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Hghlndr1037's CAW Thread 10.022014


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Yeah, this is my attempt at making Snitsky. I posted a reference pic for someone at the other board and I wanted to take a break from working on KENTA so I started this.


I remember towards the end of HCTP, before SVR was going to be released he had debuted and everyone was trying to make him.

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any updates?


Apologies. I've been pretty busy at work since our area had a snow storm. I do the billing in my department and adding to that paperwork, our dispatch is dealing with a family issue so I'm covering that job as well.


I think I have a decent PT design to make the bangs over his forehead. I added the design to his entrance t-shirt as well. I'll try to get some pics up shortly. Other than going online to get the DLC and some CAWs from other people, I haven't touched the game in weeks.


Hopefully things will calm down at work so I can finish this CAW, upload it and move on to Roode.

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Has there been any progress on KENTA?



lol after 6 months? Which is also the last time the OP logged in. I thinks it safe to say it's over for this, bro.


Before I stopped working on it a few months back, I made a "hair" PT to add "bangs/loose hair" to his forehead, changed the eye choice and adjusting the morph in that area. A big issue I had was trying to get the attire PT's on the CAW to look right. I kept botching the placement on the trunks I wanted to use.


Then there was the issue of having about four other people working on him and uploading them so quickly. People seemed to like the other versions and mine got lost in the shuffle so I moved on. I was thinking of uploading a video of his entrance because I think the face holds up really well in game. Maybe when he debuts in NXT he'll have an attire even I can't screw up.


On a different subject, I have a bunch of Hi-Res title logos that I dl'd from Chris Spirito's account. I don't have a modded XBox so I can't save them anywhere but my XBox Live account. There's someone named "Big Swagg" that's griping that I'm stealing or copying them. There's nothing that would suggest I'm saying that they're mine and quite frankly I assumed everyone would know that if you have them, you got them from Chris's account. What's the etiquette here? Should I just change any logos I keep this way to "no reupload"?

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