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  1. ryu and roy are great inclusions i'm probably never gonna play as either of them though, lmfao
  3. That is an absolutely amazing fake. I can't be mad about that.
  4. Finally got to playing this again and I got into a series of around 10 games with a really powerful Olimar user on For Glory. It was perfect, it was competitive and it was so much fun. Moments like those are why I love this game.
  5. WFT is actually really easy, especially if you don't let them charge up anything. Sonic is more annoying than OP
  6. yup. mainly for the single player and local multiplayer stuff though. i find my 3ds works a lot better for online play.
  7. Smash Run is surprisingly addictive. I haven't played online all day because I've just been playing Smash Run
  8. I actually think you were being a little generous. That mixtape was godawful. :P

  9. I've been facing a lot of kids/newcomers/dumb players on For Glory lately. I shouldn't be handicapping myself just to make it a somewhat fair match.
  10. After finally getting the chance to experiment with everyone on the roster, and after changing my favorites A LOT, I think I have the characters that I'm gonna primarily use. Mains: Zero Suit Samus Sheik Greninja Secondaries: Dr. Mario Dark Pit Charizard Ness Lucario These are the characters that I took the most liking to, and they're gonna be the characters I'm gonna be concentrating on the most, especially in For Glory. Also, I FINALLY beat Master Core at 9.0 difficulty in Classic mode. I used Ness to do it. The Sabres Form is a total bitch, but I kept my percentage low and my stock at 2 when it came up, and the rest was a breeze.
  11. I just got my first 0% 2-0 victory in For Glory and it feels so good.
  12. Alright, seriously. Dark Pit is a *censored*ing beast. I'm seriously considering making him my second in command instead of Greninja. Nobody's gonna replace Zero Suit as my number one though.
  13. I'm sitting at 65% right now because I find myself getting put with extremely powerful players. I wish I had your win percentage. I've decided that, after falling in love with playing as him in For Glory, Dark Pit is gonna replace Dr. Mario in my main 3. I find myself changing my mind a lot with this game, haha.
  14. Just got in a crazy competitive game with a Sheik user. Lost with 5 seconds left. I'm still shaking from it
  15. I've spent the past 4 or 5 For Glory matches losing because of lag and I'm so *censored*ing done
  16. Hail Based ZSS When I said I would main her way before the game even came out, I never thought for a second that she would be THIS good. Playing her just feels so right, like I was destined to control her.
  17. I just humbled the *Censored* out of a weak Little Mac user in For Glory that thought they could run at me and spam side-Bs and counters against my Zero Suit. 2-0'd him at 37% and sent that bitch packing.
  18. All these Little Mac users are gonna do is help people find easy ways around Little Mac. Once that happens, the Mac hype is gonna die out and people are gonna start calling him overrated and shit.
  19. Playing For Glory matches on Arena Ferox while Id ~ Purpose plays gives me incredible goosebumps even though the song is condensed
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