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  1. Both Amber and Melissa are up.
  2. Since it just happened I will ask here is the avalanche air raid crash in 2k22. Both Drew and Champia sometimes do it but I never found it in game.
  3. Speaking of storms finally recovered from mine a month ago and recovered my data from the ps cloud. So a legend may be return sooner rather then later. And since I wasn't there. El Loco is a 6x not a 5x world champion. And you were right the second time Eliza has competed for the title but never won.
  4. I just thought about this the other day. Since it isn't licensed music I hope they just keep her alien theme since they probably don't have extra time to update models.
  5. Creed should have just keep giving Shayna title shots until she finally beat Mia then follow with the tournament.
  6. Christian has been the best segment three weeks in a row. And it would have been nice if they had just giving Swerve in our Glory or Team Taz the tag title before so they could feud. This is the second time the tag champions had to be randomly inserted in their feud.
  7. Well I was going to ask if you were still going to do it this year. So this answers my question.
  8. You can't use it. Some of the entrances with interactive parts won't let you assign them.
  9. They removed a lot of trios entrances like Sanity, all the UE ones, and Balor Club. Probably more but those are some of the more noticable ones for me.
  10. So an interesting bug, if you go to tag team entrance and preview Seth and Murphy template. It plays Seth Monday night messiah theme and has the videos from then. But if you try to assign it all the spots are blank since they can't be selected in create an entrance.
  11. Not only is advanced create an entrance gone but they never reversed the changes of 2k20 removing most peoples pyros for when they stop using pyros for a while. And even some of the newer entrances that suppose to have pyro do not.
  12. When referring to the five I have been going with The Undisputed Elite which still can be shorted to the UE. Once they drops the Bucks I assume they will come up with a new name.
  13. Scorpio Sky was also one of the few to beat Jericho when he was at his best in the company. But agreed he is someone you used to fill out a team until you can get someone better.
  14. Both of the trash bag jokes were good but did they really need to do the same joke twice in the same show?
  15. So far looking good. I also think it is great that actually are willing to show some early gameplay. Something other wrestling games even games from other genres are sometimes afraid to do.
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