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  1. Sheamus is criminally underrated.
  2. 73 hours into AC Valhalla and haven’t even beat the story yet. The game is really addictive imo.
  3. Big E needs to be kept separate from Kofi and Xavier in all honesty....like they just split or whatever.
  4. Lol at Seth not being able to be bothered with this shit. Character work on ten.
  5. I’ve really come around towards Corbin. Dude is such a good heel. He just exudes hate. Lol
  6. I some how see Roman losing Sunday via dq. The dq will also probably be caused by Jey to further their animosity or whatever.
  7. Drew *censored*ing McIntyre>>>>>
  8. VALHALLA! I’m in love with this damn game. I wasn’t sure at first. Loving it more and more with each minute passed.
  9. So happy I was wrong. I’ve been exploring for like a full day and more haven’t even done 4 main missions yet. I’m addicted! Damnit!!
  10. 2K19 is still god like. That was imo how simulation can be done right. It had it faults but overall huge step up from 2K. I’m really not seeing why everyone think it looks like All Stars. It really looks how No Mercy would look this generation. No Mercy models were thick and blocky with realistic faces. Again assuming it’s not a pre-render like Brandon stated we really just have to wait and see if that look of the trailer is what we expect for the finished product. But to me if it’s that the end style with an even more polished Iook then it really would be lovely. I mean hey, I didn’t think I could love Fire Pro World because of the sprites and art style but I love it. I’m open to any art style at this point as long as the game is fun, delivers, and makes me want to play it over and over and over.
  11. Yeah, but ultimately if it’s the same art style with the final being even more polished and refined, I’d still be fine with it. After watching back a few more times definitely comes off pre-rendered.
  12. I can already see people complaining about the graphics. I love them so far though for the console game. I see the vision. Yukes, welcome back loves.
  13. So close. Hope I didn’t get all wet for a mobile game. Lol
  14. Can’t wait until I come in this thread one day to read they’ve released Lars.
  15. Sheamus really called Riddle Dopey. I can’t. Lls
  16. I was hyped for this. Suddenly after seeing some more footage, meh. Idk...
  17. Also, Matt Hardy is such a gem. Protect that man at all costs. Lol The talent and creativity is outlandish af. Mosley vs Kingston was also fire af to me. Great show overall. MJF also needs to be world champion by next year.
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