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  1. I've had my first crashes: I go to load a MyGM save, it asks 'are you sure', click yes, and boots me back to the PS4 homepage. Done that twice now so I can't get into my GM mode saves
  2. If Baron Blade isn't in, I'll be disappointed, he's become a mainstay original of the 2K era!
  3. JL was so dull, any changes to what we got will be great to see, however good or bad it turns out
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed Skywalker despite it trying to capitalize on series nostalgia a bit too much. And you could tell Ian McDiarmid was having a ball being back as the Emperor. Overall my series ranking stands like this as of now: 1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. The Force Awakens 3. A New Hope 4. Revenge of the Sith 5. Return of the Jedi 6. The Last Jedi 7. The Rise of Skywalker 8. The Phantom Menace 9. Attack of the Clones
  5. One of the original comic stories for this was "What If Stan Lee Wrote Batman".
  6. Secondary title should be called the Commonwealth Championship, eligable to superstars part of the British commonwealth
  7. Was a great film. All who havent seen it be ready for some crazy spit to go down!
  8. He dead, Ben killed him in Clone Wars
  9. Something serious is gonna go down in this one. Gonna guess the burning build would be part of a Kylo Ren flashback?
  10. Carrie Fisher dying would be the cherry on the cake of the terrible year that was 2016. If it happens I dunno how they can make Episode IX
  11. WWE 2K17, spending my time making caws but need to earn my VC No Man's Sky, honestly Im loving it so far. Its nowhere near perfect but its my perfect spacr sandbox
  12. Batman Arkham Knight. Bought the season pass on sale so that'll tide me over till 2K17
  13. Such a shame to lose one of the most underappreciated members of the cast. Seen him in interviews and he always seemed like such a fun guy. RIP R2, you'll be sorely missed. As horrible as it sounds though, I bet you won't hear a single word of condolence from Anthony Daniels, well known that they hated each other,
  14. I'm still on the "Rey is a Kenobi" bandwagon. I have several reasons for this: 1. During Rey's force vision she hears all the voices of everyone who held that lightsaber, but the only one that talks to her directly is Obi-Wan. The other voices are flashbacks of the other films and Rey possibly seeing her fears/future 2. During said force vision it shows Rey being abandoned on Jakku, and she (or at least the actress playing her) was about 7 years old. It's highly likely that she would recognize the face's of her parents though not necessarily the names as she most likely would have just called them mum and dad her whole life. If Han Solo or Luke Skywalker were Rey's parents, it'd be more than likely that she's recognize them. 3. Obi-Wan had to hide his identity as a Jedi after Order 66. Even on Tatooine people still know about the Jedi and chances are a big-ass bounty would be put on them by the Hutts and/or the Empire. He could very well have settled down with someone under the name Ben and kept his identity a secret until the right time (could've left a message). He could've had a daughter and after his wife died and while Obi-Wan was training Luke, she could've gone on to get married and have Rey. Then learning that the First Order was hunting the last of the Jedi and knowing Rey was force sensitive they would have dropped Rey on Jakku to keep the First Order away from her. 4. The entire story has had two families involved. Skywalker and Kenobi. Obi-Wan trained Anakin and Luke, so it could make sense storywise to have Luke train Rey to face yet another member of the Skywalker family, Kylo Ren, bringing everything full circle and have the whole nine films come full circle as a saga between these two families
  15. Saw the film the other day and it was balls. There were a couple of good points like Batfleck and the mystery behind Wonder Woman, but the film was spoiled by the trailers, it was way to slow moving with a massive emphasis on hyping sequels rather than telling a good story, the final fight scene was nonsensical and far too overblown, and Jesse Eisenburg single-handedly crushed the film with his goofy over the top performance. He would've made a good Riddler but as Lex Luthor he killed the character. The ending was of zero consequence since we know it's just gonna be undone when Justice League comes out so no-one really cares about it. There is a quote from Top Gear (of all places) that I can use to perfectly describe this film: Theres about 2 feet where nothing happens, then a quarter of an inch where everything happens at once and the brakes lock up. Might not be exact but you get my point.
  16. I was lucky enough to see the film last night. I will say now that, without spoilers, it's awesome! It truly is worth the wait. The trailers really play with your expectations and it's nothing like I expected and I was surprised how good it was. Reading some of your predictions, some of you are right, some of you are wrong, wink wink
  17. I'm not feeling this movie at all. Looks way too overblown, batman looks stupid, and they gave away the whole ending. Well done trailer, you've officially made me not interested at all. Civil War it is for me
  18. I think it works considering they're gonna rebuild the Jedi in this one
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