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  1. It is like he added a bad neck tattoo type of decision. The prelude cuts off early, the song feels like three piece that don't fit together, and kingdom part is very low. I have a guess why the last part is due to someone trying to hide were the musics were spliced together. I had done it before but thought a company would do it better. He probably knows it is bad but don't want to insult Snoop by getting rid of it so quickly.
  2. I also hate when DLC is announced before a game is even released but Velvet is probably preorder DLC.
  3. Everyone wants to be Harley Quinn but personality wise wwe harley should be liv.
  4. I like how woods still show off his uudd merchandise when it has it own shop now.
  5. Drew beat Brock all alone until Ricochet has seen the light.
  6. I think doing Dynamite they said next year so sounds like they are hopeful for 2021.
  7. No Mercy probably did it do technology restraints. TNA did it because they were lazy, ran out of time, or both. Hope they go all out with the Revolution set entrances.
  8. Three games and t-shirt. One console game developed by Yukes and a developer from No Mercy. That sound like a very strong base. Two mobile games: One being a GM mode which has been requested for years from WWE games. The second one is weird but looks like a gambling game. And it is AEW so of course they have to have a shirt involved in everything they do. The first two though if done right will force WWE to step of their game.
  9. That Archer promo on dark was nice liked how he said how he would eliminate each member of Kingston stable.
  10. Fiend over Seth at HitC 2019.
  11. Some people just aren't ready and some may never be ready. Both Serena Deeb and Shida couldn't get anything decent out of her. And Swole has had what some considered the two worst matches in AEW history in the tooth and nail match and the handicap match with Reba/Ford. Shida is one of the best they have and can carry talent to a certain extent. When people try to defend the division as not completely awful they usually bring up so and so match with Shida. Omega probably shouldn't be in charge of anything that he isn't involved in. Not even sure a formula change would help. If they go too basic they won't appear like the rest of the show and their fans will care less about them. If they try to much past what they can do it looks sloppy and/or they get injured. They either need to get them some better training if they want to keep them. Or fire half the division and rebuild it.
  12. Yeah it was how well they did over 4 years. And all of Mike Edwards days as world champion happened in year 4 so if it was a current rankings/power rankings then he would most likely be at the top. I probably should have made some type of symbol who ended the show as champion to show they didn't actually lose the title.
  13. Yeah I know it pretty much what ever they want it to be. But Raw specifically pick two members instead of one of a team with one pick which wasn't stated as possible right? I don't know since I haven't seen Smackdown yet but that sounds like how it happen. I understand the reasoning but I think they could have done it better. It Big E was drafted first then Raw should be able to pick the New Day in a single pick to get Kofi and Woods. Or they could have has Raw just draft the group and said a trade was done later for Smackdown to get Big E.
  14. Nope gamer friend isn't a great gimmick for him. But he does really play games with Kip and the rest of the roster. There is a recent stream up of those two, Evil Uno, Cutter, Excalibur, Golden Boy, Leva, Nyla, and Colt playing Among Us. Probably should have come in as a face since they already have three monster heels.
  15. In the past you can draft a member of a faction or team, a single, team, or faction. How do you draft two members of a faction? And if you can draft families like the Mysterios then you should be able to draft Roman's family in a single pick.
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