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  1. I do hope they keep Kiera because they gave her a good showing, but Diamante may be afraid of commitment. Since she been around the company for 20 months and still hasn't signed.
  2. I think the only think worse then neck tattoo may be a face one. Or he could try to match Black's back tattoo and get a giant picture of Brandi's face on his back.
  3. As long as he doesn't come back with a bad remix again that is fine.
  4. Why do they need a homecoming when they were gone for a month? They made this big deal about leaving and they are already back.
  5. I like all the pieces of Death Triangle not so sure if I like them all together.
  6. Lucho Bros are right they should be the face of Latinos in AEW not Andrade.
  7. So that why he wanted Vickie to move up the family chain.
  8. Ricky Starks is so much better as the main guy in Team Taz.
  9. He is a rare guest there but he has been on there in a while.
  10. As small as the entrance way is Bianca could easily hit a fan with her braid.
  11. For the fans Naomi For WWE Alexa Bliss
  12. 2 matches 2 roll ups
  13. Tegan is injured so often she never really defined her character. Her entire character is she is a fan of Kane and Captain Marvel. They called up the wrong team. They should have went with Kacy and Kayden.
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