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  1. Absolutely agree on the limb target,and to expand on it, specifically adding it to corner moves. There are corner arm stretches and a corner figure 4 which are great for limb targeting. Normally I see these moves when trying to soften a body part in matches.
  2. Cardi just got indicted for attempted assault and something else, so I think she's not a real option anymore.
  3. Agreed with that completely, hell theres no representation in game for those stomps that look like big boots.
  4. Recent thing I noticed. Not enough slots for submission holds and limb target moves. For submissions I'd like to see a return to front and rear submission holds, possibly with two slots for each. For ground submissions, also two slots. For limb target moves, it's just so you can have moves in the proper spot. For example, putting "Shoulder armbreaker" in normal moves and not limb target cause there's no space. When clearly you want to do the move because you're targeting the arm.
  5. Hey, I'm on board, when they gave us Terminator, it brought a proper Burning Hammer, so who knows what moves a celebrity DLC might add.
  6. Would be 2k19 but yeah, my wifi... so Horizon Zero Dawn.
  7. you missed the best guy-Monster Carrot! But in all seriousness I'd love to see King Piccolo, Roshi and Goku. Roshi will always be a favorite of mine.
  8. Been playing Horizon: Zero Dawn lately. It was sitting on my shelf for a few months now. Very pleasantly surprised with it. Looks beautiful and story is good so far.
  9. First a Dokkan card and now Fighterz...the MVP is going places! Hope he's good.
  10. Loved episode 60 part 2. I didn't enjoy the first one, besides the ending.
  11. That sounds right. They might've just taken a two week break. The TOP hype is too real rn.
  12. when will episode 78 dubbed be out? anyone know?
  13. Got Shadow of War and I really enjoy it so far. It's not as easy as SOM, and I've died quite a few times.
  14. Legends is dope! I've been having so much fun with it. Pikkon is my favorite character so far. Can't wait for them to add more, especially if we get Heroes cards.
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