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  1. As a old timer it wouldnt be hard to fill in those slots with all the various eras of all the wrestling Ive watched the past 35 yrs. If it's a good creator. I'd make every single person who stepped into a ECW ring. And having a lot of slots would be great for jobbers Ive always liked [WCW Gambler, Armstrong] Would be neat to be able to do a house show that was really like a WCW house show back in the day.
  2. Has anyone checked to see if the Entrance attire Glitch still works? I don't have the game yet and was curious.
  3. So I found a flash drive with textures from the following games, Legends of Wrestling,Lucha Libre AAA Heros, Showdown, Shut your mouth , HCTP, SVR 2006,07,08,09, TNA Impact , Wrestlekingdom , Day of reckoning 2. I don't know if these would be helpful for creators in any way. But if needed I'd be glad to upload onto a zip file for you all. All I need is a place to upload [I haven't uploaded in a while so not sure best place to do it]
  4. The biggest thing I got from the darkside of the ring series is how it should be easier to say "No" in wrestling, but the fear of losing your job is to great. Almost like they need a union of something.
  5. Also I think you're dead on LunchBox, I always felt Gedo as a Million Dollar man type, a person who could never do it himself so use others to live through, everyone has a price.
  6. I collect Mini-figures, Anyone know any good DBZ minifigures? Not looking to break the bank but paint jobs are very important, I have tried looking on my own a few times, But I was kinda overwhelmed and not easy to find company names on some of the listings. thanks
  7. WWE gives us glimmers of hope, but they are just not interested in tag team wrestling, Sad as when they do let it shine once in a while, it becomes big talk in wrestling world, Especially in NXT . [Shrug]
  8. I think it's more about the booking then Kenny. There were Obvious storylines and things they could have done, but they have a great patience so not to burn through matches. And if they have contract players, why should they be in a rush to make Kenny the Golden boy?. Let the burn do so slowly and the pay off will be that much better. with that said though I cannot deny the booking of the Elite has been awkward at times but if it's the cost of making sure others get the spotight and create future stars, I not only understand, I applaud it.
  9. I know, they really botched not giving it to him when he was hot, I also know he isnt the most skilled, but he does try and he has a ton of folks he's never really touched that would be ,if anything, fun title matches. all I am trying to say is. if they are going for spectacle, Braun could be that in all the right ways.
  10. Lee Vs. Braun in a rivalry for the big belt? I'd watch the hell outta that!
  11. I don't have faith in WWE booking, but MAN! if they booked Kieth Lee half way decent he could be a huge star for them , and rightfully so the guy is just a ball of talent.
  12. Tazz can be okay but it takes a really good partner to keep him on track and reigned in on the joking and small talk.
  13. I have a idea of where something is going and said how I'd skip such thing because of those involved...because I am talking about wrestling, like everyone here. Calm down please. I'm allowed to have a opinion on a forum, That's what forums are for.
  14. They don't lose the fun yet never make fun of what they do, they walk the line well and it's the main thing I'd point to proving it can be done and more should be doing it.
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