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  1. Ok thanks for answering this. I wish I never got the game as I lost nearly ninety quid just on the dlc and as i'm on benefit I couldn't really afford to lose that type of money. I don't know how I can get this closed if someone can do that for me please thank.
  2. I bought this game earlier this year and ran into problems. Would download caws and designs would not come through properly. And then unlocking stuff in the game which I am not good at. I can't do the tower, showcase and the other stuff you have to do so you can get thee stuff in the game. I ended up taking it off my xbox as I couldn't do what was needed. So I need to know before I decide to put it back onto my xbox is it possible to download a save on the game with everything unlocked or not. I don't know why they couldn't have done with the dlc and stuff like in 2k19 where you buy stuff and could use it straight away and none of this you have to unlock stuff that you buy. As I say if someone can let me know if it's possible to get a save or not, thanks.
  3. Really don't like the look of this game to be completely honest it looks utter crap. Will be giving this a miss. And after the utter failure of 2K20 where there was so many bugs and glitches. In buying the game and the dlc i lost near on £98. So i have big problems trusting 2k with there games now. I hope after this game if they bring out another 2k they actually go back to 2k19 especially with the dlc. Where you buy it and can use it straight away not buy it and you have to unlock it like in 2k20. And am not sure if i'll ever get a wwe game ever again, after 2k20.
  4. Have spoken to 2k and pretty much just got fobbed off over the DLC. As they say there is nothing they can do to help as I told them I am no good at doing the towers. And pretty much they justified over conning us over with paying for the DLC but having people to unlock the DLC. After how I've been treated by 2k I don't think i'm ever going to buy another game again, seeing that I can't really use this one.
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