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  1. as we said delete the shades because they aren't working. Get rid of the hat as well then tweak the morphs so they're not just a default like face with a Yellow Mustache that is caled hogan because it's honestly not working. There's a lot of cool guys here more then happy to give honest time to suggestions once an honest preview is set forth. That's honestly the only way you'll get better and truly grow as a caw maker. we all started at the bottom and worked up
  2. I would just scrap this caw totally and start again. The Glasses are just awful. for starters Hogan has Never worn that styled glasses so scrap that. the attire looks awful as well because the tight designs you tried aren't cutting it. but work the face first and google search some Hogan face references because the current is simply a defaulted preset that U downed hair turned yellow added a mustache and said Hogan. That entire face needs eyes, nose , brows, jaw and Cheeks all redone so it's not a simple caw face u called hogan but a real morphed likeness. My honest advise: #1) pull the hat 2) yank the glasses then do a face shot as is so pple can really evaluate it and leave concrete tips on what to fix for u to make it better
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