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  1. Would be 2k19 but yeah, my wifi... so Horizon Zero Dawn.
  2. you missed the best guy-Monster Carrot! But in all seriousness I'd love to see King Piccolo, Roshi and Goku. Roshi will always be a favorite of mine.
  3. Been playing Horizon: Zero Dawn lately. It was sitting on my shelf for a few months now. Very pleasantly surprised with it. Looks beautiful and story is good so far.
  4. First a Dokkan card and now Fighterz...the MVP is going places! Hope he's good.
  5. Loved episode 60 part 2. I didn't enjoy the first one, besides the ending.
  6. That sounds right. They might've just taken a two week break. The TOP hype is too real rn.
  7. when will episode 78 dubbed be out? anyone know?
  8. Legends is dope! I've been having so much fun with it. Pikkon is my favorite character so far. Can't wait for them to add more, especially if we get Heroes cards.
  9. It's a great game. People give it too much crap IMO. Why's that? Because of the online. People complain about overpowered moves and getting their asses handed to them online. Yes spammers and cheap players exist, but c'mon. You'd think it's the worst game ever from all the complaints. It's a fun game with good combat and a unique spin on the DBZ story. @Wedding Cake some stuff is easy, but others aren't. Several of the story events were hard. Cooler and Frieda, Nappa and Vegeta Ape come to mind.
  10. It's a great game. People give it too much crap IMO.
  11. ^Amazing game for sure. The soundtrack is excellent. Especially Painful Memories... Lately I've been playing Budokai Tenkaichi 3. My favorite game growing up, and it's still fun today. Still amazes me how many characters they put in the game.
  12. I am, though I wouldn't call myself "good" so much as "lucky and using the OP charge blade". I still haven't started the game, and won't be able to for a week. So you're an expert in comparison. Add me though(same username) because I'll definitely get around to it.
  13. Are you on PS4? Once I get better at the game I need some buddies to play online with.
  14. Just picked up Monster Hunter World and Okami. Can't wait to get into them.
  15. Like Anakin? I could see that happening. Yep, that's what I'm thinking. I find it hard to believe Obi Wan had any kids,especially because he was loyal to the Jedi Order, and similar for Luke. Vader having kids worked because Vader didn't listen to anyone, and had a relationship with Padme when he should not have. He did not follow the values of the Jedi. And Snoke is basically a meme.
  16. I've been watching the clone wars lately. Rako Hardeen may be my favorite arc so far. I'm on Season 5 at the moment.
  17. picked up Origins today. Can't wait to play it later tonight.
  18. Shadow of Mordor until I pick up AC Origins.
  19. World's Greatest Tag Team vs Mysterio/Kidman at Vengeance 2003. It was surprisingly good. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to kill some time.
  20. Witcher 3. probably my final playthrough of the game for a long while, so I'm making it count.
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