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Hghlndr1037's CAW Thread 10.022014


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Some people were nice enough to send me more reference pics from various japanese blogs as well as suggest trying different skins. So, I worked on him today and this is what I ended up with.


- New skin choice, reduced the age

- Adjusted the morphing on the eyes

- Adjusted the morphing on the mouth

- All new makeup choices, adjusted the colors

- Added detail to the mouth/mustache trying to get it more accurate


Feedback is always welcome.



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Unfortunately I had a technical problem with my XBox today. I was deleting a slot from the updated CAW from last night when my console froze. I powered off and when the game started again, I got a message that the file had been damaged and was no longer there.


Normally as I go, I write down detailed notes on each layer and adjust the formula on my laptop or write down on a notepad any changes. Since I was working on this late last night, I only have a couple of things I changed written down thinking I would update the formula today, as I was in the process of after I removed that one attire slot.


I'm trying to be optimistic as the main thing that I believe improved the CAW was changing the Skin choice (which I did write down). I also have one makeup change written down as well as what color the designs were to detail around the mouth/mustache area .


As I write this, I'm updating the formula by going through the last version layer by layer writing EVERYTHING down. If I'm lucky, I can use my few updated notes with the pics I took of it last night to get it back to where I had it.


I'm not giving up on this, I'm just letting you know there's a bump in the road and it's going to take me a bit to get back on track.

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You guys and your losing your caws lol. Why do you not upload it to live with no tags so only you know it is there every time you do major changes? That way if your save gets corrupted, you can just download it again and go from there. Hell, make the first attire a default caw so it just shows up as a no named default caw online or something. If I put this much time into a single thing, I would make sure I back that bitch up lol. I hate that you lost so much of your time and effort... glad you aren't scrapping it.

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Ah shhh, I didn't even see the update. That sucks. I had the same thing happen to me when I deleted a attire slot, then the game froze and I had to delete the entire CAW. Well better that 1 CAW then your entire CAW roster, right?


Good to hear you're keeping at it though. Hope every thing goes well again.

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Update: After working on it tonight, I believe it's about 99% close to where it was before. I'll post pics tomorrow to show where it's at. Fortunately it was just some minor tweaks that made an improvement. If I had done a complete overhaul, I would have been up a creek without a paddle.


I'm online so if anyone wants to see the beta version in game, hit me up for a match.



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First time I've ever seen someone do that^


Really cool!


Wish I would have taken you up on it!


Really? I'm surprised more people don't do that. Easier to make suggestions when you can actually see it on screen.




I noticed that there's a section in the settings area that shows each time I've downloaded/uploaded items or created a championship. Three questions:


Can you transfer those individual saves onto a USB drive?


Will all my created content be a part of that save file?


If I run the game off of that individual save file, will it erase all my created content and save points from my hard drive?


I have at least two saves in that list that would have the last version of my KENTA CAW on it and I'd like to get it back if I could.

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