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My photo host won't work so I made a YouTube vid showing the prototypes so far...





And here is the recent EWTW intros (ALL MUSIC COMPOSED BY ME)....










Stay tuned for Ranger Gold. Once the game gets patched more I'll make him. Here's him in 2K19...




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I dont know why people are sleeping on your caws. I'm a huge luchafan (hence the name) and these are fire!! What's your tags online?



At the minute I don't have anything up on 2k20 CC as the game is so glitched and I don't want to release my caws until it's patched. And the image uploader is only working some of the time so I can't make all my characters.


Although you can still find a few of my ideas on 2k19 CC. If you search Total Flight and when you see it you can click the "content by the creator" or whatever it says. Then you'll find just a few. I have more ideas in the making but as I say the image uploader on 2k20 is hardly working and as you probably know I can't put anything in 2k19 anymore.


I'll take a second to show off some cleaned up stuff. I've tweaked the mouth area on Total Flight so here is some slightly improved takes as I felt something was off with the first take in this thread....




cleaned up main intro



Composed this tune today. Don't know who or what to use it for yet.


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