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  1. I wish the fight pit would replace the normal cage match.
  2. Not really even though WWE is worse without him. Since he been gone from a top spot on one brand is Brock just hold one of the World titles for the majority of the time. And the title just fade from memory until around one of the 5 times Brock may defend in a year. And while I think WWE waited too long on Braun. I am happy we got Braun vs. Bray. And are getting Drew vs. Lashley with MVP.
  3. Even more so since Cody's total entourage is probably bigger between the Nightmare Family and the Elite.
  4. A little disappointed in the gameplay results. Weapon interaction is number 1 they aren't even featured in most matches. I am ok with most of the animation but a few of the newer ones need to have their speed fixed. I got use to 2k20 control but having the option for 2K19 shouldn't take that long to add. Rework gameplay and Smarter AI are good ones to focus on so alright with those. I wish hair physics was a little higher since some hair still seems possessed.
  5. It is probably the 4 horsewomen showcase unlock.
  6. Cody could let her borrow one of his. He has about 3 of them.
  7. The side plates on the TNT title look pretty good.
  8. After Fyter Fest, I thought Yuka Sakazaki was going to be pushed top face in the division. I thought Awesome Kong was going to be the Jericho of the division. A well known star to establish the division as the first champion.
  9. It seems like more then a small bunch, and the ones who have tried to stick with 20 seem to have issues.
  10. X-zero

    Microsoft DLC

    https://support.xbox.com/contact-us You are going to call or do live chat with them to attempt doing that refund.
  11. I think it is based on the three most important things question. And people didnt want waste one of those on 2K20's bugs.
  12. He didn't want to damage the rental he didn't pay for the additional insurance on it.
  13. WWE knows how to fix 2K issues with 2K20 just make their product match the game instead of the other way around.
  14. Scarlett's gear looks a lot better this week. I am glad it looks like they are high on Kross.
  15. Fenix's flying kick on Orange Cassidy was insane. That was worthy of Mortal Kombat.
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