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  1. Agreed with RVF, I hope they go away far from the comic scene and stay on the realistic path, that's probably doubtful because of a woman having 2 walkers as a pet pretty much at the end of season.
  2. What I'm talking about is, some people actually dont go hunting for things about a show they're watching, I didn't even want to know that dude was coming back, but now I know, so that will be in my head while watching season 3, which I didnt want to think about. Couldve just put it in spoiler tags...
  3. Still a bitch for not posting it in spoiler tags, I mean, not a lot of people actually type shit in google for a show they're watching, think before you post next time. Anyway, I can't believe I'm saying this, TWD>LOST
  4. Haha! Thanks. You're on my awesome list
  5. My mum watches this show, it actually looks decent, seen a preview of FX the other day.
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