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  1. Hey man. Any chance I can add you on live? let me know. Or, just add me or something. :P

  2. Your avatars awesome. Let me be your first friend much? <3

  3. You made Sarcastic look like a total dick. That he is. Good on you sir.

  4. Awh, thats a shame. My dream tag team of MVP and Liger has disapeared. Hehehe.

  5. Is that Jushin Thunder Liger ballin? Thats AWESOME, lol.

  6. is on twitter. @paynexkiller

  7. Let me ask you this about this life we live

    And let me try to swerve some of this attention you give

    To them distant ass relatives over in Hampton and

    If they really miss you so much

    Why don't they just call you then? (Mutha*censored*a)

    If you wanted blood, would you still have love?

    Or infact does the blood make you think you have to love?

    Look I probably love my

  8. Such a facist bigot..

  9. Welcome ot the site friend. Enjoy your stay. And ignore the ignorant yanks.

  10. Just updated to Windows 7. Lost everything. Hard times, lol.

  11. You are ruining Super Dragons good name sir. PWG are mainly known for their awesome ppv names. one of them was 'taste the radness'


  13. Did you add me to your xbox live? <3

  14. Love your avatar. Hero *censored* yeah.

  15. Can you give it to me through clicking my name? lol.

  16. I have that t-shirt in your picture.

  17. Do you have that CM Punk picture bigger and iwthout your name on it? I was really looking for a .gif of it because its AWESOME lol.

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