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  1. We all have them, Place them here. I'll start Commentating isn't bad per say, it's just to loud. Every federation is at fault for this. It's like they can't calm down unless they are taking jabs at each other or making small talk outside the match. Not every move should be met with explosives reactions. Gordie Solie got so much out of using his range. During a face off ,Gordon could simply say a clam "my, my,my" and it resonated . Then in the match when a finisher was hit , THEN, he'd exploded with a "WHOOAAA" . It helps story telling to use range in tone and emotion, Not everything is exciting right off the bat, let it boil. There I said it.
  2. The biggest thing I got from the darkside of the ring series is how it should be easier to say "No" in wrestling, but the fear of losing your job is to great. Almost like they need a union of something.
  3. it could be easily fixed by taking the original picture and making it a tad smaller, It's a lesson all Caws learn lol, It happens.
  4. Also I think you're dead on LunchBox, I always felt Gedo as a Million Dollar man type, a person who could never do it himself so use others to live through, everyone has a price.
  5. The Pull rate of these summer cards HAS GOT TO BE BETTER then the Champ ones, I must have done a good 9 of them and got nothing better then a Vanguard lol.
  6. I can't say this enough, If you have a second profile, GET A FLASH DRIVE AND BACK UP THAT SECOND SAVE! wwe 2k19's Community creation glitch is helpful but it's better to have it all backed up then having to dl it all again.
  7. Have to rebuild AGAIN and hope none of the saves got corrupted in the process, this is the 2nd time in a month, I should be okay with the PS Plus saving one of my WWE 2k19 saves, but the other I built up again..gone. lol. Might be time to stick to one profile. LOL sorry just wanted to vent.
  8. Oh Microbrawlers, A lovely little series that allows the less known or regionally far wrestlers a chance at toy-dom right here in the U.S of A. Where else can one get a Cheeseburger figure? or a rubbery idol of Bernie the Bear?, A trule love letter to all things wrestling, yet I'm conflicted, The price is steep and yes I grumble with each online purchase but even this I can get over if it nabs me a member of L.I.J. No, it's the Design that gets me, Now I am not asking for a perfect replicate of my grappler, in fact the Caricature design scheme to me seems like a perfect fit for such tiny content, But alas, the faces, The faces just don't feel connected to the rest of the form, Blank stares over a beautifully painstakingly lovingly sculpted body, where even some of the slightest of details are sometimes fit into the small frame. It's this disconnect that causes me to not recommend [added with the stand ,which varies from, wobble to having to lean against something] . I'd say get the few of your favs you could find no where else, It won't be hard with the 12.99 each price tag. Maybe if they gave the face more character I could see buying more. Til then, these bring me joy but leave me as flat as the expressions of each figure. [Note-You can also get a random Microbrawler from Pro Wrestling Crate, who you'll get? Who knows, but EBAY listings prove it's a good chance you'll be at best mildly amused ]
  9. Is their a search engine you live by? Any size you go for? A website you skim through? Looking for tips to up my face game.
  10. Only matters if the card is pro'd, Otherwise you're okay. I usually train with anything 2 lower then my tier and save the rest for fusion food.
  11. Series 7 WWF M.U.S.C.L.E Ted Dibase 3pk for 5 bucks This was a steal! Found them just hanging on the shelf of a Five Below, It was a easy Decision . 3 per pack, Super well modeled and tiny enough to display without much fuss. The stand varies figure to figure and yes no paint job, but the detail makes up for it. Been thinking about getting a M.U.S.C.L.E ring to display them with. The whole series is great even if they do have a few glaring Omissions [Hogan, Studd,Bundy] but all in all I love it.
  12. Funko Mystery Mini Universal Monsters 2019 : Frankenstien Cost 5-8 $ Classic Monsters meets Mini Figures, Consider me hooked. Add to that "Black and White Variants" And you have one of the best series Funko has produced. Well standing, Masterfully Sculpted and some of the best paint jobs we've seen. Ebay lots are you're best bet, but Be PATIENT! a deal will come!
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