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  1. Hiya, Well, I'm JayDee. A lot of people simply call me "Jay," so I have no problem with anyone doing too. I was born in San Diego, California, and I currently reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I've been a member here since late September of 2006. I've been an active staff member since December of 2006. I am what we call an "Administrator"; which means I have a red name and I have warning, suspending, banning, and global forum powers. I also help manage your WWE SmackDown! vs Raw creations, as Tom Rice's assistant. I enjoy what I do throughout the WrestlingX network. Whether it be making sigs for the fun of it at GFX.CAWs.ws, RPing at ICW, or just browsing around at wrestler and title profiles at PWA. I enjoy playing football (American), and I enjoy logging on to CAWs.ws daily. Never be afraid to PM me if you need anything, or have a question!
  2. Thanks, I just got a PM from him now.
  3. Dude you totally had me with that fake link. I was sitting there trying to click and everything would just get highlited. But then I scrolled down to see your sig and I saw the formula.
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