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  1. I'm hoping/thinking ricochet will also come with his own springboard Shooting Star Press to the outside. Random maybe non Ricochet related topic....I wish they would add a good variation of the Sasuke Special (complete with cartwheel and all that)
  2. Ricochet. It's his King's Landing finisher
  3. Not to become across as that needy annoying guy but are you still planning on those Rey attires from shortly after his return? Just curious and if not it's totally fine haha. This Shelton is awesome and actually perfect timing cause I'm using him in unvierse mode more
  4. I'd love to see some DG guys. Dragon Kid, Naruki Doing and Yoshino would be my top 3 I'd want to see personally
  5. I know you mentioned possibly doing another current Rey attires caw, well between the first Rey vs Miz post return and the match last night, those are two great attires to add....just saying lol
  6. Before I ask this question, I will admit I have not religiously kept up with Pentagon. I've seen a few matches and clips which I enjoy....but does he get teased about the apron/skirt like part of his attire has a design that resembles the shape a certain make reproductive organ? Not at all meaning this as a diss or tease, it's just all I can think of looking at that attire. Love both the caws and totally gonna download Fenix!
  7. Any chance of other Rey 2018 attires? Like his vs Miz and the one he wore teaming with Jeff against Orton/Miz?
  8. What are the chances of some Rey attires from the last few smackdowns? No one has made any of his SD attires aside from the SD 1000 attire
  9. That finisher is kinda the pet peeves situation. Only option you have after the 619 in terms of moves Rey actually does is frog splash or springboard splash. It's not a deal breaking part of the game, I just hope in theoves pack we might get the west coast pop or droping da dime as other options for rey
  10. That's why I'm hoping they throw in at least one of those moves in the dlc moves pack
  11. Yes but they don't have the west coast pop or the dropping da dime which were the primary springboard moves Rey did after the 619. If I'm playing to be like Rey, my options are frog splash or springboard splash.
  12. Whenever the moves pack comes out, I'm really hoping for west coast pop and/or droping da dime to be in. Everytime I do the 619 ik the game, I wish I could do something other than the frog splash
  13. Any chance of some Rey alts? No one has made his recent smackdown attires which the last 3 were each pretty awesome
  14. So just to throw it out there, we need someone to make those Rey attires he wore on the the last couple smackdowns. They are no where on CC anywhere. His vs Nakamura, Vs Miz and him/Jeff vs Orton/Mix were each sweet attires I want to have
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