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Even more Dixie ridiculousness

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I honestly don't understand how someone with little to no knowledge of wrestling can run a promotion. I bet she doesn't even know the difference between a dropkick and a superkick. :lol:

The irony is that without Dixie Carter, TNA would have crashed and closed a long time ago. Not saying she is good, because she is *censored*ing horrible. This is just like Dixie Carter picking a fight with Spoony on twitter rather than doing her job and promoting her company. If Dixie Carter promoted her company instead of messing around on twitter, TNA might get ratings.


Anyways, priceless that Dixie Carter said JR was dumb. That's more irony coming from her.


And the irony about that is while yes, her money kept it afloat, she's still running it further into the ground. TNA had potential and now it's gone. Thanks to Dixie and her money.

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