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  1. Really thought either the 8 man tag or tag title match would be the main event.
  2. I was thinking the same. Like show the old design and the new design and ask which one would rather hold. If more then 50% say the old one. Try a different design. You should always try to out do the last title and while it isn't as bad as I originally thought. The old one still is better to me.
  3. It looks better their with out the lighting from the Raw set.
  4. So bad so very bad
  5. Did Rey just challenge Seth to Mortal Kombat?
  6. I haven't seen Raw as much lately but I noitced it as well. Did he get dropped by another stable already?
  7. One of my friends always calls him that so you probably aren't the only one hearing that.
  8. Really good match between those two I guess they wanted to do it now since they probably won't get a chance to do a PPV match with each other.
  9. Thought Asuka brought Io to Raw for tonight but nice to see Kairi back while it last.
  10. One of the biggest threats in the division taking off from tv months only to show up to Main Event. Vince needs to have some power taken away from him.
  11. I also think it is too early, but my guess is they want Wardlow to be the first to pin or submit MJF. And they are going to have to end his streak or actually give him a title soon because when he has one of the best record and hasn't had a single title shot at anything yet it calls into question their ranking system.
  12. I know Tony Khan already said he wasn't interesting in Tessa. But the women's division is still probably their weakest division and they don't have any big name women without Awesome Kong around. And if she still listen to Tully maybe he could keep her out of trouble.
  13. Glad he got his own theme because never really liked SCU's theme. It doesn't really get you pumped up like a wrestling theme should. I am glad some teams with the assisted piledrivers are changing their team finishers. And the BTE Trigger looked really nice.
  14. I noticed that too. I had just thought that was one of the few things that they actually fixed. That or the game glitched into doing something right. And the reason I check the thread today.
  15. That counter entrance was great.
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