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  1. Bummer they got moved but their show has been great thus far
  2. Just saw on twitter Future Shock reunited to face the addiction tonight
  3. Its legit. Its on roh social media and their website. The aries one never was on ether
  4. Just announced Willie Mack is debuting in vegas vs silas young
  5. They just announced the return of Austin Aries at the vegas show. Speciically that he will have something to say in vegas. I was really hoping Aries was comming back. He was onr of the best talents roh has ever produced. So many great match ups.
  6. Meh on Cedric vs Okada but reality is,it could steal the show. Cedric has had some great matches with strong so if the stars align right,it could be a fantastic match. I would rather have a Hero though but thats ok with me still. As for the Bennett vs Tanahashi thing,I for one think its a great match up. Reality is if guys like Aj and Cole are booked in other matches,Bennett is a great choice. Being that he has had some great matches and he is in the upper mid card section of the roster right now,and Tanahashi being more in the IC title area then big title,mix all those and it is not a bad choice. Also the match much like Cedric/Okada,could really be a great match. Guys like Cedric,Bennett,Bobby Fish,O'reily,Taven and BJ are dark horses of ROH who can have amazing matches,but tend to get less noticed then the big name guys like AJ,Cole,Elgin,Steen,etc.
  7. I think Hero is just picking dates with all the various companies. He is currently the Evolve champ. He also just did a huge tour of japan with Colt in Noahs tag league. So that could be a big reason why he has been MIA. Also I'd love to see a Hero vs Okada. I was hoping he would get in the njpw vs roh card. Id love for him to do a tour with njpw as well.
  8. Sry didnt mean xbox live. Got confused with 09 and 2010. My comp was messin up and directing me to 09 instead of 10 for caws forums

  9. Hey so do you post any of your caws on xbox live at all? Thought you did but the stuff I saw had a different gamertag that i think is yours and has very little of what you have posted on this site? Is that stuff comming out anytime soon(some of your dragon gate and other indy caws)?

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