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  1. Yea I think it's time Ziggler gets released.
  2. WTF? Damn! Just when I start watching WWE again people are dropping like flies.
  3. You suck. -_- I get the feeling you or someone pulled this joke on me. I HOPE Y'ALL GET CRUSHED BY FAT WOMEN
  4. Daaayum...this is why I stay far away from this thread... too much excitement once I enter. Anywho, not enough Rebel Wilson in here.. ain't that right M3J?
  5. Are you serious? You couldn't have posted a picture along with the post? -_- You are a very inefficient person... I bet you turn right or left three times to go left or right. Rebecca Hall oh *Censored*, I just googled her. Don't post her, please. <_< Or use spoilers You sir have been trolled...
  6. So are you since you could have posted a picture of her. Cote De Pablo! Plays Ziva on NCIS. This is true... so brace yourselves everyone... Rebel Wilson coming soon!
  7. I did not see anyone post any pics of Rebel Wilson therefore this thread is invalid.
  8. Damn that was epic that night. Also, I liked the layout for Smackdown back then compared to the layout now.
  9. If you married her, then i'll feel sorry for. VICTORIA is the shit as well! I stopped having a crush the minute she was moved to smackdown. I mean she is womens champion material why isn't she on RAW. Now she will just look silly on SD!. for 36 she looks great as well.
  10. WHAT OR WHO?? IF YOU MEANT WHAT... then id say "puppies" are my favorite crush! =o IF YOU MEANT WHO... then it's a tie between Kristal and Maryse
  11. you kind of answered your own question with what you said... can you imagine if whoever was to induct benoit would say...."although he murdered his wife and son, he was a great technical wrestler" ??? do you know how retarded that would sound and how awkward it would feel? never will he even be thought of for a Hall of Fame induction... just like he is not even thought of in wwe records/ppvs/video games merchandise etc.
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