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  1. Would be 2k19 but yeah, my wifi... so Horizon Zero Dawn.
  2. Been playing Horizon: Zero Dawn lately. It was sitting on my shelf for a few months now. Very pleasantly surprised with it. Looks beautiful and story is good so far.
  3. It's a great game. People give it too much crap IMO. Why's that? Because of the online. People complain about overpowered moves and getting their asses handed to them online. Yes spammers and cheap players exist, but c'mon. You'd think it's the worst game ever from all the complaints. It's a fun game with good combat and a unique spin on the DBZ story. @Wedding Cake some stuff is easy, but others aren't. Several of the story events were hard. Cooler and Frieda, Nappa and Vegeta Ape come to mind.
  4. It's a great game. People give it too much crap IMO.
  5. ^Amazing game for sure. The soundtrack is excellent. Especially Painful Memories... Lately I've been playing Budokai Tenkaichi 3. My favorite game growing up, and it's still fun today. Still amazes me how many characters they put in the game.
  6. I am, though I wouldn't call myself "good" so much as "lucky and using the OP charge blade". I still haven't started the game, and won't be able to for a week. So you're an expert in comparison. Add me though(same username) because I'll definitely get around to it.
  7. Are you on PS4? Once I get better at the game I need some buddies to play online with.
  8. Just picked up Monster Hunter World and Okami. Can't wait to get into them.
  9. picked up Origins today. Can't wait to play it later tonight.
  10. Shadow of Mordor until I pick up AC Origins.
  11. Witcher 3. probably my final playthrough of the game for a long while, so I'm making it count.
  12. if this is anything like the older games, screw it, never going back to wwe again
  13. I picked it up for a tenner with my PS4 a few months ago and haven't touched it yet. It's all online isn't it? Because I'm in trouble if it is because I'm not good in online deathmatches. Still playing through Watchdogs, I'm having a great time with it, I really don't get the hate it got. I hope 2 is this much fun. watchdogs is a cool game and has a great concept, but the storyline was just underwhelming. main character was a total dud too.
  14. got Blood and Wine earlier, time to pop Witcher 3 back in again.
  15. Awesome! I'm pretty much the opposite. The last Spider-Man games I've ever played were the Raimi Spider-Man ones and my thoughts are exactly in line with yours. The first (while you had to stay above ground...waaay above ground, that is) was seriously good, whereas the second fixed the biggest issue but felt bland through repetition. I hope there are little side-missions, too, like being able to complete pizza deliveries as Peter Parker. loved the first Spiderman game as a kid. brings back memories. for its time, that game was awesome.
  16. Battlefront 2. game still holds up extremely well and it's so much fun to play with friends. timeless.
  17. I found Uncharted 3 to be far easier than Uncharted 2, mostly because of the UC2 final boss battle and that scene where you find that big guy on the train.
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