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  1. Bought them back in january but I'm currently playing through all Yakuza games (chronologically), currently in Yakuza 4. The series is so good an ridiculous and yet the serious main storyline retains credibility.
  2. Now i'd like to know why I have to accounts
  3. It's been confirmed you can put it sideways just fine
  4. You don't need those species for the achievement
  5. I don't understand the inclusion of new Austin and so, it's barely used. Even armadillo is a cholera filled shit hole
  6. Glad this thread is still cancer by the same 4 people
  7. I don't think anyone is in for true socialism (most of people anyway), rather, they are in for some socialist-like aspects in a mostly capitalist society (for example, universal health care)
  8. Nah, directed at my nig Ndon
  9. He just does it to bust generation's balls. He'll he probably just read guns and start typing his reply
  10. Austin been playing too much infinite warfare
  11. Isn't her major feat being in a porno? Most people aren't okay with abortions past the first trimester. I swear you probably thought people want 8 month babies pull out of the womb
  12. 1. No they're babies. The word fetus just helps you sleep at night. 2. Why are we talking about immigrants? Don't try to combine issues to prove a point. You're doing a poor job at it and its not helping. 3. Considering Christians give more to charity than any other group, your third point is simply wrong. I'm sure these "pro-lifers" have given more of their time and money to "welfare families" than you have. 4. See point #3 5. See point #3 6. "unwanted babies"? Do you know how sick that sounds? What kind of person has a child and than doesn't "want" them. 1.- It's a fetus. A fetus is the name given to the product from the 8th week until birth. In general terms, a baby is a born individual from age 0 to 2 years old (I mean baby isn't really a scientific term) 2.-X 3.- You are implying that all anti abortionist are Christian and that all Christians are anti abortion. You are also implying that all Christians do donations. Really piss poor argument all around. Also, I could argue that the bill gate foundation, which is pro choice, has donated more than most anti abortionist. 4 and 5.-... 6.- Nice way of avoiding the argument. I like the abortion topic because it shows that the right is as, if not more, emotional as the left Disgusting Holy shit bois, another great post by bGod I'm going to have to agree to disagree I see it as murder nothing but legalize murder you're taking another life for no reason just because you don't want it you don't want kids don't have sex Abortion should only be used as an extreme cases and that's rape and incest other than that no you made the choice you have to live with it A fetus isn't a life though. And how is abortion any worse than unwanted babies growing up in an abusive household because the mom didn't want it, or the moms abandoning their babies to die? That's a dumb solution. People should be allowed to have sex and not have kids if they don't want. Even protections aren't 100% effective. If most people made the choice to have kids, then there'd be no abortion. If anything, if anti-abortionists are so "pro-life," then they should help pay to take care of unwanted children or adopt them. Lemme point out the hypocrisy of gun maniacs. They insist on there being no point to banning guns because people will buy it illegally, so why be so hellbent on banning abortions and taking away women's right to their own bodies? All banning abortion does is force women to get abortions illegally and unsafely, as it always has for decades, if not centuries. Why is it that banning guns won't solve anything, but illegalizing abortion will somehow magically stop abortions? OR what about health issues? Ireland's repeal of the 8th was because a woman needed an abortion to save her life, but she couldn't get it and passed away as a result. Disgusting ironic. What's the statistics on unwanted babies ended up in abusive homes what's your sources on this What's your definition as life then what makes a fetus into a human in your mind And taxpayers do pay for unwanted children we also pay for in some states abortion if you want an abortion I shouldn't have to pay for it If drivers want functional roads for their roads, why should walkers pay for them with their taxes?
  13. This is flamebaiting. Stop it. Shouldn't he be suspended by now? I skipped past bdon's post so I don't know what he said, but Imperio almost always does this, especially to bdon. Wouldn't that be considered harassment?
  14. Shieeeeeet quality post by poopdon again
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