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  1. Dammit, the Angels aren't going to the playoffs(officially) but I'm glad the A's are going.
  2. Angels win the series vs. the Rangers. Dodgers sweep. A's sweep the Yanks in 4. Good Sunday for me.
  3. Interleague coming up; I expect Trumbo and Pujols to hit some bombs at Coors.
  4. Wow, what a game between the Halos and Yankees. 9-8 final thanks to a bottom of the 9th Trum-bomb. I'm glad the Angels are playing better ball now. Tough game for Weaver though.
  5. I'm liking the A's; although they did trade away some good arms, they got some decent to good hitting. Cespedes/Ramirez/Reddick/Seth Smith/Gomes. I think Billy Beane will do a good job of rebuilding, they just need to move out of that ballpark.
  6. Probably be a rotation of Prince and Cabrera at DH with the other at 1B. Delmon Young could play some DH while Cabrera play left field. I can't imagine Cabrera playing third, even if he loses weight.
  7. Dammit,looks like everyone wants Demolition this year.Just ask the creator for the formulas.
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