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  1. Yep. Good to see you on again, man. Thanks. tip....start with the texture bigger so you can get in as much detail as possible. Let the texture upload size it down, unless you have to do it before. Real life shots work best to start with in the newest games, but some old game textures can be used in pieces if needed, just may need to be combined..sometimes can come in handy on things like eyebrows or facial hair.
  2. Start with Red, then take the color less in saturation a bit, then downward to make it darker. That will make the burgundy. Also, Washington Redskins are mostly using a yellow more than gold.
  3. Buff Bagwell by WolfgangJT uploaded !!! Moveset by BigRighteous Tags: WolfgangJT, Buff Bagwell, NWO
  4. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner by WolfgangJT/Bhangra_Man now uploaded!! Tags: WolfgangJT, Bhangra22man, Scott Steiner
  5. Stand Back!! There's a Hurricane preview coming through. By WolfgangJT (to also be converted to PS4).
  6. DX X-Pac and Tori by WolfgangJT & Bhangra_man now uploaded!!! Tags: WolfgangJT Bhangra22man DX Tori (for Tori), DX X-Pac XPac for X-Pac 
  7. Whoa...a b2b sighting. Didn't expect that. Nice to see you around.
  8. 2018 Shawn Michaels by WolfgangJT & Bhangra_Man now uploaded!! Tags: WolfgangJT Bhangra22man Shawn Michaels HBK
  9. Have a few in the works...just previewed out on Twitter our 2018 bald HBK that's likely coming by end of the week. https://twitter.com/WolfgangJT78/status/1089300176269914112
  10. New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) by WolfgangJT/Bhangraman/RyeeDee now uploaded!!
  11. Next duo will be on both systems... Another collab with Bhangra and RyeeDee. Give us a hint! Oh, you didn't know? You better call somebody...
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