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All-Stars possible for 3DS.

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This was posted on THQ's WWEGames Facebook.



My answer?


Intend on buying 3DS.

I would buy All-Stars for it


I would LOVE to buy All-Stars on a Nintendo 3DS. The 3D capabilities would be off the chart if you execute them correctly. I think Smackdown vs Raw 2010 on DS was GREAT and I think All-Stars would be even better, though, the control scheme will need some changing similar to the PSP version. You should focus hardly on the 3DS version instead of just porting it like you did to the PSP, which lacked. It would also be great if you were able to add in an exclusive character, or exclusive DLC for the 3DS version.

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Did a regular person post this?, If so then it's probably not possible, but it would be a very good idea.


(I'm an lolidiot...)

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