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  1. Lennie James said he is in talks to return, but nothing is final due to old scheduling conflicts. I can see them fitting a scene of him in later in the season (if you read the comics you'll know what happens)
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9_lkap-uFA I hate how the governor says "woodberry".
  3. My comment about comics is just a generic statement, and has nothing to do with TWD comic books. The "characters aren't likeable" comment seems to be rather opinion than fact, because almost every show has characters who some fans do not like.
  4. There is no poor writing. You just don't get it. It's like a comic fan calling Grant Morrison a bad writer because his stories are too confusing.
  5. +Glen Mazarra has said that Carl will be a "child soldier" in Season 3.
  6. Derp, um the zombies in the barn are his family/friends. And they're sticking closely with the comics for the prison arc and Michonne. Glen Mazzara recently said that "The Governor may be a longterm arc". It also seems like you guys have never read the comics. They are more grounded in reality than Nolan's Batman.
  7. Carl and Andrea definitely won't die. Carl is being built up in Season 3 and Andrea just begun her badassery arc in the last few episodes. Read comics, guys.
  8. I wasn't even hunting. It was tweeted, so I let people know about it. It's confirmed the answer to that is no.
  9. What are you talking about? It's from AMC.com, they want it out there so there's no point in classifying it as a spoiler.
  10. Note: Everything I post is officially released which is why I do not spoiler tag them. The studio obviously wanted it out there. He's baaack!
  11. There was a featurette that I can't find at the moment that showed CGI. You'd be surprised as to what is actually CGI. Here's a hint-- 70% of the walkers. Most of the hordes you see only have like 10 legit actors.
  12. Wiltshire Estates was actually in the show when Shane and Andrea went to a community to find Sophia. Kirkman said it was supposed to be that. What confirmed won't be in: and probably won't be in:
  13. David Morrisey is a brilliant actor. Kirkman already confirmed he's "Governor from comics." and there will be barely any difference. If you guys want, I can post Woodbury set photos. Senoia, Georgia is the location so if anyone lives there, snap as many pics as possible! I think this Governor looks more realistic than in the comics, in my opinion.
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