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  1. I don't know what to suggest for Tessa Blanchard but her face needs a lot of work,looks nothing like her to me anyway.
  2. The only way we are ever gonna get a dream WWE game is if Naughty Dog makes it
  3. Definitely to be able to morph boob size lol.Looks stupid having a Debra or Sable CAW with tiny boobs.
  4. I believe this belongs in requests section
  5. Do you have any plans on doing past divas like Candice Michelle or Michelle McCool or anyone like that?All of you CAWs are pretty dead on
  6. The face kinda looks like Raven from a distance
  7. CM Punk thighs look a little thick to me compared to the rest of his body but it could just be me though.
  8. It would be senseless to go after THQ because there is no more THQ meaning she would get nothing.
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