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  1. Hello thanks for the reply. Have spoken to them but conveniently the form to do the refund will not send. And emailed them and after the last message still haven't heard anything else from them. Just like when I dealt with 2K where they wouldn't even take responsibility for the problems with the game.
  2. highlander

    Microsoft DLC

    Not sure if this is in the right place or not. Has anyone got an email address for Microsoft as I need to contact them in regards to the DLC I purchased. As I am going to demand a refund seeing that I can't even use this game as there is so much bloody wrong with it.
  3. Have spoken to 2k and pretty much just got fobbed off over the DLC. As they say there is nothing they can do to help as I told them I am no good at doing the towers. And pretty much they justified over conning us over with paying for the DLC but having people to unlock the DLC. After how I've been treated by 2k I don't think i'm ever going to buy another game again, seeing that I can't really use this one.
  4. I thought you could choose it as a finisher. The version I saw was you do one aa then roll through into another one
  5. Does anyone know how on Xbox One how I get John Cena's Double Attitude Adjustment
  6. Wanted to ask am on Xbox One and need to know am finding it difficult setting attributes as they have changed the way the numbers go up while setting them. Has anyone found a way to set these or fix this. Also on the 2K Towers anyone got advice on how to do the handicap tag match with finn balor. And is this the only handicap match in the towers or is there more. Any advice will be really helpful as having real trouble doing this main reason it's a handicap match and i'm no good at them. But the other reason is where they have changed the controls am finding it difficult.
  7. Want to know what a good replacement to use in the Kassius Ohno Ultimate moveset for springboard coup de grace. As I can't unlock it as I can't do the handicap match.
  8. I really hope so too because I can't do the tower stuff to unlock the moves. If they don't then i'm stuck with a game I can't really use and might as well just throw in the rubbish.
  9. Wants to ask a question about the locked DLC. Does anyone know if the moves that are locked will be released as a DLC to buy instead of having to struggle to go through and unlock it?
  10. It's total BS they pretty much made out if you get the dlc the content will be available to use straight away. So you get the dlc only to find you have to unlock content that you have bought and should already be available, far as i'm concerned that's fraud.
  11. I managed to email 2k but have had no reply yet. But I basically cannot do any of the movesets because the moves I need are locked and I can't unlock them as I cannot do the tower stuff. I feel I have been ripped off with the dlc because you don't nothing is available you have to unlock everything. So I have pretty much wasted a load of my benefit money on a game and dlc that I can't even use. Thank you 2k for pretty much conning everyone by making out that when you get and download the dlv everything would be ready to use, what a crock.
  12. I just think it's complete bull you buy dlc but are expected to unlock stuff even though you have paid for it and should be available to use. If we have to unlock stuff why isn't it already in the game and not dlc because you don't really get anything as dlc do you honestly. Also has anyone got an email address for 2k so I can contact them please. I don't use Instagram or twitter and on there site you have to sign up to contact them. And I refuse to do that, hope someone can help me with this please, thanks.
  13. I need some help/advice for the WWE 2K ORIGIINALS for Xbox One. Is there another way to unlock all the stuff without having to go through doing all the matches. And I don't understand why when I purchase it through dlc why I still need to go through and unlock when I've paid for it and it should already be unlocked. If there is no other way then what's the point of us being charged for it.
  14. Has anyone got an updated entrance for Brian Cage for Xbox One they could post please.
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