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here is tajiri i used wwe 12 righteous set for base and moves from a set on 2k14 and wikipedia to fill. any suggestions of different moves to improve would be grateful:



Ring In/Out:Jumping Ring In 2,Quick Ring Out

Apron Ring In/Out:Jumping Ring In 3,Jumping Ring Out

Apron Ringside In/Out:Normal On The Apron 3,Normal Out 1

Taunts:Spank 3,Kung Fu,Opportunist 4,Quake



Strike Attacks:Low Kick 2,Dropkick To Knee 1,Left Middle Kick,Keylock Combo 4,Back Spin Kick®

Strike Combination:Left Middle Kick®,Left Middle Kick,Keylock Combo 4

Strong Strikes:Roundhouse Kick 2,Enzuigiri 3

Kick Reversal:Spin Kick,Dragon Screw,STF,Abdominal Stretch,Dragon Whip

Leverage Pin:Inside Cradle Pin

Chain Grapple

Front Facelock:Knee Strike 2,Fujiwara Armbar,Forehead Bite 1,Double Wrist Suplex,Snapmare & Soccerball Kick,Frankensteiner,Flying Heel Kick,Spinning Heel Kick 1(Weight Detection)

Side Headlock:Knee To Head,Front Necklock,Spinning Heel Kick 1,Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker 1,Crucifix Head Scissors,Rapid Kicks To Chest 1,Back Rotation Suplex

Wrist Lock:Middle Kick,Tilt-A-Whirl Armbar,Step Up Enzuigiri 1,Harlem Side Kick,Arm Twist/Leg Lariat,Super Kick 2,High Kick

Waist Lock:Forearm Smash,Cobra Clutch,Front Dropkick 3,Facebuster 4,Back Suplex 7,Russian Leg Sweep 1,Back Suplex 1,Front Dropkick 3(Weight Detection)

Limb Target

Front Facelock:High Impact Uppercut,Takedown & Armbreaker,Sit-Out Shoulder Armbreaker,Takedown & Leg Breaker,High Impact Uppercut(Weight Detection),Takedown & Armbreaker(Weight Detection),Takedown & Leg Breaker(Weight Detection)

Side Headlock:Enzuigiri 1,Arm Wrench Kick & Punch,Shoulder Arm Breaker,Dragon Screw

Wrist Lock:Step Kick,Double Knee Armbreaker,Arm Wrench/Arm Breaker,Leg Sweep 2

Waist Lock:Chop Combination,Single Knee Armbreaker,Wrist Clutch & Elbow,Chop Block 2

Stun Grapple

Front:Michinoku Driver 1,Jumping DDT 1,Shining Wizard 2,Parallel Snapmare 2,Rolling Pin,Harlem Side Kick(Weight Detection)

Behind:German Suplex 1,Frankensteiner 2,Dragon Suplex,German Suplex 2,Tiger Suplex,Chop Block 2(Weight Detection)

Limb Target:Poison Mist,Double Knee Armbreaker,Arm Wrench/Arm Breaker,Dragon Screw,Poison Mist(Weight Detection),Arm Wrench/Arm Breaker(Weight Detection),Dragon Screw(Weight Detection)

Breaking Point Submission:Octopus Stretch,Buzzkiller



Strike Attacks:Undertaker Stomp,Elbow Drop 1

Face Up:Knee Drop,Mysterio Middle Kick,Low Dropkick 3

Face Down:Front Dropkick 4,Kick To Head 2,California Dream

Limb Target:Knee Attack 2,Arm Stomping,Leg Stomps

Breaking Point Submission:Dragon Sleeper,Hammer & Chin Lock 2,Heel Hold



Corner Groggy:Knife Edge Chop 4,Forearm Smash 2,Handspring Back Strike,Front Dropkick 2,Stomping 3,Running Wash

Top Rope:Jumping Back Kick,Leg Lariat,Hurricanrana

Tree Of Woe:Middle Kick,Low Dropkick

Grapple:Corner Repeating Kick,Dilemma,Rapid Kicks To Chest 2(Weight Detection)

Grapple From Behind:Lucha DDT,Toss Into Ring Post,Lucha DDT(Weight Detection)

Top Rope Grapple:Handspring Headsciccors,Super Hurricanrana,Super Hurricanrana(Weight Detection)

Top Rope Grapple Behind:Spider Suplex,Super Back Suplex,Neckbreaker(Weight Detection)

Seated Corner Grapple:Face Wash

Tree Of Woe Grapple:Stomping

Corner Springboard:Body Splash

Running Top Rope Grapple:Rope Grip High Kick



Groggy Against Ropes:Leapfrog Flying Back Elbow,Rope Stretch Surfboard(Weight Detection)

Groggy Against Middle Rope:Rope Hang Slap

Springboard Attacks:Springboard Body Splash 1

Outside Springboard Attacks:Vaulting Body Press 3

Out Of Ring Dive Attack:Dive Through Ropes

Running Springboard:Springboard Back Elbow 1



Strike Attacks:Kick To Ring,Kick To Ringside

Springboard Attacks:Vaulting Body Press 4,Apron Moonsault

Grapple:Guillotine Drop,Slap(Weight Detection),Suplex 3,Dropkick(Weight Detection),Shoulder Block,Cut Down,Pull Down

Ground:Elbow Drop,Big Boot

Running:Hurricanrana,Jumping Knee Attack



Standing:Missile Dropkick 2,Diving Cross Body 4

Downed:Diving Foot Stomp 1,Diving Moonsault 1



Running Strikes:Supr Kick 3,Step Up Enzuigiri 3

Grapple:Monkey Flip 3,Bulldog 4,Christo(Weight Detection)

Grapple From Behind:Jumping Facebuster,Saito Suplex,Jumping Facebuster(Weight Detection)

Ground Strikes:Elbow Drop

Irish Whip Rebound:Flying Wheel Kick,Japanese Arm Drag,Hurricanrana 2,Arm Drag 4(Weight Detection),Leapfrog

Pull Back Attacks:Middle Kick,Fireman Carry,Hip Toss(Weight Detection}


Tag Team

Standing:Wheelbarrow Suplex 1,Double Kick Combination,Double Facebuster,Double Flapjack 2

Corner:Chin Lock & Kenka Kick,Hip Toss & Low Kick,Neck Snap & Soccer Kick,Low Kick 1


Special Moves

Wake Up Taunt:Buzzsaw/Gaijin 1

Signatures:Kneeling Kick Combo,Tombstone Piledriver 4

Finishers:Roundhouse Kick 3,Brain Buster,Brain Buster(Weight Detection)



Quick Grapple:Backhand Chop,Low Kick,Dropkick,Elbow Smash

Finishers:Sweet Chin Music,Hurricanrana,Trouble In Paradise,Sweet Chin Music



Strike Attacks:Elbow Smash,High Kick

Grapple:Backhand Chop,Kicks It Down,Pushing Down Side(Weight Detection)



Cell:Sweet Chin Music/Beast Bomb,German Suplex


Abilities:Resiliency,Outside Dive,Springboard Dive,Ring Escape,Leverage Pin

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I can help you out with this when I finish watching his matches. So far, I say you should put the Mist as second sig. Always set up his finish

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got these moves: stomach block, gourdbuster 4, backbreaker drop 1, snap suplex, undertaker knee strike, sitout powerbomb 3, hurricanrana 3, scoop slam, back dropkick, snapmare and soccerball kick, diving dropkick, knife edge chop(the grapple move), single leg high knee, flying wheel kick, super kick 6, low super kick/back kick(your choice), rope hang suplex, tilt a whirl backbreaker, wheelbarrow suplex, arm drag, torture half crab(lasso from el paso), corner knife edge chop(grapple), rope run tornado ddt(sami zayn's ddt), hammerlock, koji clutch, octopus stretch, spinning heel kick 1, abdominal stretch, dragon suplex, springboard spinkick, muta lock, handspring back elbow, standing moonsault, front dropkick-face down, upper body grapple), back rotation suplex, kneeling short-arm clothesline, throwing flapjack, baseball slide, sunset flip, apron springboard moonsault, rope flip(1 or 2), delayed snap swing neckbreaker(he stops right when it turns into a neckbreaker, waits a second, then drops it like neckbreaker 2), overhand chop, crucifix headscissors, super hurricanrana, stunner-used once, running armdrag, moves countered into various jumping ddt forms(suggest the running grapple versions of these), german suplex with back bridge(german suplex 1),tombstone piledriver 4(modified version- he had him in position then switched to a backbreaker at the last second) dragon suplex, german suplex 2



Strike combo: pretty good, but not a fan of that first left kick. just hate the animation.

backhand chop 2

dropkick to knee 1/2

right back kick(reversed)

Roundhouse kick 1/Keylock Combo 4

right kick


Sigs: Dil-emma, Poison Mist

Fins: Roundhouse Kick 3, Brain Buster


those are all the moves from his matches. It's ECW/WWF only since he wrestled different in Japan. hope it helps.

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