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  1. If 2k20 got release they will release anything. If Wrestlemania didn't cancelled this won't either even if they add 5 characters that look worst then CAS from this year. And just add a few showcases since they can just use videos from their library.
  2. Didn't pay attention to them getting a smaller limit placed on them over last week. It is a shame since I thought that worked pretty well even without a normal audience.
  3. It is really odd the leader of the faction doesn't wear the factions colors.
  4. Miss the wrestler crowd from last week.
  5. I thought the Dustin and Sonny team was a lot more interesting. And Dustin could have used something of QT in that team name. Dustin just combine his current nickname with a past nickname.
  6. Yep you were right it was just mouth guards. He got them all. Don't know which logo went on each glove. So end up it doing heal on left and hurt on right. Is that correct or is it the other way around? There wasn't a blank image on the bag like the other missing logos. Did you just wanted it placed on the front of the bag? And Gary wasn't missing that tattoo. It shows up in creations and in matches.
  7. Postpone their big match does make sense, but I am not sure a 1 on 1 between Jericho and Matt is a good idea.
  8. Shame they didn't show that Legacy hype video before the match.
  9. Bayley vs. Sasha got announced with 4 fillers (Lacey, Dana, Tamina, and Naomi) added to give them something to do at maina.
  10. The Tamina jokes were pretty enjoyable.
  11. Paige brings it via satellite .
  12. Nope it screams we need to fill two nights with something and probably shouldn't do a filler battle royal this year.
  13. And this is why Mojo still has a job.
  14. They hopefully will slow down for a while now. Because having too many debut around the same time weaken the impact. Lance Archer is already two debuts old and they haven't really did anything with him yet. And beating some people in some deep wood backyard wrestling doesn't mean anything.
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