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Everything posted by limitbreak

  1. i just watched the fight last night and i'm still laughing
  2. *censored*ing ocean dub. KAMEYAMEYA
  3. Rounds 6-8 are definitely your best work yet. You're improving by leaps and bounds. Good stuff.
  4. has anyone played dokkan battle on smartphones? it's quite addictive.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwDYQ5TZwEs THIS *censored*ING PROMO
  6. Dammit EY, I like you, please don't be an idiot
  7. That production error made me feel really bad for the state of TNA.
  8. This was the weirdest episode of TNA ever. Matt Hardy vs Kurt Angle was a dumb *censored*ing match too.
  9. Angle's never gonna lose that World Title, is he?
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