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  1. The biggest thing I got from the darkside of the ring series is how it should be easier to say "No" in wrestling, but the fear of losing your job is to great. Almost like they need a union of something.
  2. Also I think you're dead on LunchBox, I always felt Gedo as a Million Dollar man type, a person who could never do it himself so use others to live through, everyone has a price.
  3. The Pull rate of these summer cards HAS GOT TO BE BETTER then the Champ ones, I must have done a good 9 of them and got nothing better then a Vanguard lol.
  4. Only matters if the card is pro'd, Otherwise you're okay. I usually train with anything 2 lower then my tier and save the rest for fusion food.
  5. I collect Mini-figures, Anyone know any good DBZ minifigures? Not looking to break the bank but paint jobs are very important, I have tried looking on my own a few times, But I was kinda overwhelmed and not easy to find company names on some of the listings. thanks
  6. WWE gives us glimmers of hope, but they are just not interested in tag team wrestling, Sad as when they do let it shine once in a while, it becomes big talk in wrestling world, Especially in NXT . [Shrug]
  7. I think it's more about the booking then Kenny. There were Obvious storylines and things they could have done, but they have a great patience so not to burn through matches. And if they have contract players, why should they be in a rush to make Kenny the Golden boy?. Let the burn do so slowly and the pay off will be that much better. with that said though I cannot deny the booking of the Elite has been awkward at times but if it's the cost of making sure others get the spotight and create future stars, I not only understand, I applaud it.
  8. The Quality of these matches week after week is incredible, they have a wonderful knack in elevating what works and fixing what doesn't. I haven't enjoyed a weekly show this much since watching ECW in the middle of the night. The Tag Division is a dream come true to me as a big fan of those kinda matches.
  9. I forgot that this was my second account after losing the first, Guess I been down for a while now lol
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