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  1. I think the hair makes Roman look taller.
  2. Shout out to Brian, Adam, and anyone else who attended. After this past year with the WWE vs AEW stuff, it’s nice to see the community coming together to celebrate one of the best in the business.
  3. That is *censored*ing insane. Got into DOOM this year and Madvillainy became my all time favorite album dude. Wow. On Doomsday!, ever since the womb 'til I'm back where my brother went, that's what my tomb will sayRight above my government, DumileEither unmarked or engraved, hey, who's to say?
  4. Was reading up on the news and read the headline and couldn’t believe it. Awesome wrestler, and awesome guy. RIP Brodie Lee, didn’t get the chance to make it big that he deserved.
  5. I bought a defining moments John cena when I already had one. That figure was shit.
  6. Dude what the *Censored*, I haven’t come on here in decades and I’m getting nominated for an award? Someone please explain wtf
  7. Can you do some videos on the new MDickie wrestling game?
  8. Bringing this back. Have you ever disappointed your parents?
  9. Wrestling MPire: REMIX Funny how I got this game running. I had downloaded Wine while trying to install PCSX2 on my mom's Macbook Air but dropped it because it was kinda of pissing me off. So earlier I downloaded MPire just to see what would happen completely forgetting I had Wine and it actually ran! There is a huge glaring issue which is I can not save my progress due to the only way opening it being installing it again wiping the slate clean. Tomorrow I will try and look into that. dm if you have a solution.
  10. Wow. Haven't followed the Japanese scene ever since the Elite peaced out but this is just a bummer. Didn't hear about her until now but why do people have to be so petty to cyber bully her over a Netflix reality show?!
  11. Welp. School year is almost over. This week is the second to last week of it. Damn it was a hell of a ride. I don't want to get into any really personal details but I met so many great pepole from about June of 2019 to now. I've changed so much from this time last year it's not even funny. Got way into skateboarding and the culture in general as well as dragging my friends along with me too. With the help of my dad I've gotten into sneakers which was something I was oblivious to until now. I've introduced my buds to our favorite game to play together, mortal kombat shaolin monks. Specifically during the summer I met some of the coolest pepole I've ever had the pleasure to interact with over a children's minecraft rip off. And I joined this fourm and met all of you! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's a quite anti climate send off to such a great school year, not academically but life-wise and yeah. But still, my point stands.
  12. Good point. I think you could prob turn this into a bigger discussion about why Daniel is so great, he can reinvent himself but so sutbly but at the point where you could still see, oh this guy's has changed. For example, Jericho is amazing, don't get me wrong but his whole thing is, "oh I'm different now, look at me" ya know?
  13. Yeah taker shouldn't even have wrestled. 34 would have been perfect for a styles match, but they wasted the main event money maker that Cena vs Taker always should have been.
  14. Damn man. I don't have the exact same problem though. The ps4 turns on, does a system storage check stays at 24 %, says connect controller with USB to turn on ps4 or something along the lines of that, the controller doesn't cooperate and the ps4 turns off.
  15. Would recommend looking into the three part series that Joseph Montecilo did on Bryan's rivalry with Nigel, man is a beast.
  16. Man even had the most fire hip hop theme of all time no question.
  17. I legit downloaded the fiends model from CC and made him.
  18. Yeah probably should have phrased that differently..
  19. Next to Styles, Cena is the best worker in wwe rn. And Daniel Bryan might be the goat. Just saying.
  20. I think impact gameplay with smackdown controls would be perfect.
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