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    Kurt Angle
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    Hip Hop/Rap and R&B
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    PS4, 360, Gamecube, PS2, Dreamcast, N64, PS1, Sega Genesis, SNES
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    WCW late 80s - early 90s, 96-98, Smackdown 2002-2003, TNA 2002-2006, Japan/Puroresu
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    Martin, In Living Color, The Wire, Chappelle Show, The Office, Breaking Bad
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  1. I got your Ki a while back, really impressive.
  2. please. Desperately need him for my all star NJPW brand in Universe mode. I have his face (with a texture I'm pretty satisfied with) but I just need help with an attire for him.
  3. Tags: DomoDaDude88, Puroresu, NOAH
  4. Loving that Nakano. I've been looking for a accurate one for awhile now.
  5. Oh shit! You think you can do a KOW Hero along with a KOW slot for Cesaro?
  6. Man, you are absolutely nailing these dudes likeness. That Misawa is *censored*ing incredible.
  7. Great job on both. Looking forward to more Puro CAWs from you as I plan on making a full fledged Puro Universe sometime within the next year.
  8. Kurt Angle Eddie Guerrero Owen Hart Road Warriors Road Dogg (not a fan but still) The NXT broads
  9. Something about the face is off to me but I really can't tell you what it is.
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