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  1. Is anyone else feeling some major Marvel burnout? I've not seen any of the films since No Way Home, and the only TV show I've seen is WandaVision. Maybe it's because I've not had the time to see them and now I'm so far behind, or because oversaturation has taken over the market and now everything just looks the same now. Its too late to stop since they're already planning movies & shows for the next 3 years but after the next Avengers films, they definitely need to take a break
  2. One of the original comic stories for this was "What If Stan Lee Wrote Batman".
  3. WWE 2K17, spending my time making caws but need to earn my VC No Man's Sky, honestly Im loving it so far. Its nowhere near perfect but its my perfect spacr sandbox
  4. Batman Arkham Knight. Bought the season pass on sale so that'll tide me over till 2K17
  5. Ok starting to get annoyed. It's not Red Dead Redemption 2, it's Red Dead Revolver 3! Redemption is the sequel! On topic: good news, should get round to playing this one
  6. sure, why not. gotta get the game first tho :)

  7. bless his little cotton socks! he thinks he's cool by making 2 accounts to make it think like someone's agreeing with him

  8. what program do you use to make your awesome sigs?

  9. u gotta learn not to get so stressed about some of the posts, it happens all the time.

    anyway, i'll be the first to say it: welcome to the site!

  10. been here for less than an hour and already you've made a rep as a troll. great job!

  11. time to change the screen name. 17-0 now dude!!!!!!

  12. kudos to ur sig. at last somebody understands what WWE is really about. Yeah, people say it's fake but it's about entertain the milliions of fans. I take my hat off to you (if I had one)

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