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Hghlndr1037's CAW Thread 10.022014


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- Decreased eyebrow height

- Reduced size, height, width & adjusted distance between eyes

- Adjusted overall morphing to the nose

- Adjusted morphing on the mouth

- Adjusted overall morphing to the jaw

- Added different mustache/goatee combo to try & duplicate his facial hair

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- Credit to Dr. Vries for the figures and the forehead designs to shape the hairline. It's not exactly as he did it but I threw something together to put hair on the CAW for an update pic.


I'll be adding hair to KENTA and will hopefully have one pic up tonight before bed.



KENTA with his older style hair



KENTA with the Vickie Guerrero hair choice.

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I wonder if someone like snyperstyle could take a capture of that Vickie hair, make a paint tool out of just the bangs, then import that into the game? I say that because 1. it would match the in game hair better than one completely made from scratch and 2. it would allow you to use a different hair style but still use the front part of that hair style while being able to position the bangs exactly where you want it.

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