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    Wrestling, drawing, music.

    Here's some of my favorite wrestlers. No real order.

    Diamond Dallas Page
    Booker T
    "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan
    Masahiro Chono
    Bret Hart
    Hiroshi Tanahashi
    Jeff Hardy
    Kevin Nash
    "Macho Man" Randy Savage
    Scott Steiner
    Billy Kidman
    Brian Pillman
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Tetsuya Naito
    Hiroyoshi Tenzan
    Katsuyori Shibata
    Yuji Nagata
    Scott Hall
    CM Punk
    Rob Van Dam
    AJ Styles
    Kurt Angle
    Togi Makabe
    Mitsuharu Misawa
    Ric Flair
    Minoru Suzuki
    Alex Wright
    Big Show
    Matt Hardy
    Arn Anderson
    Atsushi Onita
    Rick Steiner
    The Undertaker
    Scott Norton
    Bobby Lashley
    John Cena
    The Rock
    Lex Luger
    Sycho Sid
    Yoshihiro Takayama
    Shawn Michaels
    Shinya Hashimoto
    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
    Mike Awesome
    Brock Lesnar
    Tomohiro Ishii
    Stan Hansen
    Kazuchika Okada
    Chris Jericho
    John "Bradshaw" Layfield
    Shane Douglas
    Jeff Jarrett

    I'm sure there's more. I'll have to add later.

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    Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, KISS, Ghost, Deathstars, Peter Murphy, Gary Numan, Tim Skold, A Pale Horse Named Death, Dethklok, Motionless in White, Gorillaz, Tom Waits, Dir En Grey, KMFDM, Rob Zombie, Justin Symbol, Megadeth, Rammstein, Mr. Strange & The Shanklin Freak Show, Nine Inch Nails, Zim Zum, Filter, MDFMK, Cage, Kool Keith, Shotgun Messiah, Goon Moon
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    Gravity Falls, The Simpsons, South Park
  1. They don't call him CAWdy Rhodes for nothing lol
  2. Cody posted on an excerpt on Twitter from Sports Illustrated that he's revolutionizing wrasslin I've read less exaggeration from Tokyo Sports. edit: nvm I guess it's fake. Either that or he deleted it.
  3. He had some great hardcore or ladder match...anyone remember what I'm talking about? I remember on some random Impact he had a great ladder/hardcore match, but the memory is really vivid.
  4. Didn't he get hurt falling down some stairs or something? It's crazy cause I was deadset that he would be TNA's next big "star" (as big of a star as someone can be in TNA) yet he just kinda fizzled out. It's to be expected with TNA tbh Wasn't the greatest wrestler, but had a unique look and great mic skills...funny how that didn't translate to the commentator's booth...
  5. I dunno, just a guess, that Lashley had to drop the title a few weeks back so he could train more maybe? Still, not feeling Eddie as Champ at all tbh
  6. Speaking of recycled stuff I dunno why Jeff Hardy insists on having those blaring sirens in all of his themes now.
  7. I remember I had the "Who Is Suicide?" webpage bookmarked back in the day and my mom got all scared cause she thought I was looking up how to commit suicide. :/
  8. Oh God, I remember the Shera Shuffle stuff. It was the best worst thing ever. Shera is basically around because TNA's India deal needs him. I'd rather have Spud as the Champion than Eddie tbh. Eddie is like a much less interesting and good 2000 Billy Kidman.
  9. I can't get into vanilla midgets either.
  10. Another lawsuit for unpaid bills against TNA Entertainment, filed over the summer, was by American Express Travel Related Services Company for unpaid bills. American Express filed suit in the Supreme Court in the state of New York on July 20th claiming nonpayment of $269,049.50 in travel related expenses. The claim is the company used their American Express Corporate account to charge various items and American Express was not paid. The claim is that the company agreed to payments on the receipt of monthly billing statements as well as to pay court costs if the case went to court. It claimed the agreement included that the defendants were to pay all reasonable costs when it came to American Express collecting the money owed, including finance charges and delinquency frees. The lawsuit asked for payment of the $269,049.50 as well all legal costs for having to go to court and rectify the bill. http://www.f4wonline.com/tna-news/tna-allegedly-owes-more-money-another-lawsuit-unearthed-222991?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  11. After how much I hated GTA V, my excitement for a sequel to RDR plummeted. Please, please no forcing multiple characters at the very least.
  12. I don't understand. As in...a page that posts wrestling news? Why wouldn't they talk about Goldberg?
  13. As long as Broken Matt deletes the company.
  14. Quite frankly, I've never seen anything special in Sandow and I think he was just another case of a wrestler getting ironically meme over. Sometimes WWE messes up, sometimes they don't. This case is in the latter.
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