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  1. Rented Mass Effect: Andromeda. I really enjoy it, except for one major thing. There's no squadmate customization, and it doesn't look like you can command their powers
  2. Titanfall 2 was pretty cheap on PSN, so I snagged it. I really like it
  3. I'm working my way up to this, currently playing 2 remastered
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes, which is making me wonder why I've never played an actual Fire Emblem game
  5. Got a pretty sweet Iceberg Lounge t-shirt & Animated Series Penguin figure from Shirt Punch
  6. Woods and Milonas were both at the tryout camp I went to in October. Milonas is easily one of the better working big men I've seen. Cool to see them getting a shot.
  7. Hitting the gym hard is paying off. Up to 215 pounds, when a couple months ago I was in the 190 range. On the downside though, getting in the next Cruiserweight Classic is out of the question lol.
  8. Playing through Chrono Trigger for the first time
  9. There was a big sale at a comic book store today, so I got some good TPB's for fairly cheap. I got Batman: The Black Mirror, Batman Beyond: 10,000 Clowns, Aquaman: To Serve and Protect, and Flashpoint
  10. Saw a girl that I went to high school with at the store today with 3 kids who were all screaming their heads off. Holy shit am I glad that's not me.
  11. Got a free Redbox game rental, and used it on Skyrim for PS4. Obviously looks great, but seems strangely buggier than the previous gen version
  12. Unrelated to anything with current ROH, but I just watched Punk's farewell from the company, and if you haven't watched that match, the 2 out of 3 falls vs Colt Cabana, you should do so. Everything that is great about pro wrestling is in that match, entrance & post match included.
  13. It feels like every season of Horror Story starts off strong but fizzles out towards the end. This one was no different. Haven't seen Hotel though, so I don't know about that one.
  14. Just got back from seeing an NXT house show. Being able to see Namakura live was *censored*ing incredible. Match of the night though was Roderick Strong vs Oney Lorcan (the former Biff Busick). They absolutely tore the *censored*ing house down.
  15. ^ I replayed Asylum recently. Probably my favorite of the whole series
  16. The RDR2 announcement & trailer got me all giddy, so I'm replaying Redemption
  17. My look sort of evolved over time. Been shaving my head since before I started wrestling, I used to have an old-timey boxer gimmick so I grew the mustache, sticking with the old-timey theme I chose the trunks over tights look (with boots soon to come). As for the paint, there was a Halloween costume battle royal, and I was Pentagon Jr., then I just kept the paint on for the match. I just might keep painting myself up though.
  18. And just because I think it's a great picture, here's me throwing a chair Sabu style at my opponent in the match where I won the belt. Also, fun fact: the guy I beat was one of the Splash Brothers who faced Braun on Raw a few weeks back
  19. Won my first ever singles title tonight. The mid card belt at ny home company
  20. Back from the ROH camp. While no I didn't get signed, I didn't expect to. Learning from guys like Christopher Daniels, Nigel McGuiness and Delerious was amazing, and I'm a better wrestler for it.
  21. Just bought my plane ticket for the ROH tryout in a couple weeks. Now it's starting to feel real.
  22. Wrestled as Darth Maul tonight at a night club, taking on the White Power Ranger. . . don't ask Ton of fun though. I think over half of my offense was me using the Force.
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