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  1. Latest showcase https://youtu.be/pVluxOqsr1Y?si=lGxreJV0I9XdRuUK
  2. That's sound like a good idea.. I'll work on something unless you got it covered..
  3. Andre King Aiden Orion Ricky Fireheart Brent Borne Jackie Clark Hakai Rebecca Rust Selena Rodriguez "Manager of Champions" Kenny Dynamite Brickhouse Hughes
  4. My two latest vids Caw comp stage 2 caw comp stage 3
  5. Hey bro, just wanted to give you a heads up that I changed The ACE again lol. I turned him back into the powerhouse version. I did quite a few little tweaks to his face and changed his morph and moves etc. Pics are in my thread if interested
  6. The ACE Aaron Cole Evans (Updated) TK Blade (Updated) Blackjack Walker "The New Classic" Sean Castor Myztikal Saint (Updated) LOS INTOCABLES "Arcángel" Santana Ramirez Machete Montana Mark Morris Marco Fireheart "Bad Boy" Brent Bourne "Bayou Pitbull" Jesse Gordon Dante Best (UPDATED) Harris Hades
  7. He might have DLC so if you don't that's probably why
  8. Nah I definitely did not give it to him. Thanks for letting me know. I can't do anything for another month anyway I'm away for work
  9. As far as I know they're up but I could be wrong. Unfortunately I haven't been on in over a month due to work. Even more Unfortunately I won't be on for another month. Thanks for the interest though. My tags are Marvelous77 if you want to see all my creations. You'll have a better chance if seeing them if they are up. If they are not then I'll message you again when I do finally get back on
  10. Damn bro, Kasey Kash is doper than a bag of coke
  11. I'm loving Sora, bro. I'm getting sanada vibes from him
  12. (CANADIAN CREED) Sébastien Bourne Chris Gage (THE SPECIALISTS) Adrian Bradford Blake Douglas (KAOS KLIQUE) Rick Dregz Matt Grimm
  13. Global wrestling Alliance roster members and Grand Japan pro Wrestling roster members Brolix "Outlaw " Sam Hammond "Buzzsaw" Takeo Kenshin "Dr. DOOM" Sheldon Wilson "Rampage" Scott McCain Morihiro Matsuda "Lionheart" Kai Kobayashi Jin Akane Hiroshi Toshima "American Muscle" Andre Jackson Akio Takai "Lonestar" Jackson Brooks
  14. Hey I just re-uploaded my Monarca Jr. Can you please get that version of him before he appears on the show? I updated his head and body morph. I also reverted reks Bowser mask back to the original one from 2k22. Search Marvelous77
  15. The Thrillseekers (Caleb Everett & Dylan Miles) NAKADA Skye Reid Crystal Sparks Jennifer Grant Emiko
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