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    Punk/ Generico/Aries/Claudio C
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    Sandwich Artist / Sex Icon
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  1. Only bad thing about having a big collection is I almost bought a dvd yesterday I already own haha.
  2. Haha thanks man you too, Amazon has really been amazing for me. You got some good ones that I definitely need to get at some point.
  3. Havent bought a dvd in awhile but ill throw up some pictures. Excuse the quality my camera kind of sucks. (101 DVDs in total) And of course you need a Generico mask.
  4. New look same jobber. It doesnt really matter
  5. Nothing is confirmed yet but who knows. Either way i have a Ps3 so im good
  6. Its going to be changed the game is even close to being out
  7. My name is Shaman Of Sexy i post here daily and im alomst always on, new members can Personal Message me with questions if they like
  8. Yea it will prob help out new members and the link for the rules makes it easier
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