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  1. “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Corporate property means more than human lives.
  2. Planning a Batista push for the boy Wardlow? I dig it
  3. Mauro with the Hana shoutout
  4. See why I hate the Wednesday wars? I missed this
  5. EJ!

    WWE without Cena

    You see the vision. I can see Ibushi v Cena being NUTS
  6. Kairi did not say “I’m not set”, she said “Hanase” which is pretty much Japanese for “let go of me!” a.k.a Kairi was in character. She’s big and green. It’s one thing to be green, it’s another to be big and green. If there’s proof she’s refusing to get better and is just carelessly hurting people then okay , but I don’t think that’s the case. They’re mistakes, these things happen and some people are more prone to mistakes than others for various reasons. Y’all remember the year Rollins took out like three people? Cena, Sting and Balor? Rollins is nowhere near green, that was a stretch of bad luck. How about Taker and Goldberg both admitting they weren’t ready for that match they had and then both of them were nearly paralyzed at various points during it from botches? Like I said, they want her to do things she’s not yet capable of doing because she’s green and no matter how good her opponents may be, her size makes it hard for them to overcome her greenness. Cmon bro you really think people online are just “I WISH YOU WERE BETTER AT YOUR JOB!”. When is that ever the case? She gets called fat bitch and sack of shit and whatever else literally all the time. At that point it’s not about her job anymore and if you think things like don’t lead to shit like Hana, then you are not being honest. Like I said, it’s just like with Brie. Brie injured somebody for like the first time ever but people already hated the Bellas so that was all they needed to come at her neck in every way to the point where her husband and coworkers had to come to her defense. From what I can tell, Nia is not a bad person, if she was then I wouldn’t have an issue with the deconstructive criticism she gets but wrestling fans don’t care because she doesn’t wrestle well enough so now everything about her is fair game.
  7. EJ!

    WWE without Cena

    Guess I’ma go ahead and be predictable as hell. *Censored* yeah I miss him. I hate that he started having these fire ass matches towards the tail end of his career. His last bangers came during his Undertaker chase when he put Balor over and was in that 6 Man match at Fastlane and that Gauntlet match with Seth. I would like him in a Jericho role at this stage. Obviously he can’t appear as frequently as Jericho but the idea of just putting on bangers and putting people over (in feuds, I don’t mean losing every match). No more facing guys from his era, like stay the *Censored* away from Orton and Brock. I actually would like to see an NXT run for him, that’s where all my dream matches are, at least as far as WWE goes. Outside of WWE, I know it will never happen, but Cena in a G1?
  8. For real. Reminds me of the Brie Bella situation too. This is not an easy sport, Nia is big and green. We can be mad that she maybe got her spot too soon, but it doesn’t feel right to kill her all the time because these just seem like honest mistakes, it’s not like she’s Sexy Star or some shit. I think the problem with Nia is strength. I think she doesn’t know her strength. Sometimes she overexerts but I think overall she’s not as strong as they want her to be. I noticed most of her botches come when she’s supposed to be doing some powerful shit like throwing someone or catching someone. I actually think she would thrive wrestling men.
  9. I know people are already ready to kill Nia, but reading the article, there’s a couple ways this really coulda just been a freak accident. I can’t imagine how Nia could forcibly cut Kairi open her up on a regular irish whip to the steps spot.
  10. bro is it the same guy i’m thinking of bro?
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