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  1. Am on xbox one and need movesets, single entrances, tag entrance and attributes for Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
  2. Have got a caw for Austin Theory but doesn't have no personality traits and want's to know if anyone has any for him as cheer
  3. Hey man first off just wamted to say thanks for doing Gargano set. I wanted to ask if you might be doing an updated Roman Reigns set at all
  4. Am on xbox one and am wanting to see if someone could post the jerry lynn moveset from NickbreakerNCO on ps3 please
  5. Hey man wanted to request these 2 sets please could i get Bayley & Ruby Riott please, cheers
  6. hey man wrote out some of your newer sets and there fantastic. who might be next and are you still planning on doing a gargano set
  7. No worries man but with your sets the gargano set will be worth the wait
  8. your alexander set is cool dude am gonna be writing out your r-truth set later. just wanted to ask how is your gargano set coming along
  9. thanks and have figured out how to do it now
  10. Hello I need a question answered to help me with universe mode. Have got the game on xbox one but have never had this console before so don't really know. How do I choose a superstar to play as in the universe mode. If someone could let me know what to do would really help me out thanks
  11. hi I just wanted to find out if you have anymore caws that you might be uploading soon at all
  12. i just wanted to find out if you have anymore caws that you might be uploading soon at all
  13. highlander

    Booker T

    Am in need of some help am trying to put together an entrance for a Booker T caw but not sure what to use for entrance music and Titantron for Xbox One. Don't want to use King Booker what would be a good suggestion please
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