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  1. Could be Cody wanted him to come to AEW and Myers wanted him to go to Impact. And he is not sure he made the right decision.
  2. Oh is that what is going on. I always found it weird he is hanging out on stage with everyone. Fight break out and he is gone.
  3. Only seen one recently but from that one only Uno's character seems to be different. 2, 5, and 10 were getting praise. Even though I don't know why 10 is getting praise because he just disappears when something may happen. 3 and 4 always seem like cannon fodder. Wasn't there a 6-8 at one time on dark I thought they were meant to be the jobbers of the group. Uno felt like leader then second in command for the longest time but he is more of a comedy character now. Though I will say that is the most entertaining I ever seen them.
  4. Think Penelope Ford should change her finisher to that Gut Check like move from Dark.
  5. When finishers have special names and the announcers say the type of move it is after the name. Like how the Claymore is sometimes called the Claymore kick or One Final Beat is called One Final Beat DDT.
  6. Speaking of Murphy, he needs to ask Ali how he was able to get his first name back.
  7. Guess Rollins had to make sure Murphy was really dedicated to the cause.
  8. Nice they used some of the more known gamers for the trailer. Now won't know if they really like it until the game is shown on UUDD because they rarely ever play any of the WWE 2K series. Styles probably would have been in it but had he lose he would have blame the switch controller and possible broken the controller.
  9. Kind of sad for Kip since they finally started doing something with him with the Superbad Death Squad.
  10. In her heart, she is still with them since her gear still says L.A.X. on it.
  11. Really thought either the 8 man tag or tag title match would be the main event.
  12. I was thinking the same. Like show the old design and the new design and ask which one would rather hold. If more then 50% say the old one. Try a different design. You should always try to out do the last title and while it isn't as bad as I originally thought. The old one still is better to me.
  13. It looks better their with out the lighting from the Raw set.
  14. So bad so very bad
  15. Did Rey just challenge Seth to Mortal Kombat?
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