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  1. WWE gives us glimmers of hope, but they are just not interested in tag team wrestling, Sad as when they do let it shine once in a while, it becomes big talk in wrestling world, Especially in NXT . [Shrug]
  2. I think it's more about the booking then Kenny. There were Obvious storylines and things they could have done, but they have a great patience so not to burn through matches. And if they have contract players, why should they be in a rush to make Kenny the Golden boy?. Let the burn do so slowly and the pay off will be that much better. with that said though I cannot deny the booking of the Elite has been awkward at times but if it's the cost of making sure others get the spotight and create future stars, I not only understand, I applaud it.
  3. I know, they really botched not giving it to him when he was hot, I also know he isnt the most skilled, but he does try and he has a ton of folks he's never really touched that would be ,if anything, fun title matches. all I am trying to say is. if they are going for spectacle, Braun could be that in all the right ways.
  4. Lee Vs. Braun in a rivalry for the big belt? I'd watch the hell outta that!
  5. I don't have faith in WWE booking, but MAN! if they booked Kieth Lee half way decent he could be a huge star for them , and rightfully so the guy is just a ball of talent.
  6. Tazz can be okay but it takes a really good partner to keep him on track and reigned in on the joking and small talk.
  7. I have a idea of where something is going and said how I'd skip such thing because of those involved...because I am talking about wrestling, like everyone here. Calm down please. I'm allowed to have a opinion on a forum, That's what forums are for.
  8. I have a feeling Christopher Daniels is gonna come back jealous and cost SCU the belts, thus starting a feud that will sadly be the parts I skip on Dynamite, AEW has been pretty good at making me care about things but I just have so little interest in SCU. Like so many ROH and ROH Alumni, They got the gimmick as far as it was gonna go, they should have changed up long ago.
  9. Yes, it's definitely you. WWE sucks hard right now, but if YOU can't find anything in any of the thousand other wrestling companies in the world to get excited over....then it's you. I think I wasn't very clear, as to say, there are pieces I am happy about in with wrestling, But it's spotty, I cannot be hyped by shows in because lot of the time I am fast forwarding for lack of interest, Also when it comes to the MAIN storylines and characters I am being told matter the most, I find it lacking, predictable and uninteresting.
  10. I should be more excited about wrestling in general, So many companies, so much talent, so many possibilities ...that every company can't help but stumble over. Maybe it's me, but it's really hard to get excited about what these companies are trying to get me hyped over.
  11. Never been a fan of Cole, and I don't think it's his fault. It's the combo of what he's being told to say and how close his voice is to Todd Pettengill. I just can't get over it as hard as I try, but I don't blame him the poor guy. My favorite will always be Gordon Solie, He allows for quiet moments, Like other sports. It really makes the exciting moments more so when he finally breaks the calm and starts to shout.
  12. I know some of can be a bit cringe-worthy, But I hope they keep the Characters a main focus of the product and not just make it another wrestling show. It's fun to see Characters with goals,flaws and a bit of silliness to them.
  13. HHH and Taker's entrances have been pretty good, but all time best entrance ever to me will be Sandman. Multiple times I have been given Goosebumps by that opening bass line. His Return to ECW entrance still gives me goosebumps, They really did a lot with so little
  14. I love a lot about AEW to, But they are overthinking things and it muddles the whole landscape.
  15. NWA's long term impact? I have no idea, But I admit to rolling my eyes when TNA started. I'm rooting for any wrestling fed, we need more different.
  16. LOL yeah one of the sponsors for the show was "Live KayFabe" , they were selling great shirts for super cheap. They also sold some Olde Wrestling shirts as well [i bought one of those too] . They also had a homemade Popsicle stand and a Argentinian food truck. So yeah a bit hipster-ish but a damn fine time. They did some spots I wouldnt be shocked to see big names using later, and the characters are beyond fun, if you get a chance and are in the area, See em!
  17. Went to another Olde Wrestling Show [Always a blast] here's some pics even got a cool shirt!
  18. I know I know, but it really has a ton of upside, the guy who kills the feel good run will get major heat and if they need anything it's heels, I mean heels that will get booed, because so far everyone is getting a cheers and that's fine and dandy for the mean time but to tell stories you need bad guys. It's either that or Bucks turn on kenny.
  19. [not sure if this goes here, but here it is...I'm so bored] lol
  20. Giving Dustin a ECW like Terry Funk championship run down the line would be kinda cool. Not saying it would be the greatest thing ever, but it's a great heart warming story every time and also when the legend loses the belt it really makes the winner get over even more.
  21. Yea know, You're right Motown, I should have added Corino/Kelly to the list of gems in commentary But King/Ross?, I respectfully disagree, going back and listening, they were pretty awful together.
  22. I would believe it lol. But when it comes to wrestling, "New" isn't always better. I have never been a fan of how crowds are lit at shows, I find them distracting, And when the ring is surrounded by a soft darkness, it really gives matches a mood, a setting of importance like how boxing matches use to be. Now don't get me wrong, This isn't old man yelling about the way things use to be. They have stepped up with the camera work a lot. Compared to NJPW, WWE is amazing at capturing spots.I don't know sometimes it feels like wrestling just wants bigger, better, Louder! for spectacle sake forgetting that it may hinder a show from being better.
  23. Wrestling commentary to me is some of the worst in any sport and it's always been pretty awful. Sure you have your highlight figures [solie and Styles for me] but the majority of it comes off disingenuous, disinterested or worse, misinformed . For most cards I mute or lower volume, Listen to music or podcasts. I really wish they'd pause more, let the words have some room and not be a table of people fighting to get a word in , Or just talking to talk. I try to listen now and then see if it gets better, it rarely is worth it.
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