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Status Updates posted by Stacysmikeyboy&hearts

  1. Great Mordecai there dude Your work will be a welcome asset to the Psn community for sure.

  2. You need not worry over anybody thinking that Torrie isn't yours especially when the archive link is added to his topic and not only that but you even posted it on your own site last yr. with formula under the WWE alumni link on the main site where your Candice form and all are.

  3. Check your inbox man... I sent you message about the SVR 2011 game content.

  4. ^ that should have said taken down and edited not taken down as in completely removed.

  5. I don't appreciate that you submitted your ABA Undertaker to archive knowing **** well it wasn't you that did picture previews for it but it was I that was nice enough to take them and despite emails about lack of credit and several public calling you on it in topic you did it anyhow. I purposely requested that Tom take it down or give the proper credits that you yourself should ...

  6. Hi. I noticed you mentioned in topic about having the Hauppauge HD PVR. I was just wondering if you could send me what your configurations are for brightness and such or if you could Print screen capture it that way you wouldn't have to type them out and all. I would really appreciate any help you could send on the configuration as i'm trying to get the most out of my captu...

  7. Tom You need to Ban this guy:


    He stole My Hitman Caw and now Styles152's

    Suicide caw

  8. Happy Holidays. Hope you have a good 1

  9. Hope you Have a Nice Thanksgiving man.

  10. Nice swagger preview there dude.

  11. what's up man? how's it been goin?

  12. what's happening Rob? Nice work on the recent caws bro. really impressive especially the Mark henry

  13. Hi Tom. It's funny because since like July 10th neither browser would connect then about 5 minutes a go it resolved itself. Nothing was altered as far as internet setting goes. but thx 4 the link.

  14. Hey Tom how's it going? hope all is good. Nice Job with the upgrades being set in place and all here. I do have a question though: are these upgrades having any effect on connection from firefox and explorer. They don't connect without first going to proxy first any thoughts on why.

  15. Hey D you may wish to browse through the DX topic by M-J in the ps3 area seeing as how some feel he ripped your old Triple H

  16. Absolutely Loved the Classic comment in the Lesnar topic there man Perfectly said and right to the Point. Could not have been More true despite how some here tend to be blind to it.

  17. Hey man what's up man? how have things been there?

  18. Hey Man congratulations to both you and Snoopy on the COTW man. It's about time you two got your well earned and long overdue props.

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