Frozen Associate Responsibilities? Manage the dairy and frozen departments which includes making orders, running product, cleaning, ect. How long? Going on 3 years come Thanksgiving. Do I like it? Sure. It pays okay and everyone I work with seem to stay down to earth, even the managers.
  6. Don't know if I fully believe 65 vicodin a day, but props to him for cleaning up!
  7. The friend zone is a deep hole that is quite difficult to climb out of. Sometimes there just isn't a way out once you're in it. The fact that you had the balls to risk your friendship is a feat in its own. The biggest thing you can do now is one of two things; move or move on. I recommend the latter. Use that backbone you used there to go out and find somebody else. Trust me, there's plenty.
  8. I honestly couldn't tell that was RVD at first.
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